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Loading Bullets with Cannelure

I recently bought some Accubonds off gunbroker....pulled bullets with a cannelure on them. They look great by the way and he has a bunch for sale now if anyone is interested

My question is, do I need to pay any attention to where that cannelure is in relation to how deep I am seating my bullets? Is there anything potentially problematic about me seating them such that the cannelure is slightly below the rim of the case mouth? I'm guessing if anything the cannelure might by well out of the case mouth as I have a slightly longer COAL than standard, but I was just curious if there is any special precautions around seating that I need to be taking due to the cannelure
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Bart B.
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Seat bullets such that the case mouth is at the cannelure only if you want to crimp it.
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In my experience, by the time you seat to a cannelure, your OAL is getting pretty short. I wouldn't seat it below the case mouth much. Honestly, I am not sure the location of the cannelure had any importance whatsoever if you are not crimping the bullets.
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I've tried and getting some decent results with the Hornady 55g sp w/ cannelure in a Savage 223. I'm not crimping (bolt gun) and the current AOL of 2.200" puts the cannelure just outside the end of the case. They are cheap to shoot and pretty accurate in this Savage, so.....
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Definitely not crimping. These are for a 300 win mag or 308 bolt gun
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Originally Posted by Tawaliga View Post
Definitely not crimping. These are for a 300 win mag or 308 bolt gun
If your not crimping, seat them wherever you want
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Mike / Tx
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Like said by the others seat where you wish. I've been shooting bullets with cannalures for a LONG time and I seat and adjust for accuracy.
Mike / TX
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It would be a help to start with to list the caliber and the gun its going into.

That said, the cannelure is factory safe for any firearm (length wise fitting magazine and the chamber).

You can measure the real engagement into the lands a number of ways and usually (maybe always) you will fine the cannelure is above the mouth.

Pure accuracy types (target shooters) like to play with that to get best groups.

Hunting gun (aka Acubond) you can go with the book COAL or the cannelure. I played with it when I was hunting, didn't make any difference in my gun and eventually I used factory (ran out of reloads, going hunting, panic, forget it).
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You MIGHT want to consider crimping the .300 mag rounds. BUT, only if you are seeing a change in length of the rounds in the magazine after firing a round or two over them. Something you'll have to check specifically for.

USUALLY not a problem in .30 cals but IF the rounds in the mag are getting slammed about during recoil, the nose of the bullets may become a bit battered (soft points) or it may move the bullet in the case.

I crimp heavy recoiling magazine rifles (above .30 cal) as a standard precaution. Same rounds for a single shot don't get crimped.

For practical matters (and hunting accuracy) when you are not crimping, the cannelure just above or below the case mouth most likely won't make any noticeable difference.
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An issue with cannelures is they are usually placed with a specific cartridge in mind and can be unreasonable locations in some other rounds, jamming the lands. For a .224" inch bullet, though, the 223 Remington was probably what it was located for, based on the SAAMI chamber profile and freebore length. You can email Hornady and ask. If your chamber is one of the several variations with a longer freebore (5.56 chamber, a Wylde chamber, or the manufacturer just decided to make it longer than standard) you can seat out as far as you want for single-loading. If you are feeding from a magazine, you don't want chambering to tip the bullet in the case on its way into the chamber, so you probably want at least ⅔ of a caliber of the bullet's bearing surface below the level of the case mouth, and possibly a little more.
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Nosler doesn't make bullets with cannelures. I've loaded Hornadys for more than 40 years and never paid attention to crimping with the exception of a 45 Colt carbine. Seat to desired length and go. Neck sizing bottleneck cases gives plenty of grip.
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No one ever said they did. Cartridge manufacturers have the ability to put cannelures on bullets if they so desire. Sometimes they have an overrun and bullets are pulled and sold.
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