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Second Zero

Has anybody used Second Zero from Axeon? It's a mounted lens that turns your 100 yd zero to a 330 yd or 530 yd zero (depending on model you buy), removing the need to do hold over or knob adjustments. If so, how do you like it?

What I'm considering trying out is if it'll be somewhat useful for 300 Blackout. I go back and forth using subsonic and supersonic rounds on my 300 Blackout (I like using subsonic when shooting suppressed). Obviously, very big difference in ballistics. I'm wondering if I set my normal zero for supersonic rounds at 100 yds, what the Second Zero will do for subsonic rounds. This will take a lot of testing, but would be nice if it ends up working.
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Bart B.
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You'll first have to get actual sight settings for the ammo at both ranges. If the difference matches what the lens prism changes the LOS angle, it might work.

That assumes the prism light bending axis is perfectly aligned to the bullet's drop. Otherwise there'll be a windage error at the longer range.

And their definition of MOA is the same as yours. 1.0000" or 1.0472" per hundred yards.

Note scopes usually have a small percentage error in their adjustments due to tolerances in lenses.

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Forgot to mention my 300 Blackout uses a red dot (the Sig Romeo more specifically). The max range I push my subsonics are usually 75-100 yds and 200 yds with supersonics. I'd like my supersonic rounds zeroed at 100 yards and subsonic rounds zeroed at 50 yards. I'm trying to figure out what that MOA difference would be between those two zeros and, hopefully, the Second Zero has an offering around that MOA number. Should be easy to figure out, just need to go to the range for some data gathering with some boxes of ammo of each.

It doesn't have to be exact, though that would be ideal. If I get a Second Sight that makes my new hold over when I swap ammo 1-3 inches instead of 7-8 inches, that's a win.

Or I could "prioritize" one over the other. Say I shoot subsonic ammo more often. Then I would make the zero (using the Second Sight folded up) 50 yards and just accept whatever zero distance the supersonic rounds are when the second sight is folded down, even if it's 75 yards.

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Old November 17, 2019, 05:50 PM   #4
Bartholomew Roberts
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Although it sounds counter-intuitive, .300 BLK does well with target scopes because there is such a wide range of flight profiles depending on what you are shooting.

Just the difference between a flatbase 220 and a boattail 220 can cause you to miss a 10” plate at 250yds.

If you are going to use a red dot, you really need to standardize on a single load (or maybe one subsonic and one supersonic and memorize the click adjustment between the near zeroes for each)

As for Second Zero, I’m dialing 1.5-1.6 mil up at 50yds to go from 110gr TTSX zero to a 50yd zero for 208gr AMAX or 220gr SMKs. So I don’t think being able to instantly shift 4.3 MOA or 11.5 MOA will be all that useful for supersonic to subsonic.

Also, I’ve found an 85yd zero to be a noticeably better solution for both supersonic and subsonic .300; but I still use a 50yd zero just because I don’t want to recalculate all the data I’ve gathered around the 50yd zero.

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Old November 18, 2019, 12:36 PM   #5
Don Fischer
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That sounds to me like a useless gadget. So you zero the rifle at 100yds and second zero move's the zero to 530 yds? What do you have to do if the target is a 438 yds? Or say 357 yds? I think IMO every body would be better off learning to shoot long range by adjusting turret's to known positions at known ranges. The farther off the trget, the more time you have to move the turret's. But Second Zero will tell you where to aim at some other range but not the ranges in between. They will probably sell a million of them!

Imagine you have it on your 30-06 using a 150gr load. But tomorrow your gonna take your 25-06 with 100 gr loads. So to get 530 zero you take the gadget off your 30-06 and put it on the 25-06? I don't think that's gonna work very well but it is a gadget!
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