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Ammo and foreign countries, legality questions.

I have a friend that wants to bring his rifle to the Philippines, problem is, he doesn't know what the laws say he can and cannot do in regards to this.

Now I'm vaguely familiar with stuff like this, but as far as I know, yes it is legal to bring certain firearms to out her countries (provided it fits with their own laws and regulations.) ammunition is to be stowed seperate from the firearm both locked and sealed. You just declare that you have such luggage at the curb so it may be checked in, and you may be called to confirm or to open said luggage by security at any given time.

You just conform to the nations policies and regulations when visiting, and only are allowed to use the firearm at locations the nation designates that you are allowed to do so.

The Phillipines from my understanding has a ban on anything above the caliber of a 9mm (how that translates to rifle rounds I'm not sure) so unless I'm misunderstanding something, this means he cannot take his hunting rifle there correct?

Someone with more know how on this would be highly appreciated to clarify this.
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I'm thinking his best bet would be to contact the closest Philippine consulate or embassy.
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As I understand it. if your gun is foreign made there is a customs form you need to make out and submit before you leave or you could have difficulties getting it back into this country.
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Originally Posted by Kimio
The Phillipines from my understanding has a ban on anything above the caliber of a 9mm (how that translates to rifle rounds I'm not sure)...
9mm nominally translates to .35 caliber in common rifle terminology, although the obsolescent .35 WSL and .351 WSL are actually 8.9mm caliber. IOW most rifle rounds advertised as a .35/.350 or .356-.358 are 9mm caliber, and those characterized as .375 and up are larger. In addition, a number of metric 9.3mm caliber rifle rounds exist, although most are not in widespread use in the USA.

I have NO CLUE about the legality of such rifle rounds in the Philippines!
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CUSTOMS: Philippine customs authorities enforce strict regulations concerning temporary importation into or export from the Philippines of items such as currency and firearms. The transport of ammunition is illegal, and Philippine officials have arrested U.S. citizens for having even a small number of bullets or ammunition casings or shells in their luggage. Even items that look like bullets or weapons may cause delays. It is advisable to contact the Embassy of the Philippines in Washington, D.C., or one of the Philippine consulates in the United States (Chicago, Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco) for specific information regarding customs requirements, including importation of agricultural and

There is considerable political unrest in the Philippines at this time including armed anti government militias. Importing any kind of weapon is probably asking for more trouble than you want.
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There is almost always some legal way around the restrictions, but easy, convenient, cheap, and quick may not enter into the picture anywhere.

Absolutely check with official sources, for where you are going, and everywhere you are going to be passing through!

Many places have restrictions on the amount of ammo you can bring in. Someplaces restrict it by weight. If you are looking at big cartridges such as safari calibers, the restrictions may not even allow you to bring in a single full box of shells if it exceeds the weight limit.

One way that you can usually legally get around the import restrictions is to have your ammo shipped to someone licensed to have it in the destination country. And do this well in advance of your trip.

Again, easy and cheap are likely nowhere to be found, but doing it avoids all the trouble/hassle you could face if you were carrying the ammo with you (in your luggage).

No matter where in the world you are going, there is someone in that country legally licensed to handle guns and ammo. Contact (contract with them), they will handle the legal requirements in their country, you got no worries, just pay the fees and follow instructions. Do it enough in advance so that if something goes wrong (lost/stolen) a replacement shipment would be possible. Get confirmation your shipment arrived, before you leave on your trip. Then it will be waiting for you when you get there.

Just something to consider.
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