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Proper cleaning

Just figured I would post a topic because even the manuals don't say much about maintaining these guns..After each time I use it weather its 25 or 250 shots, I always take the barrel off and run the wipes threw until they come out clean and use a rag and clean the chamber and receiver just to keep the buildup out. Was wondering if its necessary to tear into it and clean parts of the trigger assembly and behind the firing pin? And i also read somewhere of people spraying brake-clean on internals are a way to clean carbon off is that safe? Any input is appreciated
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Yes, I would clean the trigger group, receiver, bolt, etc - every time I shoot it ( on a pump or semi-auto ).

On an O/U I only take the wood stock off the receiver twice a year - unless I shoot in heavy rain - then I remove the stock and clean out the trigger group, firing pins, etc on them too whenever I shoot them.

It will make your gun last a lifetime / or longer ....and makes me sleep better. I see no reason to abuse my equipment and put it away partially clean ....( same on my handguns - every time )..
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I'm pretty much the same, but I usually do remove the trigger assy and spray it out and lubricate it.

There are 2 different varieties (probably more) of the Brakleen product from CRC. One is chlorinated, and the other is not. I'm far from being a chemist, but for my simple mind it means that the non chlorinated variety is less aggressive on plastics. I use the non chlorinated variety. In the CRC brand of these products, the non chlorinated is in a predominately green can and the chlorinated variety is in a red can. Even the non chlorinated one will attack some plastics and some finishes, so forewarned is forearmed. This product sprays out in a forceful stream and is a powerful solvent so it does a nice job of blasting dirt, grease, old oil and powder residue away. For bores I use Ed's Red, or Hoppe's #9. At my local Auto Zone the Brakleen is $3.79 for a 14 oz. aerosol. Quite a bargain. You can buy essentially the same product labeled as a "Gun Cleaner" for about $8.79 a can or more.

I like it and have used it for years with no adverse effects. Undoubtedly there are those that hate it and I am sure we will hear from them too. Brakleen haters...your turn.

Here's an old thread from 2006 about the subject of brake cleaner on guns.
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I'm a minimalist when it comes to cleaning shotguns. I used to do a lot of sporting clays shooting (averaged about 5000rnds a year for a number of years) and quickly got tired of frequent detailed cleaning. When you shoot 100+ rounds every single week, I'd be more worried about wear from frequent disassembly than from a little harmless crud buildup here and there. I just need the gun to be clean enough to go BANG each time I pull the trigger.

My cleaning routine is pretty much the same regardless of whether I'm shooting an O/U, autoloader, or pump. I wipe and lube the inside of the receiver and any parts need for operation (action bars, hinge pins, gas ports, etc.) and wipe down the outside of the gun with BF CLP. That's basically it. 3 minutes and I'm done. I occasionally run a few patches soaked in CLP through the bores to swab out power residue. About once a year, I soak the bores with Hoppe's #9 to melt the plastic buildup and scrape it out with a brass brush. I've never dropped a trigger out and never will unless one starts giving me trouble. All my shotguns are completely reliable despite have many thousands of rounds through each.
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I love Hoppes #9.Have used the stuff for more than 30 years.The spray stuff is good ,but IMO leads to less detail cleaning.Oh,BTW Roscoe,(4)Chlorine + (2)H2O=(4)HCL+O2.........Chlorine and water make hydrochloric acid.I know it is only a minute amt.But still, be wary.
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Old September 12, 2009, 07:40 PM   #6
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I use brake cleaner to clean out the barrels (off the gun) - cheap and works well to get rid of plastic buildup. Unless you are shooting in wet conditions, there isn't much need on an O/U to get into the trigger group. IF you do, make sure you use the right tool to remove the stock. I had one crack on me from trying to get a stock off. Wipe off the crud in the action and on hinge pins, clean the barrels, chokes and choke threads on the tubes and in the barrels, lube/grease where appropriate, reassemble, wipe down the outside with a little Hoppe's #9, back in the safe
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Old September 14, 2009, 12:01 PM   #7
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Others obviously disagree - but taking a gun apart for cleaning - should not cause any wear and tear on the gun.

Now if its done carelessly or with improper tools, screw drivers or punches that don't fit, etc - that's a different story...

OneOunce is right, you do need to be careful when removing the stock on an O/U - especially if the stock bolt is lock tighted down / but I think there is value to taking a gun completely apart for inspection and cleaning once in a while. By doing it / and making sure its lubed properly - somehow it makes me feel better about the gun.
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