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At the local range all guns must be safed and on the bench before anyone goes down range. Guns must be in cases or bags when transporting off the firing line unless you have a CCP. Pistols can only be holstered with the permit and only in holsters with a mechanism to retain the pistol in the holster.
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Don P
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The range I belong to is a private range and the RSO staff is all volunteer. While I was part of the working RSO staff I was polite about safety violations when pointing them out the first time. If I had to point out the same violation a second time I was more stern and less polite. The third time, which happened more than I care to remember resulted in the member or members packing their crap up and being thrown off the range. Any argument at that point would result in surrendering their ID badge and having to speak too the Owner/director and plead their case with him. If things escalated from this point then LE would be called and the member would be removed and charged with armed criminal tresspass. Fortunately it never came to that. Stupidity and carelessness can result in tragedy/catastrophic endings. Not on my watch
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the best rso's are veterans who know the importance of safety and have seen the results of poor leadership and control.

those that go thru rso training as civilians learn what military form is all about, but sometimes lack the veterans ability to size up a situation. a good leader knows when to smile and when to use his size 11 boot.

many rso's lack leadership or the right stuff to be rso's. but you cant fault them for being concerned and willing to help a range.

there is a certain line many cross where it becomes over management.

what I do is always introduce myself at a new range and make sure I know what to do.

this way if I screw up, he knows im at least trying.
hope this helps. an rso at my private skeet range. my wife was part of a turkey shoot with 5 wives on line. she shot and forgot to step back and open her pump and she started dancing around. I stuck my boot in her backside....and got her attention. then I called line cold to go forward.

the rest of the day, no one gave me trouble. :>
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No complaints at my local club range or the sheriff's dept range when open to the public. For the most part at the club RSO's (volunteers) are only on duty when open to the public. Members act as RSO in that there is no hesitation to point out another unsafe practice without escalating confrontation. Once when range was cold, shooter next to me took and interest in my gun, as we were standing behind the line. I began to step forward, he knew my intent, and simply said You know better than that. Embarassed, I thanked him and prolly made up an excuse for my mental lapse.
Some of the comments make greatful for my small town, friendly ranges.
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Old February 12, 2017, 02:56 PM   #30
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I prefer ranges with stern ROs

I avoid the closest local range because the ROs are lax with the rules. I've personally been downrange and saw someone walk up to the line, load her Taurus 92, and impatiently wait for me to get back up range so she can start shooting. Now I drive 45 minutes to the range where they immediately yell at anyone that gets close to the firing line during a cold range.
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Once upon a time,I was helping my daughter learn to drive.Manual trans,Toy Tercel.
Making a left turn across oncoming 40 mph traffic.Things were pretty good till she killed the motor .

I'm saying sometimes,like with a loaded gun situation,adding stress and crisis to the situation is counterproductive.

What my daughter heard was a clear,calm,air traffic controller voice.

"Push in the clutch. Turn the key. First Gear? Give it quite a bit of gas.Let the clutch out till it goes.. OK,we made it,Good Job!!" Do you need to pull over a minute?"

Versus " OH @#%&@&& !! Are you trying to KILL US.!!?? What the $%%*&& are you doing??

The first one worked fine.

Sometimes,in a calm,clear voice."OK,I need for you to just stop,hold still,don't do anything. Now,please move your finger off the trigger,and out of the trigger guard. Alright,now,if you will notice,your gun is pointed at your foot,so please point it downrange in a safe direction. Very good!.
If you would,keep it pointed down range,and lets unload it for a minute,if you'll just remove the magazine and pull the slide back. Very good! May I double check? Great!. Lets set it on the table pointed down range,and talk a second....

The Sergeant Carter routine has a way of making ears close up,mind stop functioning,and dumb sudden moves happening.

In the military training environment,induced stress simulates fog of war.The idea is to be able to function as trained IN SPITE OF STRESS,not because of stress.

Generally,there are training deficits,and motivation deficits.

On the range,training deficits can be corrected in a calm,respectful manner.

Motivation deficit? Anyone who lacks the motivation to be safe and comply with range rules can motivate their....self..down the road.

There is a book "Mountaineering:Freedom of the Hills" Sort of the mountain climbers manual.They case study fatal accidents. One lesson,among a casual group of friends,with no leader..if it is everyones job,it is no one's job. Among friends,maybe no one says"Weather is not looking good.I do not like those clouds.We are turning back"
So people die.
Informal range,same situation. A) Gee,that guy just...Should I say something?
Or,B) Excuse me,sir,line is cold,please step back from the firing line.May get you: "Yeah? Who the heck are you? You don't tell me what to do!!" sort of a challenge.
A clear,responsible RSO is necessary

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Old February 13, 2017, 07:27 PM   #32
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I like range officers who know how to enforce rules without acting like they got kicked out of the police academy 20 years ago and have been trying to make up for it ever since.

Even better, I like shooting with people who don't need range officers to be safe.
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An RSO does not have to be rude but enforcement of the rules is paramount. I have been to lax ranges and will not go a second time. I especially do not like m people handling weapons in a cease fire. I would much rather the RSO err on the side of caution and say something, myself included
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Most RSO's I have had dealings with come off as jack asses. I guess thats just the SWAT instructor in me talking. My philosophy to running a safe range is throw the idiots out and then use common sense. No amount of rules will protect you from an idiot.
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