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Old July 29, 2010, 07:07 PM   #51
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what I own.

Smith security safe
Dimensions and Interiors
Cubic Feet
Body Thickness
10 ga.
Door Thickness
Made In The
I have owned this safe for a number of years and have absolutely no complaints. And I still smile whenever I open it because I remember how friggin heavy it was for me and my two friends to try to maneuver into the walk in closet where it still resides.
It is bolted through my floor with 1/2" all thread rods welded to a piece of
2 x 2 x 5/16 angle iron which runs through holes drilled through my floor joist.
I am no engineer so this is the only way I could come up with to secure it.
it may not be completely theft proof,but it would be a fairly time consuming job. and since the safe weighs around 800 pounds,plus the weight of the guns and other gear I keep inside, only half the battle would be won by getting it loose from the floor.
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Old July 31, 2010, 11:06 AM   #52
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Old July 31, 2010, 06:08 PM   #53
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If buying in CA read this before you buy.

Ya just gotta love it....
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Old August 5, 2010, 05:41 PM   #54
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I have a Sturdy Safe and I am very pleased, I researched many different companies and after careful comparison decided on the Sturdy Safe Company based in California. Sturdy safe's are build entirely in USA they are quality constructed with first rate steel and do not have the bling factor that IMHO does not belong on a security container. Lots of bolts in the right places, have a residential burglar rating from UL and their customer service is top notch.

I compared most of the big names against sturdy safe co. and bought the sturdy for the following reasons:

-no outside hinges
-7 guage steel made in america
-reinforced lock plate to resist drilling attack
-handle cannot be forced to open it is designed to break if this is done
-Sturdy safe's are built in the USA with highest quality American Parts
-Extemely reistant to prying attack
-comes pre drilled so you can anchor down to floor
-Fit and finish are excellent

Hope this helps good luck-
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Old August 6, 2010, 09:03 PM   #55
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+1 for Sturdy Safe; robust design, great value and excellent customer support.
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Old September 11, 2010, 03:23 AM   #56
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a1abdj -- What would you suggest for a realistic average house fire rating?
How much would your safe ( the one that is aimed to compete with the AMSEC BF series) cost if it was about the size of the BF 6030 (60x26x30)?

I might add that of all the people who really know about safes you are the MOST knowledgeable by FAR. Member here would be wise to take your advice.
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Old September 11, 2010, 09:41 AM   #57
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What would you suggest for a realistic average house fire rating?
The truth is that most gun safes will perform poorly in a fire. "Concrete" has been used as an insulation in real safes for over 150 years, and has always proven to be the best option. Almost every real safe manufacturer, and every fire safe rated by UL uses a variation of this for fire safes. The AMSEC, Graffunder, and the new safes we are selling all use something similar. Although none of these safes are the same as a true fire rated safe, they will be about as close as you can currently get in a gun safe package.

Gun safes are tested at temperatures several hundred degrees below what UL test at. Gun safes also tend to use materials that are not really designed to insulate in the same fashion they are advertised. They will all offer some protection, but I feel that protection is being over sold.

If you need true fire protection, you need to be looking at a safe with a real fire rating (UL rated if made in the US). There are some exceptions to this rule, but not many. If the items you need protected are not gun related, then they are better off in a smaller safe designed for that type of protection, and not inside of a gun safe.
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The best I have seen was at a estate sale. The guy was a true gun nut. He had built a security room in his basement, I walked by the room 3-4 times till I noticed that the hallway and the rooms down there did not match.

The sellers had a gun rack setting in front of the door, I could not go inside but could feel the metal door jamb.

The facing of the door was covered with the same paneling as the hallway. Just the corners of the hinges showed and they were painted the same color. The guy's office was in a corner room with only one way in, last chance room.

The people wanting to take your stuff are snatch & grab, they do not want to be trapped in a place with no way out, so basements are not usually gone into.

My point being is if they don't see the guns or your safe they can walk right buy and not notice what you have.
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Old January 18, 2014, 04:09 PM   #59
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I just put my STURDY SAFE into its new home. I couldn't be happier. I got the 6 ft high safe, 4 gauge walls, insulated with 2300F fire insulation (not that crappy drywall), interior liner. It weighs about 1100 pounds. VERY nicely made! The quality of welding is FAR superior to any other gun safe I looked at--especially that Chinese garbage that so many "name brand" companies use. STURDY SAFES are made in the USA from all-American materials. I didn't buy it just because it's American-made, though. Its quality is obviously superior to others and competitive or lower prices than the "name brands". I was surprised at how fast it arrived, especially in the unusually severe winter weather we have been having this year. I was also impressed with how well the safe was secured on the pallet and how well it was padded. No scratches, dings, nothing--it arrived in as good a condition as it left the factory. The instructions for setting a new combination, etc. were very clear. I especially appreciated the short videos on STURDY SAFE's web site, which show you how to do small things (like how easy it is to get an 1100 pound safe off the pallet, etc.). Here's one strong vote for STURDY SAFE!
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