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Originally Posted by volkstrm View Post
Yea I have 3 Makarov"s love them. I have a Russian,Bulgarian & a East German. I like the East German the best. I do carry them as bug's. I have some really good Russian milsurp ammo 109gr,FMJ that's really hot that I use as my carry load. It's better then any of the new ammo in 9x18 out there.
I was thinking the same thing as the OP but the thought of my 4 PM Maks brought me back to "I already have what I need". Especially since I got them back when they were the best deals in firearms.

One or the other is my usual carry pistol. A little heavier for it's size than what the OP is looking for but that's because it's all steel (except for the grips) This is read Hell for stout. We could go on about the pros and cons of the Makarov but this has already been hashed out thoroughly in these forums!

Depends on your preference, a compact DA/SA with a thumb safety/decocker is my preference in a carry pistol and the Makarov fills the bill. Sure they are redundant in some people's opinions but this makes no difference to me.
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Here's a 3913, decocker not a safety.

Sig P 239 9mm

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tipoc, do you have accurate dimensions for the 3913? I'm mostly interested in height, width, and weight.

Those stats on the P239 should be 5.1" tall, 1.2" wide, and 29.5 ounces based on a web search. The 3913 is a little more elusive...
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Old April 17, 2019, 10:24 PM   #29
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The 3913 weighs 25.4 ounces empty.

The Shield weighs 20.8 ounces empty.

The 3913 is 6.860" in length from muzzle to the furthest point of the frame.
5" in height for the 3913 from the bottom of the frame to the top of the Novack rear sights.

The Shield is 6.120" in length and 4.440" in height.

The 3913 slide is .920 in width not counting the decockers.

Width of the Shield is .960" across the frame just below the slide. The slide is about .900" in width.

The Shield on top of the 3913.

1. All guns are always loaded.
2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
3. Keep your finger off the trigger till you are ready to shoot.
4. Identify your target and know what is beyond it.

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As far as anyone knocking an 8+1 capacity, going single-stack necessarily means lower capacity. Double stacks need more width by definition. Does the P365 use an intermediate method of stacking?
While I really like my P225A1, the magazine supplied has a base plug that looks like it could hold another round...making it a 9+1.

So long as the grip thickness remains as it is, another round or two would make it just that much's the feel of the grip that makes a single stack so admirable to me...I find that I get less latter shot displacement with a thinner grip...similar to a 1911.

As to conceal ability, I don't believe the add'l 1/8" that the usual double stack adds to grip thickness, adversely affects the guns printing...but I do believe and have proved to my satisfaction that the grip length is significant...adding that tell tale bulge when carrying in my accustomed 3-4 o'clock position, OWB.

Sig's P365 has an innovative magazine that retains the usual single stack's thin grip but provides for a tapered double stack and increases capacity to 10+1. It's really ground breaking in my opinion. That mag is my hope for the P225, and that Sig will see fit to offer a newly designed mag a-la P365. The P225A1 is still in production to my knowledge, but I think the P239 is finished. Rod
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Double action only.

But still a great choice in this size category. I own a CM9 that's been running great for years.
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I think if CZ would come out with a single stack, shorter grip version of the 85 it would be great.... I'll keep wishing.

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I'll throw out another not quite what the OP is asking for. Find a used or NOS Sig P290RS. It's DAO but if you can master the first shot of a DA/SA pistol you've mastered the rest of the shots of a full DAO pistol. No decocker of safety required. Nice night sights on most and soft shooting for its' size and weight.
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Old April 18, 2019, 06:06 PM   #35
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Good comparison photos of the Shield vs 3913. The S&W CS9 is a bit smaller than the 3913.
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Originally Posted by sigarms228 View Post
Springfield XD-E is only current production DA/SA hammer fired pistol I am aware of that is as thin as a Shield, PPS, etc but it is also taller. IMO there is not near enough market demand for such DA/SA pistols. If the XD-E was a run away best seller like the SIG P365 I am sure other manufacturers would take notice but it is not, not even close.
It's not going to be and it's stupid to blame low sales of the XD-E on the DA/SA action, it's in large part due to the manufacturer's politics, the price, and the feel of the gun.

If Joe Schmoe walks into a gun store looking to buy himself a small 9mm for conceal carry and the LGS slaps an LC9s in his hand and then an XD-E, Mr. Schmoe is gonna buy the LC9s because the price is near half the XDE and the trigger is better.

You don't buy a DA/SA on the feel of the single action trigger, you buy it for the first round DA pull and second strike ability.
Any good revolver > Any good semi auto
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Old April 22, 2019, 11:15 PM   #37
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OAL - 6"

H - 4.6" (you can get a full grip, all three fingers).

W - 1"

W - 16.4 oz.

Bersa Thunder .380 CC.

no need to omit actual grip width, no need to omit mag in height measurement or controls.

there is an absolute necessity to get over yourself that the .380 ACP can't get the job done. this is the tough part.

I've been down this road. without going into details, I know PRECISELY what niche your looking for. it doesn't exist. when the xd-e came out, I instantly knew it was too long and too tall. they should have made it a 3" barrel(slightly shorter) and striker-fired DA like the P99(this would have kept the height way down). BUT, then you run into another interesting the weight and size go down the recoil and snappiness go up, follow-ups become less precise and slower. (with 9mm but not .380)

HST chambered, 8 FMJ in mag....or,...Precision One HP for all 9. (meets FBI standard BECAUSE it doesn't expand as big as the HST) welcome to the new world.

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