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Old November 18, 1999, 04:31 PM   #1
Join Date: September 4, 1999
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As some of you may recall I am new to reloading and had just ordered a Lee Loader in .32acp. Well, F&M just emailed me saying they are out of them and oh by the way we are hiking the price on them a couple bucks.

I KNOW this must be a sign from God. But I am not sure how to interpret it. Does God want me to forget about reloading all together OR does God want me to step up and buy some real reloading equipment.

So if someone can confirm for me that God is a reloader, I'll buy some real gear!

BE (apologies if anyone is offended by my attempt at humor)
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Old November 18, 1999, 05:04 PM   #2
John Lawson
Senior Member
Join Date: August 28, 1999
Posts: 281
I don't think that thunderrbolts CAN be reloaded, and those are probably what the more religious are hoping God will direct toward you. Hang in there; .32 ACP isn't too popular a caliber these days and you have to expect delays.
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Old November 18, 1999, 05:56 PM   #3
Mal H
Join Date: March 20, 1999
Location: Somewhere in the woods of Northern Virginia
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I think it's obvious that God is frugal and is looking out for you. He wants you to call Natchez Shooters Supplies (1-800-251-7839) and get the same Lee Anniversary kit on sale this month for $62.92.

You said you ordered the kit in 32 ACP, I assume you ordered a set of dies separately. Dies don't come with the kit.
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Old November 19, 1999, 12:50 AM   #4
Staff Alumnus
Join Date: October 23, 1998
Location: ATL
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I think God wants you to buy a Dillon.....why else would He make the sky blue?
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Old November 19, 1999, 05:34 AM   #5
Senior Member
Join Date: October 9, 1998
Location: Ohio USA
Posts: 8,105
Red sky in the morning (Lee?)
Reloaders take warning!

I think I could attend a "Smokeless Sunrise Service"

CCW for Ohio action site.
Do what you C.A.N.

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Old November 19, 1999, 06:53 AM   #6
Senior Member
Join Date: September 29, 1999
Location: N.E. Ohio
Posts: 522
Hal, don't forget, you have to put 10% of your reloads into the collection plate.

Good shootin to ya
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Old November 19, 1999, 01:35 PM   #7
Senior Member
Join Date: October 16, 1999
Location: Surprise, Arizona, USA
Posts: 171

When you die, your spirit is reloaded into another body, be it human, animal, or mineral. I heard that General Grant's spirit came back as Jane Fonda!

Just kidding, Mikey
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Old November 19, 1999, 05:45 PM   #8
Join Date: September 15, 1999
Posts: 97
MidwayUSA - that's where God shops. Free shipping, great service. Maybe he runs the place???
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Old November 19, 1999, 09:49 PM   #9
Join Date: September 4, 1999
Posts: 18
Ordered a Lee Turret Kit and some 9mm and .32acp carbide dies from Midway (love the free shipping)

10% of reloads in the collection plate eh? Maybe this also explains why I lose 10% of the brass everytime I go to the range!

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Old November 20, 1999, 02:56 AM   #10
Senior Member
Join Date: November 19, 1998
Posts: 986

God does reload, but it's only human Spirits into bulletproof bodies, and then only once.

I think he recycles the bugs' spirits overandoverandoveragain, 'cause no matter how much I swat 'em, the mosquitos ALWAYS come back to me like I'm a familiar buffet table.

Maybe bugs don't have spirits. I'm sure the germs don't.

God wants you to reload using the tools of your choice, because only a foolish steward would let the vinyard lie fallow. Those brass cases are like "talents" and should be put to their highest and best use as fabricated, recyclable goods.

It's also environmentally friendly. Take brass out of the waste stream. Put elemental lead back into the ground, so our gravity does not get weaker.

The safety of our world depends on keeping guys like you (and gals who share this sport/hobby/self-reliance lethal force training) shooting as often as possible.

Remember, Idi Amin in Uganda was able to slaughter the politically unpopular by ordering his police stooges to use hammers on their skulls ONLY BECAUSE THEY WERE DISARMED FIRST.
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Old November 20, 1999, 05:13 AM   #11
Senior Member
Join Date: October 9, 1998
Location: Ohio USA
Posts: 8,105
plateshooter and BronzeEmu,
I've reached an agreement with the Almighty as far as brass is concerned. Whatever He wants from mine, He keeps when it is ejected. What He wants to return to me, He lets drop to the ground. Whatever He wants me to give to those less fortunate, He hides from me.

All kidding aside, If He were here among us today, I believe He would indeed reload. Honestly, I really do. Reloading is thrifty, and the Bible teaches not to waste. Please remember, Jesus was a fisherman way back then. I beleive He would have been an outdoorsman, hunter and fisherman, in any time. As a hunter, yes He would reload.

CCW for Ohio action site.
Do what you C.A.N.

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Old November 20, 1999, 12:19 PM   #12
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Join Date: February 28, 1999
Location: Tampa, FL USA
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I assume, since you ordered a LEE Loader, that you are a low volume shooter. If so you may want to use the LEE hand press instead. I shoot about 300 rounds a month and this press handles this volume very easily. For under 100 dollars you can get a complete reloading setup (press, dies, priming tool, powder scale, powder measure, trays etc.) that stores in a desk drawer. This is important to me because I have no place to permanently mount a press.

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Old November 20, 1999, 06:09 PM   #13
Walt Welch
Senior Member
Join Date: November 3, 1998
Location: Alamo, CA
Posts: 424
Of course God is a reloader. Well, at least he has become one in recent years. With my advanced age (and that of most of the other shooters who bend over and pick up brass), there is a chorus of 'OH GOD' as the brass is picked up. Walt
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