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Old April 25, 2002, 03:01 PM   #1
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Shotgun passed down to me. Questions-->

When my grandfather passed away a couple years ago he left many things to his family. One of the many items was a Remington 870 12g pump made in 1965. He left it to my father who does not like guns at all. I asked if I could have it and my father was happy just to get it out of the house. Its has 150 year anniversary stamped on one of the sides with a Skeet rail site (I know very little about shotguns so please bare with my terms). I took it to the local gun shop and all they told me was that it was "a good gun". I'm looking for a little more info. I don't have a Sr. number but I can post it tonight when I get home if needed. Its looks to be in very good condition. The bluing still looks fresh. The wood still has a bright shine and the action is very smooth. I took the gun apart and was not able to find one bit of rust. My father says there where only a couple hundred shells at most fired in its life time. It has a long barrel, not sure of the exact size. From what I can tell it will only hold 3 shells+1. Is there any way to extend that tube to hold more. Also can a tactical stock and much shorter barrel be put on? I would like to be able to have this gun next to my bed at night for defense. The wood is in such great shape I want to take it off and store it so that it does not get banged up. Thanks for the help.
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Just my personal opinon, but I wouldn't change a thing on the heirloom gun. Keep it as it is, use it as it was intended, as a hunting or competition gun.

Then instead of spending money changing the gun over to a home defense type weapon, just purchase another 870 already suited for those duties. Police trade in guns are often available for less than it would cost to replace the furniture, purchase a short barrel, and extended magazine.

That way you have 2 guns that operate in the same exact fashion. One of them for fun, (and for the memories of your Grandpa) and one for serious use. Practicing with one will make you better with the other.

It would just seem like a shame to mess up a heirloom gun. Someday I hope to get my Dad's shotgun that he has used his whole life. (Gonna have to fight my brother for it though) The only thing I'm going to do to it is have it reblued because it has no finish left.

As to what you have, it sounds like a standard 870. If it is the fancy grade it will say Wingmaster on the receiver. The 150th Anniversary means that it was made during Remington's anniversary. If the tube is standard length then it should hold 4 rounds. If it holds less there is probably a wooden dowel being used to plug off part of the tube. This is usually there because of hunting regulations that only permit a certain number of shells in the gun. This is easy to remove. Unscrew the nut at the end of the tube, (carefull the spring could pop out) and that should give you access. There may be a metal cap stuck in there, but you should be able to pop it out pretty easy. This is also how you remove the barrel for field stripping as well.

And the thing on top of the barrel that you sight down is reffered to as a Rib.
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Old April 25, 2002, 03:34 PM   #3
Dave McC
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What you have is the equivalent of a 1965 Gibson Les Paul deluxe. A classic that is as good as it gets.

A coupla things....

One,your shotgun should hold 4+1.Chances are there's a "Duck plug" in the magazine. It can be easily removed.

Two, do NOT cut the bbl. Short HD style bbls are common, keep that old one as it is, you'll love it at Skeet or Trap.

Aftermarket stocks are also quite common. Not too expensive. Extensions are also available, but...

These older classics are getting scarce, and it IS your Grandfather's shotgun. There's no tablet of stone saying thou shalt only have one shotgun.

Here's what I'd do in your shoes,if money permits....

Keep this one stock. Get the stock to fit you, add a recoil pad, and use it for play. Pick up a beater 870 with a short bbl for HD. Old police inventory turnovers are usually beat up outside, and near new inside.

That way, you've got the same "Chops" with both shotguns, identical controls, and much the same "Feel".

And, you'll have a fine heirloom to pass on to future generations to feed and protect them.And, a not so pretty shotgun for heavy use and A/S situations.

I recommend checking the Archives for threads on 870s, mods and training. You'll find plenty of input....
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Old April 25, 2002, 04:10 PM   #4
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As above.......don't mess with such a nice piece.

Spend less money on a home defence gun than you would screwing up the nice one.

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Old April 26, 2002, 11:37 AM   #5
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What was I thinking?

You guys are right. I should never have thought about changing the gun. Dave, after you said:
What you have is the equivalent of a 1965 Gibson Les Paul deluxe.
I knew I was messing with a good thing. I'm love to play the guitar maybe more then shooting. The thought of "Parting" a 1965 Gibson Les Paul deluxe just sent a chill down my back. Thanks to all for the advice. I'm going to give the gun a nice cleaning and back into the safe it goes. I'm going to start looking for a used 870p after I buy a few things on my Want List.

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