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Old April 22, 2002, 09:10 PM   #1
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Join Date: October 30, 2001
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wife wont let me get "Another one!!" need help

Okay, Wife insists that I have enough guns. I've been looking real hard at an ithaca 37 classic , you know the one with the corn cobb forearm, My question is should I trade off my tried and true
870 express, or am I better off keeping the 870. That Ithaca is really calling my name, help!!
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Old April 22, 2002, 09:23 PM   #2
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Location: Lafayette, Indiana--American-occupied America
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Glad to be of service, 115gr. Remember, once you get past about 75 it's really tough for her to keep track. As well, keep the weapon in your trunk for several days. When you come back from shooting, just pull it out like everything is normal, clean it and put it in the safe. Remember, they can smell panic.

It is very important that you do not tip your hand like buying her flowers or taking out the garbage when not asked.
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Old April 22, 2002, 09:47 PM   #3
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Send her to Band Camp.

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Old April 22, 2002, 10:11 PM   #4
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Join Date: March 7, 2000
Location: ohio
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Tell her the truth , a new 870 express goes for a little over $200. so what you'd get for trade or sell outright isn't going to be enough to bother with , So you might as well keep it and just buy the other or do like I do , If I buy a gun she get's a basket (longaberger)
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Old April 23, 2002, 01:31 AM   #5
herr bean
Join Date: February 16, 2002
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
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The easy solution. You send me the 870, I'll even pay shipping, and give it a nice new home, and then you'll be free to buy the Ithaca.
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Old April 23, 2002, 04:35 AM   #6
Dave McC
Staff In Memoriam
Join Date: October 13, 1999
Location: Columbia, Md, USA
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Keep the Express. Keep your eye open for the Ithaca. Lateron, you'll be glad you've both...
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Old April 23, 2002, 05:52 AM   #7
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Tell your wife you intend to get "another one" and it's up to her to decide whether you mean shotgun or wife.


Get the Ithaca. You want it, you are already thinking about dealing the Express. When a gun speaks to you the way the Ithaca is, you need to get that out of your system. If at some point you want to trade again, there are plenty of 870s in the world.
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Old April 23, 2002, 06:42 PM   #8
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Join Date: December 15, 2001
Location: Winter Haven, Florida
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Using the old quote "It's easier to get forgiveness than permission," which is a tactic a buddy of mine uses frequently for new firearm purchases, buy it, bring it home, apologize, buy her something happily ever after.

P.S. There is no such thing as "enough guns." It's not even in the dictionary.
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Old April 23, 2002, 07:46 PM   #9
Double Naught Spy
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Join Date: January 8, 2001
Location: Forestburg, Montague Cnty, TX
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My God man! Suck it up! Have you lost your mind letting her dictate what you can and cannot have?

If the normal paths of lies and cheating are not working to get the guns you 'need,' then you need to put your manly foot down and let her know who wears the pants and carries the big wallet in the house and do what I do with my wife. Bribe her!

Yes, it is better than admitting defeat and better than asking permission. A bride says that you care about her well being and happiness without being a henpecked pansy. A bribe also buys her silence because she knows the bribes will stop when the gun buying stops.

In this manner, both you and your wife can be happy, maintain your respective integrities, have the things you want, and rest assured knowing that bribery has been the lubrication of spousal relationships for thousands of years.


Maybe before trying the bribes, have you tried the tactic of buying guns that are "her" guns? A friend of mine has a whole set of tools in his garage that he freely admits are tools he bought for his wife that she doesn't use. Just a thought. You get away with the gun purchase without buying the item for youself. Be wary, if your wife is sober, she may see through your thinly veiled plan of buying guns for her.
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Old April 23, 2002, 10:58 PM   #10
Al in Md.
Join Date: October 27, 2001
Posts: 77
Just tell her its her choice for your hobby. Its either guns or hanging out in topless bars! Al in Md
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Old April 24, 2002, 07:33 AM   #11
Join Date: March 19, 2002
Location: Mechanicsville,Maryland
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I was in the same boat, but I figured a slick way around it. I was looking a new O/U skeet gun....$1500. I took Momma to the range, gave her a light kicking 20ga auto to shoot, and she had fun. So now, I need a new gun because she's using the one I normally used. The fact that she might use it once a year doesn't come into play. The auto is hers, the new gun is mine.
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Old April 24, 2002, 08:21 AM   #12
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Join Date: November 12, 2000
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Yep. Absolutely bribe her. Tell her how its money in the bank, (this dont work for me anymore, she says I wouldn't sell any of them anyway...) Thats when I tell her its better spent than in a topless bar...She says I dont go to bars anyway.

Thats when I ask her what she'd like to even it up...Then we start dealing. I dont lie to her though, she's too good for that.

She just got a newish car. I guess I'm up for a Barrett!
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Old April 24, 2002, 12:47 PM   #13
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Join Date: August 31, 2001
Location: Grand Lake, OK
Posts: 658
how many people had to make sure their wife was asleep/unconscious before snickering and making the whip noises.

Personally I like the buy it and hide it idea if you tell her it is hers she might start using the damned thing.
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Old April 25, 2002, 07:32 AM   #14
Junior member
Join Date: November 12, 2000
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Posts: 9,494
Sorry to hear you've got such an inferiority complex. It probably stands in the way of alot of potential happiness for both you and your wife...
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Old April 26, 2002, 06:29 AM   #15
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Join Date: November 11, 1999
Location: Houston, TX, USA
Posts: 963
I usually am asked to keep a certain ratio of new guns to old guns or at least limit the amount per year. It really depends on our liquidity.

However, the best way I've found to be able to get any special "just for me" toy has been to figure the cost of the gun (including all the initial ammo and accessories... guns are like video game systems... you can't buy them without all the darn accessories, it seems) and multiply the total spent by two and then look at the budget and the bank balance.

Obviously, half is for the gun. The other half is her shopping-spree money. She can spend it on whatever she likes.

She typcially goes for that deal. Sometimes, there may be a delay between checks (and usually, I let her go first... once she's commited to the deal, she won't back out), but we both get satisfied and no one's appearing selfish.
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Old April 26, 2002, 08:21 AM   #16
Join Date: August 24, 2000
Location: Gastonia,NC
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Were all manly men

Were all manly men were men in tights

I usally get the last word in the gun buy situations........Yes dear

Do the bargaining bit itusally works for me!!

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Old April 26, 2002, 08:56 PM   #17
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It might be time to trade her in for that Ithaca?
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Old April 27, 2002, 08:00 PM   #18
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Join Date: December 20, 2001
Location: Ohio
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Is she opposed to you spending the money, or just to your spending it on a gun?
Seems like thats the deciding factor on whether your shopping for a just a new gun, or a new wife to go with it
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