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help with reloading info

I want to get started reloading and and casting my own projectiles, and like everyone else I wish to learn the most cost affective means to do this from acquiring lead, good molds and hollow point molds, proper powder ( will be starting with 40 S&W for my stoeger cougar 8040f ) basically any solid information my fellow hunters and Patriots can offer me to produce a top quality round both for the range and for self defense.

I would also like any information I can get as far as bullet types regarding stopping power for self defense rounds and the manufacture of nasty hollow points. you see I was on a manufacturers web site they stated that they will not sell some rounds to civilians that they sell to government and law enforcement what got me was they said "We do not need nor should we be armed with the same rounds that law enforcement uses" the reason they stated was that for us to lawfully defend ourselves we would be close range and should not have the need to shoot through walls car doors etc,,,etc,,, I say I want to be equally or better armed than ANYONE that might attempt to impose on my right to live or my god giving and constitutional right to protect my freedoms and those of the people I care for and GOD forbid but that would include law enforcement or our government should it come to it as my signature Quote from George Washington states

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government."
- George Washington

if this spurs wonderful conversation because it may seem I lean to far to the right I welcome comments

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You're not going to be able to match military and police ammo with cast bullets. They use special projectiles.
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produce a top quality round both for the range and for self defense
Well... for me... that would be two totally different catagories...

... i cast for fun/cheap plinking ammo

...for defense they are jacketed HPs

... Welcome to the Forum tho.
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So basically you want to know what it took most of us 40 to 50 years to learn and still cannot agree on. Reloading is best done with a couple good manuals; Casting is also done best with a couple good manuals.
And to loading self defense ammo, Two very respected firearm experts can not agree on this either, Massaad Ayoob feels reloading self defense ammo is a very bad idea, but then John Ross, also highly respected states just the opposite.
If just starting out, get reloading down with a good manual, once you have the basics down, then also with a good manual proceed to casting, As too reloading self defense loads. That is up to whom you want to trust, Mr. Ayoob or Mr. Ross. Just go slow and be safe.
As to what is the best reloading or casting equipment is , well that depends on who is in the form at the time.
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You need to start with a couple reloading manuals and work forwrd from there. It takes a couple few weeks to learn how to reload and a lifetime to master it. On the Midway USA the following, in this order are the most popular and highest rated by owner reviews
Modern Reloading by Richard Lee
Lymans 49th
ABCs of Reloading
Start to reload and then learn casting - I doubt it would be a good idea to do both. I use reloads for self-defense but each to his own as indicated above. Further, like many of the old school greats Jeff Cooper, Jim Cirillo et al , I like flat point and hard cast non-expanding for all purposes including self-defense. A large meplat (flat bullet nose) is destructive and gives fantastic straight-line penetration which is why they are prefered for dangerous game. There is at least one individual who will modify a mold to cast hollow points but with a large meplat I don't see the need.
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So basically you want to know what it took most of us 40 to 50 years to learn and still cannot agree on. Reloading is best done with a couple good manuals;

I for one agree with the buy good manuals part :-) Read, Read and then read a little more and THEN think about re-loading equipment and supplies
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