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simonov jr
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Barret M95 recoil

I’m trying to get an accurate picture of the felt recoil of this .50 BMG bolt action rifle but can’t find any empirical data online, even on Barrett’s website. Does anyone know the free recoil energy in ft/lbs, and recoil velocity in fps, after the mitigating effects of the muzzle break and recoil pad are accounted for? Thanks for any stats you can provide, along with your personal observations about how punishing or tolerable it is to shoot.
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I don’t have numbers, but to me it’s not much more than a 12 gauge shotgun. I have a 308 Norma mag that is punishing, the m95 is very tolerable.
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Old September 1, 2019, 05:17 AM   #3
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I have not fired the Barrett I have fired the Armalite 50 BMG rifle. It has a good brake on the muzzle.The brake is crucial,and Armalite warns against removing it.
Its been quite a while since I fired it.I can tell you I did NOT leave with the impression "That thing kicks!!" On the contrary,I was impressed with how mild the recoil is. I don't know if its exactly like a .308 AR-10,but its not any more uncomfortable.
If my Grand Daughter was 14 and wanted to shoot one,I would not discourage her. And no,I'm not one of the morons on YouTube that sets up a newbie for abuse.

Wear earplugs and muffs. The brake makes things loud.

The most notable sensation firing one is a blast overpressure. Concussion. Its not uncomfortable,its just noticeable as unusual.

If you can sight in a typical 30-06 on a bench,IMO,you can handle the recoil of a 50 BMG equipt with an effective muzzle brake,such as the Armalite's brake. Rifle weight matters,too. The Armalite is NOT a featherweight.Its pretty heavy. I don't know the exact weight,I'd guess more than 20 or 25 lbs. I did not own this rifle. A friend let me shoot his. He carried it. I just laid down behind it.
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I have a Barrett M107A1 (the semi .50 version successor to the M82, the non-bulpup semi variant of M95). I’ve shot the 95, Armalite and a fair number of other bolt BMG round based 50’s. As long as you have the muzzle brake on it’s not bad. (If you take the muzzle break off, ... you’re going to remember that moment for a very long time).

The M95 recoil is not unpleasant IMHO and has a VERY effective muzzle brake. As stated above it’s similar to a 12 ga.
The two other recoil mitigation mechanisms are:

1) the weight of the M95. With a scope and 5 round magazine, you’re between 25 and 30 lbs which absorbs / slows and spreads out the recoil impulse dramatically over time 100 milliseconds vs 10 milliseconds of a lightweight high power gun. (The Weatherby 7mm mag recoil is painfully unpleasant compared the Barrett)

2) The cleverly integrated BIDS (BMG’s inherent sensory deprivation) system: Within 50 milliseconds of pulling the trigger, your sensory system shuts down for the next 50 mSeconds. Other than hearing a loud but muffled boom through YOUR DOUBLE EAR PROTECTION (plugs and muffs- DO NOT pull trigger without both) and feeling a solid push on your shoulder, it’s a certifiable rush / thrill.
I’ve fired 100+ rounds in a day with no pain or ill effects (except for a lighter wallet).

The Barrett and similar “sharkfin” style brakes are incredibly effective.
1 shot, 1 THRILL. Seriously. Enjoy.
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