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4V50 Gary
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Patrick Rogers' Stop Blaming The Trigger!

I enjoyed Mr. Rogers' article that appeared in the Oct. 2015 issue of SWAT. Being retired, I'm old enough to have trained with a revolver before transitioning to a semi-automatic pistol for duty use. The only thing I would add is not to rely on the trigger guard to prevent a negligent discharge. The trigger guard offers some protection against the trigger being pressed from outside forces.

For over two decades now, it has been my practice to train my shooters both old and new to rest their trigger finger on the frame (or receiver) and not on the trigger guard. We had a negligent discharge when an officer, in attempting to grab a once compliant but now fleeing suspect with his non-dominant hand, experience a negligent discharge. The sympathetic response of his dominant hand caused his trigger finger to leave the trigger guard and contact the trigger. Tragically, the firearm discharged, lodging a bullet into the back of the suspect's head, killing him and resulting in an out-of-court settlement for the agency.

As Mr. Rogers said, "The key is, always have been, and always will be training." Train with your trigger finger on the frame, not the trigger guard.
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