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100+ yards .45 or 9mm?

I am wanting to buy a MasterPiece Arms Defender 16 inch barrel carbine and I cannot decide between .45 or 9mm. With .45 I get that whop on the target. But with the 9mm I get a cheaper and more available round. I am not worried about the short-range shots, But I want to know which round shoots flattest and best at 100+ yard ranges...
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9mm will shoot flatter, but will have more wind drift. To what degree will depend on what bullet weights you choose to compare.

I find the easiest way to compare ballistics. They have such a wide variety of bullets and weights, not to mention the tool is pretty easy to use.

If you are talking about target shooting for fun, I would probably go with the 9mm because of the cheaper ammo. If you are talking for self defense, between the two, I would pick the .45. However if you honestly feel you'd be protecting yourself by making shots at that distance, I would look at something more powerful.
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The 9mms greater velocity and better ballistic coefficient make for less drop and less wind drift. This really has little to do with accuracy or the shooters ability to get hits. This will come from the shooters ability to know his ballistics of his weapon and knowing how to judge distance and wind conditions.
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All of the answers thus far are correct. I have to wonder what you are seeking i a pistol cartridge to shoot 100 yards or more. The 16 inch barrel is not going to make a hill of beans for a cartridge that has energy of only 265 ft lbs at 100 yards (9mm) and a velocity of 1020fps,and bullet drop of 20" at 150 yards on any gun zeroed at 50 yards or (.45acp) 768fps and 301 ft lbs. with a bullet drop 28 inches at 150 yards. Wind deflection aside the inherent accuracy of the bullets will change with bullet design, such as hollow point etc.
Now all that being said during WW I and WW II pistol calibers were used with limited effect at distances not exceeding 100 meters. The 9mm SMG and the 45 acp SMG were capable of inflicting casualty's at 100 yards but very limited at best.
If it is your intent to shoot the extremely dangerous Paper Target the 9mm has the better accuracy.However if the target charges you will want that .45 acp for knock down power.
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When Handgun Matalic silohette shooting started in the area I lived I played with service style pistols at 50, 100, 150, and 200 meters, using a Browning HP and my Colt Gold Cup.

The limiting factor was my ability to hit these targets at those ranges. But when I did, the 45 faired better, or should I say I had better luck knocking over the targets with the 45.

For me the 45 was more accurate, but I think that had a lot to do with I'd shot the Cold Cup in Bullseye matches and was more use to it.

But like I said, this is a poor example, I wasn't that hot shooting semis at extended ranges. 357 & 44 Mags worked better for me, or better yet, on of my TC barrels.

Best advice I can come up with is barrow one of each and see which one you shoot the best at extended ranges. You can deside which one with a 5 inch barrel you can shoot the best, then with the 16 incher, you'll be that much better.
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The 9mm will gain a lot of velocity in a carbine, much more than the .45.
More energy than from a pistol and flatter shooting.
But, unless it's for more than shooting fun, either one will fill the bill.
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My answer is go with what tickles your giggle and which one you can afford. This is 100 yards from a 22 pistol and 45 pistol shooting against a 14mph right to left crosswind. A carbine should shoot tighter and at 100 yards wind isn't much of a factor no matter which one you choose unless you are worried about tight match winning groups. Then just between you me and the neighbors dog I would choose the 45. the sheer mass makes it less likely to go flying off in strange directions when the wind decides to play with you.
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