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Old November 3, 2000, 06:03 PM   #1
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In Hawaii, we were always aware of the possibility of having to take up arms to defend ourselves and our islands, obviously because of the attack on Pearl Harbor and after the war, we had at least one air raid drill a month that we practiced seriously.
But as kids without television and mostly our imagination to make up games, a lot of us kids (boys)around the block would get together on weekends and holidays. Often we would go to the river..actually a meandering stream, sometimes about 12 feet across and about 4 feet deep, other times, a foot wide and six inches deep. It worked it's way through the heavy foliage (jungle) to us and we'd play war with imaginary guns or in my case, my grandfather had carved me a M1 rifle. We'd "patrol" the river and engage in imaginary combat with enemy soldiers.
When we discovered how to make "spear guns" we patrolled the river and shoot fresh water fish and crawdads who were our luckless enemies.
Other times, we formed up opposing teams and throw macadamia nuts (still in shells) as our "bullets."
Because of our multi-cultural exposure, we took up "sword fighting" too with bamboo sticks and we often were seen with our samurai sword on one side and our gun on our other side.
In either way, we learned how to move through the "jungles" in Hawaii and play war.

Anybody else like to share?
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Old November 3, 2000, 09:44 PM   #2
Joe Demko
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I grew up in coal country and spent much of my childhood engaging in "urban warfare' with the kids from neighboring blocks. We spent a lot of time throwing rocks at eachother and hitting eachother with sticks. I learned early the value of having the high ground and the difference between cover and concealment.
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Old November 7, 2000, 07:35 AM   #3
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rural background here, time spent in the woods, practicing e&e techniques (flashlight wars), hunting, etc...working my way into my second childhood, and working on furthering my education still...

speak now, or forever hold your peace
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Old November 7, 2000, 08:39 AM   #4
David Scott
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As kids we played "Army" all the time. Remember the TV show "COMBAT!" starring Vic Morrow? Those guys were our heroes. We used to critique each other's battle tactics based on what Sergeant Saunders would have done (even as kids, we knew the officers didn't know jack).
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We played war games in the South Texas brush using slingshots and china berries. Yellow china berries are slightly mushy, and sting a little. Green china berries feel like marbles.

Yes, my mother found out what we had been doing when she noticed the egg shaped lump on the back of my brother's head, and the black and blue "bullseyes" that we both had on our bodies. She told us to stop, because you could...
...shoot your eye out.
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Art Eatman
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I was luckier than most. At home in town, it was the usual choose sides and have rock fights and pretend-wars, doing small-unit tactics. This was during WW II, so all the neighbors took it for granted.

From time to time I would get "stashed" out at my grandparents' farm. My allowance went for .22 Shorts, and I stalked anything I could find to stalk. From around age seven or eight, then, I started learning sneaky-snake in the boonies.

I had an attitude problem in Basic Training. I didn't really want to charge up a mountain, to take the high ground, in daylight. I thought it would be better to sneak up at night and use a knife. Then I discovered that most of the rest of the world couldn't find its way around, at night...

, Art
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