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Old February 11, 2012, 10:11 PM   #1
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Reloading Record-Keeping Software

Greetings all, this is my first post on this forum. Recently I became frustrated with my reloading record-keeping in Excel and I decided to do something about it.

I am working on creating a database that people can use to keep track of their personal reloading. I plan to add features that allow personal accuracy tracking and label printing for targets and ammunition boxes.

I am open to new ideas for features; please let me know if you have any ideas that you would like to see in a record keeping program. If you are a java programmer and interested in contributing, I'd welcome your help.

The program will be free and open source. It will be platform-independent; it should run on PC, Mac, and Linux equally well.

The sourceforge link is here:
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Old February 11, 2012, 11:44 PM   #2
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I applaud your effort. I use Excel. Separate worksheet for each caliber. There is a data worksheet that is the listing of data for dropdowns. I have two parts to each worksheet. The left side is the reloading log where I capture specifics for the load, the right side is the shooting log where I capture specifics on how the load performed for me. You probably already have all of these fields in your design, but it works for me. A database would be better.

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Old February 12, 2012, 03:44 AM   #3
Tim R
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Using the computer is just too much work IMHO. I use MSDOS, in other words, paper and pen. I have a reloading diary if you will with all the calibers I load for in a 3 inch 3 ring binder. It’s saved me from duplicating loads which didn’t work out.
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Old February 12, 2012, 10:28 AM   #4
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I thought about writing an App so you could have access to and make notes on the range without writing it down to transfer later or dragging a Netbook to the bench. I haven't got around to it yet.

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Old February 12, 2012, 10:45 AM   #5
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The app has been done and very well I might add by our own TFL Senior Member sirgilligan, Gun Log +P.
He also has the original version, Gun Log
This one has no output capability everything stays in your device.

On my PC I use
It is in Excel, it does prints nice labels.

I would like to see your finished product as it looks promising and would simplify data entry on my PC.

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Old February 12, 2012, 11:09 AM   #6
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LibreOffice (Open Office) works great for me. Calc for the load listings, and a Writer document for each gun. The document format is nice for keeping track of changes, random thoughts, and pictures. Free form so not restricted to 'content'. Sometimes the 'simple' ways are best. Oh a notebook for the field for writing chrono results and such and then transferred to spread sheet.
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Old February 12, 2012, 11:24 AM   #7
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I've been using the Lee Shooter software for firearms record keeeping but it also has a reloading log, loading manuals and calculators among other things. Never used the reloading log as my "reloading database" started out as a 3-ring binder with a section for each cartridge, pockets for targets and chrono data sheets, just haven't seen the need to change.
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Old February 12, 2012, 06:31 PM   #8
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Thanks all for the input. I expect it will be at least a few more weeks (depending on my free time) before I have a working prototype put together.
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Old February 12, 2012, 09:34 PM   #9
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I'm a member of the inkpenandnotebook tribe. Our numbers are dwindling apparently.
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Old February 13, 2012, 11:11 AM   #10
old roper
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MDD, I'm also member of "inkpenandnotebook tribe".
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Old February 13, 2012, 11:29 AM   #11
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Like TX, I too use Lee's Shooters software, but every box of ammo I produce has it's own label with the same information on it. That way there is no mistake as to what is in the box.

What would be nice is software that would allow you to keep an inventory of what ammo is on hand and unfired. If you could work in this feature into your software that would be very helpfull.

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Old February 13, 2012, 08:12 PM   #12
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Jim243, I just thinking something similar myself. I think we can get that in as a feature.

All, Thanks for the input.
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Old February 13, 2012, 11:03 PM   #13
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I applaud everyone's efforts at organization and documentation. Until recently I have been a member of the inkpenandnotebook tribe as well (although the note taking for results typically consists of a sharpy on the label printed from a label maker (to the extent of Good, Hot, etc). I feel like I need to get moving toward more record keeping. I like what I see here and may take up something more formal.
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Old February 14, 2012, 10:44 AM   #14
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I've been keeping my records in WORD for many years. Doesn't have the search capability a database would have but I'm satisfied with it as it keeps all data in one place along with a record of shooting the load. Here is a pic of one sheet, maybe it will give you ideas:

I also use Excell for tracking my reloading supplies and loaded ammo. I label all my ammo by hand with the basic load data. The problem I had with printing labels is printers vary so much in their capability, I found it more of a pain than doing it by hand.

If I was not looking at 50 years of history, If I was just starting out, I would seriouly look at GunLog+ for my use. It looks like it has the capability I would want.
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Old February 17, 2012, 09:41 PM   #15
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By the way, since this is a Java based application, I am hoping to eventually port it over to Android.
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Old February 17, 2012, 10:50 PM   #16
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My first post here (long time lurker though...). When I started reloading 2 years ago, I set up a spreadsheet in Google Docs based on an example file I found on the net (looks suspiciously like the one Jepp2 posted).

I've tweaked it over time to calculate costs per round by caliber, track supplies (color coded red / yellow / green so I know at a glance when it's time to order something), etc. I used to use it to print labels, but now just mark the batch number on my ammo containers - because it's on Google docs, I can look it up at the range from my phone if I have a question, or want to add notes.
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Old February 17, 2012, 11:13 PM   #17
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THIS IS NOT related to this post but can also be use as a tool

I highly recommend this app for Android users I loaded in my phone
And it works great I've tested on 300 yards and amazingly worked
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Old February 25, 2012, 09:57 PM   #18
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New Prototype

I have just published what I have so far:

I have put a prototype user interface for adding a reloading component to the database (specifically a case). I expect the user interfaces for the other components to look rather similar. Components will be combined to create finished rounds. Right now, you can't edit or delete entries once they are created.

If you download this now, don't expect a finished product, but I would appreciate some feedback, specifically:
1. Does the application start on your computer? If not, please let me know which operating system you are using.
2. Does the concept for the user interface look ok? It is in such early stages right now that it may be hard to tell.

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Old March 2, 2012, 02:18 AM   #19
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PC less

I really like GunLog and GunLog +P for my pad. ipad fits nicely on the reloading bench.
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Old March 2, 2012, 09:44 PM   #20
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I guess I'm sort of a new age dinosaur. I do have a hardcopy reloading log, but I mostly use a rather nifty database program that is on my PalmIIIx (which I bought when it was bleeding edge tech) called ThinkDB. The app cost $35 back in the day IIRC, but still kicks ass. It lets you build a searchable DB of your own design. I wish there was something like it for Android (rooted Nook Color), but my original Palm is way smaller and very well protected in a titanium case. I'm always on the lookout for a better app for the modern devices.
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Old March 12, 2012, 08:03 AM   #21
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MS Access Database

I put together my reloading data requirements in MS Access. It uses all the normal tools available in Access. I have not tried to make it pretty as I am still working on a comprehensive data model. I have extended the model to include shotshell data and the reports include percent pattern density calculations. If anyone would like to see what a moderately developed Access application looks like, I can send the .mdb to your email. Your data model is crucial to a friendly, intuitive application.
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Old March 12, 2012, 08:28 AM   #22
Don P
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MDD, I'm also member of "inkpenandnotebook tribe".
Me 3 and a little stored on the PC, but mostly pen and paper.
and ammo cans and zip lock baggies.
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Old March 12, 2012, 11:07 PM   #23
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I tried to use a "commercial" product named Complete Gun Inventory Clerk by Heavy Metal Software. The full package besides the gun inventory will also do reloading inventory, keep track of pet loads by caliber and 22LR or other rimfire-cartridge inventory.

Some of the ideas were good such as linking individual guns to preferred loads. However the report layout sucks with no summary functions at all and gets kind of hung up on lot numbers. The database engine is ancient and after spending several days digging through odd places found an ancient ODBC driver that I thought might let me generate my own reports but it is severely handicapped.

I'll take a look at this effort and see how it goes.
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Old March 31, 2012, 03:37 PM   #24
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Still working...

I haven't forgot about this, I am still working on it... it might be a bit before I get a new prototype out. I am working on writing more of the back-end that isn't as easy to demo.
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Old May 5, 2012, 09:18 PM   #25
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New Prototype

New Prototype Up! Please let me know what you think; it still isn't done and it has some bugs, but it there is some progress.
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