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1911 upgrades for match shooting

Hello everyone,

Been awhile since I was here, not been enough time to do much shooting. I think that needs to change with the new year. I'm looking at doing some match shooting at the CMP. They have what I believe is a USPSA match coming up in a few weeks and of course I am totally unprepared for it. I'll need to add some magazines to my collection and stock up on ammunition. I purchased a Metro Arms 1911 a few years back and have fired maybe 100 rounds through it. I realize it isn't a high end 1911 but it is well made and shoots smoothly. Are there any upgrades I could make to this pistol to make it a better match gun? I haven't shot any competitive pistol or rifle matches in some time and when I did it was on a budget but with practice I did fairly well. I've worked some Glock matches in the past and have seen how a stock gun can be made much better for competition use. I'm not well versed in the 1911 platform and would like to see what if anything can be done on a basic level to make this gun less prone to getting in the way. I've found in other activities that the better the tool operates the less I have to think about what I'm doing and can concentrate on doing it well and that's what I'm after. Right now I don't know what questions to ask and don't want to just throw money at it hoping that I'll get it right. What are some good basic things to do that will make this a better competition gun? I won't be using it for any other applications such a carry gun, I have others to take care of that. Thanks.

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This should get you started-
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Which Metro Arms model do you have?
Other than retro and commemorative models, most 1911s already have the basic upgrades that are popular in practical competition like USPSA.
A magwell funnel, facilitating fast, smooth reloads, is a good addition, if you don't have one; a typical USPSA course of fire will require 2-4 reloads.
A slightly extended magazine release is also popular; most people have to rotate the gun in the grip slightly to reach the button with the right thumb, so extending the button away from the frame slightly makes it easier to reach.
Removing sharp edges from the gun makes it friendlier to the hands, holster, and clothes.

I'll suggest you watch the first 10-20 episodes of "my" podcast, Powerfactor Show on youtube; it covers safety, techniques, gear to have in your range bag, etc., specifically for practical competition.
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1911 upgradesfor match shooting

Thanks I'll check into all of those. It's the American Classic 2. Most of the edges have been rounded off and the mag release button is easy to reach with my big hands. It doesn't have the large mag well, I'll look into that. It also has a trigger adjustment that I'll work with to get it the way I prefer. I have to say, I'm impressed with this pistol. It's well made and reasonably priced. I know there are better built guns that cost quite a bit more but I think that so far I've gotten my moneys worth. I may have to buy a second copy. Don't tell my wife.

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Old January 4, 2023, 04:45 PM   #5
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Originally Posted by longrangeshooter
It also has a trigger adjustment that I'll work with to get it the way I prefer.
I strongly advise you to NOT TOUCH the trigger screw.

On a 1911, that screw in the trigger has NOTHING to do with trigger pull weight. It is an over-travel adjustment. Its purpose is to allow the trigger to travel far enough the trip the sear -- and no farther. Assuming the screw was set properly at the factory (and it probably was), turning it farther in will result in inconsistent (or no) firing, and turning it out will result in excess travel after the sear has tripped -- which also means more travel to reset.
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Old January 8, 2023, 06:14 PM   #6
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I'll keep all this in mind. I haven't touched the trigger and will leave it as is. From what I've seen here and on a few YouTube videos my gun is about as ready as it needs to be. It can probably use some more break in but I'll only make it out to the range once or twice for practice. I'm also seeing that I'll likely need a more purpose oriented holster and something to carry extra magazines. I'll look into it after the first match if I think I'll keep competing and I probably will. It ought to be interesting.

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Jim Watson
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You will enter USPSA in Single Stack Division, Major Power Factor (assuming .45 hardball) Unclassified.

You will need several PROVEN 8 round magazines, stages can be up to 32 scored hits and while you will not be required to fire more than 8 shots from one location it may pay off to reload sooner. As the Grand Master said, back when 1911s were still common, "If my feet are moving, I am reloading."

Frex, the indoor match here is somewhat limited in layout so a stage giving 6, 8, and 6 shot openings is pretty common.
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