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Old November 17, 2006, 08:40 PM   #26
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Hey Hedley, nice find bud. I don't think you gotta worry about headspace since the cartridge itself is rimmed, therefore headspaces on the rim, unlike rimless cartridges which headspace on the case shoulder.

Now, stock up on cheap ammo and come down to SA so we can go shooting!!!!

I'll dust off my Fin and couple of Ruskies....
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Old November 18, 2006, 04:15 AM   #27
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Anyone have advice for opening those ammo cans? The "opener" included with mine shattered almost immediately. The process I used to open the first of two cans was ugly, and I would rather not repeat it
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Old November 18, 2006, 12:11 PM   #28
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Invest in a good quality can opener and it can usually go through. Something like professional cooks use to get through those massive thick cans. You could also rig up a new key. I heard you can get good use out of using a key with no handle attached to a cordless drill but I never tried that before personally.
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Old November 18, 2006, 08:57 PM   #29
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Hedley, you bugger, did you go out and buy the only non-cai marked mosin in TX?....

I have one I bought in 1997 that is marked CAI St.ALb,VT all the way at the end of the barrel, just to the right of the front sight.... Had it for almost 10 years....
I owe a lot to the man who first cradled this rifle in his hands... wish I could tell him thanks.-- mdshooter
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Old November 18, 2006, 09:01 PM   #30
10 MickeyMouse
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A bit over the $200 mark, but........

Romanian PSL-54. I paid $720 (includes scope)
Don't gripe about the economy if the things you buy don't say made in USA
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Old November 19, 2006, 01:01 AM   #31
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Hedley, you got a Knox Guns import. I don't know if they're still importing, but there's alot of Soviet stuff running around that has their stamp. Other importers I can recall are Century, KBI, and Aztec. Aztec's stuff was generally of higher quality that other importers, but I don't think they're in business anymore.

If your stock has splices, I've be interested in seeing closeups. Some of the stock splices are uncommon. One of my 91/30s has a thin stock compared to some, and it spliced near where barrel meets receiver.

If you ever get to buy an original crate of 7.62x54R, most of them come with a spam can opener. The quality of the opener will depend on who manufactured the ammo. I have two Russian made ones that I use to open all the tins, and they've held up well.
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Old November 19, 2006, 04:44 PM   #32
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Nice Grimjaw. My stock isn't as intricate as yours, but as soon as I get a chance, I'll post some pics. It has the typcal toe splice, and a few rectanuglar inserts, one near the end of the bayo groove(hidden by the tip when folded in), and one near the front of the stock.
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Old November 20, 2006, 06:04 PM   #33
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Alright here it is. I finally have something to annoy those .300 ported WinMag guys at my indoor range. This thing is a flat out hootenany! I never thought a boltgun could be so fun. It's obnoxiously loud, kicks like a mule, and spews seven foot fireballs. I seriously thought the indoor range officer was going to ask me to leave. And at about $.08 a shot, it's the cheapest centerfire rifle cartridge I think there is. Even with a near 1" stepcrown and a frosty barrel, it's still pretty accurate, yielding me about 3" groups at 50 yards with the bayo extended. I had a few fliers due to a couple of flinches, and I knew I missed the target a few times when I concentrated on the muzzle blast rather than the sights.

Stock Repairs:

Holy counterbore Batman!
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Old November 21, 2006, 11:30 AM   #34
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Awesome! Sounds like you went to Red's. That's where I go, the north store. My Mosin is loud in that place too. I like to go right before deer season when all the deer hunters are sighting in for the year, and break out my SKS and Mosins', and sometimes the AK. I get lots of funny looks. I have plenty of bolt guns with scopes too, but it's just more fun shooting the milsurps.

If you want to look at some more milsurps, stop by Advanced Armaments - The Cutting Edge in Round Rock. Another hole in the wall shop with M44's, M38's, SKS, and AK's sometimes. The owner is a little cantankerous and not real helpful, but, I have seen some really good deals on SKS and Mosins in there. He had a Polish M44 a while back that was beautiful, for $125, and several Chinese Paratrooper SKS's for $185 - $200. They're gone now, but you never know what will be in that shop.
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Old November 21, 2006, 04:04 PM   #35
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Yeah, I'm forced to go to Red's since the time changed. I used to be able to head out to Manor after work for a good 45 minute session, but since it's dark when I get off now, I have to fork over more money to play in the indoor range. The Red's north is about 10 minutes from my shop and at least it has a freindly staff.
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Old November 23, 2006, 12:18 AM   #36
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One comment I saw somewhere on a forum: the owner said whenever he started out firing his M44 at a range, he quickly noticed every OTHER shooter was looking at HIM. Fun to have an occasional attention-grabber.....
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Old November 23, 2006, 11:27 AM   #37
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I don't shoot my M44 much, but it's also good for a fireball on a cloudy day. I particularly enjoy setting off car alarms with mine.

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Old January 7, 2019, 02:06 AM   #38
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Hello all,
Guess I'll break my cherry on this thread. I have a CAI 91/30 and had all the gear with it. I got it in MI back in 2010 I think. I heard that they were packed in cosmoline and didn't know about the sticky bolt issue. I cleaned it before I fired it but didn't mind about the cosmo. So I have fired about 30-40 Czech rounds through it. I clean the guns after each range time. So I'm wondering if I set any cosmo that could have been left behind. I just cleaned with Hoppes #9 and a 20ga. brush on a drill about three times. After that I tried spent cartridge in the chamber to check the bolt. Still sticky. But I think I'll look for a local gunsmith to see if I did anything wrong. Bolt works fine with no cartridge. Anyway, do any of you know if Tula ammo is better than the old Czech rounds? Thanks,
Troy Lawson
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Old January 7, 2019, 03:46 PM   #39
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You'd be better off starting a new post about your Mosin rather than hijacking a 12 year old post.
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Old January 8, 2019, 01:30 PM   #40
T. O'Heir
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"...a 12 year old post..." 13. We need to give the FNG a break though. snicker.
Spelling and grammar count!
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