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competitive FOF sports

Why nobody make competitive airsoft/or paintball like tactical sports using simunition or wax bullets?

You create an arena that simulates anything from outdoor or indoor room clearing cqb with different scenarios. instead of toy bb guns you use ACTUAL PISTOLS and RIFLES with simunition kits to give more realistic/tactical feel.
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Aguila Blanca
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Paint balls hurt -- that's why people who play paintball wear protective gear. How much more realistic do you want it to be?
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I wouldn't be very comfortable with someone pointing a real gun at me. Even if it passed a ridge inspection prior to the game to make sure some kind of "simulation kit" was installed.

I used to attend, as a spectator, a Civil War reenactment near where I live. They use actual black powder rifles. Rifles that could be loaded with projectiles and hurt or kill the person being aimed at. It always made me wonder, what if? Sure, they only load with a few grains of powder and use tissue paper as a wadding. No one is supposed to carry lead balls with them, but strange things have happened. Across the country there has been more than once were a reenactor or a spectator has been hit with an actual projectile.
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Because paintball/wax bullet fights teach you bad habits. Sure, take cover behind a couch because it will stop a paintball. Try it with real bullets.
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Old January 1, 2021, 07:48 PM   #5
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People do FOF with airsoft, paintball and simunitions. Less commonly with the simunitions due to cost, safety considerations, etc.

There is value in that kind of training, however there are some issues that make it obvious it isn't as perfect a simulation as it might seem.

For one thing, "mutual suicide" (both competitors 'kill' each other) is a common FOF outcome while that happens much less commonly in real life.

In spite of that, there are good lessons that can be learned from it.

As far as making it a mainstream competition, there are practical considerations with implementing that kind of thing.

Let's say 50 people show up to a match, and each of them want to test themselves against each of the other competitors. That's almost 1300 duels to be fought. Even if they only take a few seconds each with a few minutes of setup in between, that's going to run into days of matches.
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Old January 2, 2021, 06:32 PM   #6
Jim Watson
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There was a wax bullet dueling association in France from about 1904 until the Germans started using real bullets in WWI. Competition was held on the Champs Elysee and at the LePage Galleries. It was even what we now call a "demonstration sport" at the 1908 Olympics, promoted by shooter Walter Winans.

It would be time consuming to have a full round robin meet with a lot of people.
Seems you would have to have an elimination system; maybe double elimination so even the slowest shooter would get two bouts.

The British Dueling Federation of the 1970s, one of the last handgun activities devised for the Free Englishman while he might own a pistol, had one firing on a humanoid target, duel fashion. The "opponent" was armed different ways. Maybe a camera flash gun, or a blank gun, which you had to beat for time and hit. The livelier venues had a paintball gun aimed at the competitor's position. If you didn't get a hit to turn it off, you would smart.
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