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National Match AR?

Due to my aging eyes I need a 20 inch upper and I am heavily leaning to the NM. I have done searching and everything I come up with is a few years old. I would primarily use it in Appleseed KD, but may at some point enter competition with it. I would like a detachable carry handle as long as the picatinny is robust enough as I may need to resort to optics. So remove front sight too maybe.

Either way I will figure out the particulars, but who is currently making the best entry level uppers, lowers, or complete builds? From my reading White Oak, RRA, FN, Colt and Armalite come to mind. No I don’t have time to build one. Thanks

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I like Aero generally, but given you are going to be competing I don't think any of the typical quality mid tier brands will cut it without some modifications, ie an upgraded barrel and trigger. I am still assuming this is not the sort of thing where you would justify an $800 barrel, not outrageous for some who are really competitive..

My .02 - go right to a Daniel Defense or similar, basically for the trigger and barrel out of the box. They are extremely accurate with no modifications needed.

Or get yourself an Aero complete upper/guard minus the barrel, ie an M4E1 in 15 inch guard from Optics Planet or someone with good prices, a complete Aero M4E1 lower, a bolt carrier group, charging handle, barrel nut for the upper you choose, an up level trigger (best for the $$ is often argued to be an MBT) and last but most importantly something like a criterion barrel with a gas block and tube.

Then just bring it to a gunsmith for the final assembly and headspace check - it's like a 1 hour job at that point as everything is nearly assembled and you would have a really accurate shooter for about 1k.
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National Match AR

Both RRA and White Oak build uppers properly configured for competition in CMP and NRA highpower. I have one of each, the White Oak being metallic sight and the RRA scoped. Both shoot better than I do and meet the rules without question. RRA would be my reccomendation for out of the box shootability at a reasonable price. The Vortex
CrossfireII scope in a RRA mount is a great scope for the money, it works well for me.
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I'd look at ballistic advantage, if they dont offer what you need, contact Clint there and one custom built.
Rainier Arms comes to mind, as well as Alex Pro Firearms...they build some impressive guns.
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I have a Rock River "National Match" configured rifle. I've found it to be well-made, reliable and accurate. Too, I love the trigger that comes with this rifle.
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Here's what I can offer.....

My best buddy was a hard corp National Match shooter at Camp Perry and any regional match he could get to.
He has a President's 100 patch. If you're a civilian that may not mean much, but if you're in the shooting part of the military it's a BIG deal.
Currently he's shooting F Class matches and long range matches.
He's on a first name basis with people like David Tubb.

His rifles were M1A's custom built by a nationally known National Guard trained NM rifle builder.
He also had a State owned M14 National Match rifle he mostly used for the "Battle Rattle" team match.

When he saw that the M1A and M14 was pretty much finished as a National Match winner, he decided to convert to the AR-15.
When he did his scores went up because the AR is easier to shoot, and with heavy, single loaded Sierra Match King 80 grain bullets it shoots with the .308 at match distances.

He's an engineer and when he thinks about making some sort of change he researches it deeply.
After a lot of research and talking to some nationally known shooters he decided to buy a Rock River Arms.
At that time they were the only major builder to offer a guarantee on accuracy; one MOA with Match ammo.

He's keeps records of every shot fired and he's shown me targets he shot at 100 yards with 52 grain Sierra Match King bullets and Match conditioned surplus brass that are about .25 caliber in diameter.
At medium distances he used Sierra Match King 69 grain, and the 80 grain at 600 yards.

When he got the RRA he sent the upper to a custom gunsmith to have the rear sight pinned, and he changed out the RRA double stage trigger for a Giessle.

He liked the RRA so much he bought a RRA flat top so he could shoot a scope in some types of matches.
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OP Here: So I ordered a Rock River NM A4 1:8 twist. For those that own these what factory loads should I start with for best accuracy. If they ever have matches again I’ll be starting in NRA Hi Power. How about roll your own loads? Thanks.
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