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Last weekend I went to the local indoor shooting range to break in my Ruger AR-15. I bought 180 rounds of ammunition to practice with from the same indoor range just before I was to shoot. I bought the non-steel core they sell since the range doesn't allow steel core (green tip) and I don't think they sell them anyway. After shooting 60 rounds, I stepped back a little from the firing line stall, just enough where you could look down the back of the firing line and noticed an older gentleman, three stalls down, staring at me with his arms crossed like he was annoyed about something. I didn't give it much thought at the time and continued to shoot.

Around the 120 round mark, I step back again to get another target and notice the same gentleman was now gone. Around that time, an employee (not the same one who sold me the ammo) from the store/range asked me if I was shooting steel core ammunition. I said no and showed him a box of the stuff I was using and he gave me the thumbs up to continue. After finishing my shooting session, I was wondering if the gentleman on the firing line who seemed annoyed, was annoyed about my loud firing AR-15 and said something to the store; perhaps something like, a guy is really blasting up a storm on the firing line with his AR-15 and I think he may be using Green Tip ammo.

I was probably being paranoid especially since I am new to guns and shooting at that particular range. I haven't noticed anyone checking up on what ammo you are using on the firing line but I haven't shot a lot at that range. I was thinking that gentleman might be a busy body who was annoyed with my firing of my AR-15 and tried to get back at me by saying or implying that I was using Green Tip ammo. For people more experienced with shooting ranges, do you run across busy bodies with any significant frequency?
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AR-15's give off a heck of concussion in an indoor range .

180 rounds lol - he probably couldn't concentrate
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I think you're totally projecting whatever you think onto someone else.

You're attempting to assign motivations and actions to a person you don't know and have no proof of anything you've stated in your post.

You need to learn to ignore everyone else, and just take care of yourself without assigning motivations, actions, etc. based upon no (zero) real information about another person.

The real possibility is that the range personnel came to check on you to make sure you weren't using green tip ammunition independently of anyone else.

I was at an indoor range with a friend, and a guy two lanes down was shooting a .500 S&W magnum. Now, THAT was loud. We just laughed about it because it was like being near a really big bore rifle outdoors.

Oh, and we did look at him because we just had to see who was making all the noise...

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T. O'Heir
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"...seemed annoyed..." Relax. We always look annoyed. snicker.
Like Jim567 says, it most likely had to do with a .223 inside. Mind you, 180 rounds of slow fire isn't the same as 180 rounds of rapid.
And busy bodies are everywhere. So are rectal orifi. Even if you joined the club you should join(Has a lot more benefits than just a place to shoot. Joining a club opens all kinds of doors.), there will be both.
Spelling and grammar count!
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Rifles indoors - Yuk.
180 rounds from an AR must have sounded like it was never going to end.
You could have said that it hurt you just as much as it did him.
My better half heads for the parking lot whenever the rifles come out - even at outdoor ranges.
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Pond, James Pond
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You're attempting to assign motivations and actions to a person you don't know and have no proof of anything you've stated in your post.
Yes and no.

Nothing wrong with assigning motivations if that is what our gut says. After all only, what, 15% of communication is verbal? The problem arises if you assign motivation and then "respond" to it without good reason, like flying off the handle at the old dude and accusing him of snitching to the staff etc.

I am a firm believer in intuition. We often tell people to trust their gut and if something feels off, and I see no reason to stop provided it does not encourage rash behaviour.
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How long is the barrel? How big is the range?

I was shooting indoors once with a guy who had a AR pistol and every shot created a blast wave that caused every target on the lanes to flutter. It was terribly annoying for everyone on the pistol range. He should have been shooting with the rifles in a separate section of the range IMO. At this range pistols can shoot at the rifle range but it's not supposed to go the other way around.

Indoors 5.56 ammo is loud.
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