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Old October 8, 2019, 10:31 AM   #51
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Join Date: September 1, 1999
Location: IL
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I'm at 'peak gun' pretty much, but you never know what will catch your eye.

I make changes in my collection all the time, as I change my tastes and needs.

But right now, I could get by without buying another one. Which is not to say I won't buy another one.
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Old October 9, 2019, 01:42 PM   #52
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I'll have to admit I'm pretty close to that point. A lot are safe queens, meaning I may shoot them only on rare occasion. Most of my Colt revolvers are in that category and some of my SW revolvers. Then I have a half-dozen or so guns hat I have never even shot. They are not collector guns, just guns that I thought would be good to have, but never got around to shooting. For example, I have a FEG Hi-Power that I plan on doing some trigger work on before shooting, but just haven't done it. Maybe I should just shoot it so that I become motivated to work on the trigger.
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Old October 9, 2019, 07:11 PM   #53
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Location: Land of the Free
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Not really, saving my S&W 22lr revolvers for the next generation. A few guns were from my Grandfathers I'm saving those. I'm trying to avoid any Polymer guns now, looking at getting a 1911 and CZ75 next, these will last a 100 years easily.

The new CP33 is tempting but its polymer, wont last generations like a 1911 or a metal gun.
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Old October 11, 2019, 12:39 AM   #54
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Join Date: October 22, 2016
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I'd like to know why it is that some believe every gun they buy must last 100+ years when they won't be alive 100 years from now? I know the goal is something for the "grandkids grandkids to be given as an heirloom" but if you don't have kids... what's the point?
Any good revolver > Any good semi auto

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Old October 12, 2019, 06:46 AM   #55
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Join Date: November 6, 2005
Location: Toledo, ohio
Posts: 665
I'm getting close. Another couple of "Always wanted one of those" handguns, an 1892 type Lever action, and I'm done. In the last couple of years, I've finally filled in almost all the items on my want list.

Then I guess I wait until my health goes sour, and sell them all.
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Old October 12, 2019, 07:04 AM   #56
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Join Date: January 14, 2014
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Every time I get to the point of “Ok I’ve got everything I need, now it’s time to shoot/train and stop buying guns” something irresistible comes along and poof! No more training budget.

Example: I’ve been planning on taking a pistol course this fall but a couple weeks ago I found a brand new Colt 6951 9mm carbine for $781 shipped. $806 after transfer fees. Now I’ve had 2 other PCCs and ended up selling them, so I might no even like it when I get around to shooting it. But at that price I could not pass it up.
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Old October 12, 2019, 07:07 AM   #57
Tony Z
Senior Member
Join Date: September 29, 2013
Location: North Central Pennsyltucky
Posts: 709
Yabbut...I've hit that wall, and then something comes along to relights things. In my case, for my birthday, my wife bought me a Howa 1500 heavy barrel .223. Sighting in the scope at 50 yards, with three shot clover leafs has caused me to start looking at accuracy rifles (I am 67, and have many dozens of firearms, always similar groups, such as bolt actions, lever action, 10/22s, revolvers, etc.).
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Old October 12, 2019, 01:12 PM   #58
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Join Date: October 28, 2009
Posts: 611
I have categories for firearm usage.
Some of those categories have been filled and at this time nothing interests me.
Of those categories, the serious ones have all been filled. Serious, like self defense, proper hunting rifles for the class of game I hunt, a good range pistol, etc.

Now the category of cool, rare, or intriguing, that will go on forever I assume.
SirGilligan - "If you find your back is up against a wall, maybe you have been backing up for too long."
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Old October 12, 2019, 01:17 PM   #59
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Is this my wife?
"The Constitution is not an instrument for government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government, lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."
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Old October 12, 2019, 05:23 PM   #60
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Join Date: October 31, 2009
Location: Ohio
Posts: 1,041
Not yet. Unfortunately I'm a curious guy, and someday would like to own one of each major type of action. Lever action, semi auto shotgun.... they'd better stop invention more.

Finances and timing though are something else.

One things that does help is to use what i have. It's amazing how much I can improve with some practice. It kind of begrudgingly negates some of the itch I have for "better".
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Old October 12, 2019, 05:30 PM   #61
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Join Date: September 18, 2019
Location: People's Republick Of Kaliforn
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I used to collect a certain brand, wound up with over 100 of them! I sold them all off, and now have hardly any guns at all, fewer than a dozen all told. My emphasis now is to try to learn to shoot the ones I have well and make up good loads for them all. My handgun preference is 1911 style guns.
I remember a quote from some gun forum or other, "Beware the man who only has one gun. He probably knows how to use it."
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Old October 19, 2019, 01:36 PM   #62
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Join Date: June 20, 2004
Location: IL
Posts: 810
I guess I'm not a real gun person. I see guns primarily for their utility, and never really intended having a "collection". But over the years the number of guns grew, until a few years ago when I decided to go in the other direction. I am reducing to just what I think I need. Soon I think I will be down to 7 handguns and a 12 gauge for home defense purposes. Two 22 lr handguns for plinking, two for concealed carry, two for strategic placement around my home, and one just because I refuse to part with what I think is about the most perfect handgun, a S&W Model 19.
People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”
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Old October 19, 2019, 04:56 PM   #63
Bartholomew Roberts
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Join Date: June 12, 2000
Location: Texas and Oklahoma area
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Vito, you say you’re not a gun person; but you’ve got 8 guns, including one that you just keep because you like it.
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Old October 19, 2019, 07:03 PM   #64
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Join Date: June 20, 2004
Location: IL
Posts: 810
I said I am not a gun person because of the remarks made earlier in this thread that stated if you stop buying guns you are not a gun person. I like guns, I rely upon guns and I vigorously support my 2nd Amendment rights. But I also know I have a wife that dislikes guns, as does my grown children. I decided to sell some of my guns and enjoy the cash now rather than have my widow some day sell them for a fraction of their value just to get them out of the house. But I will leave my Model 19 to one son that would value it as something that was valued by his Dad.
People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”
― George Orwell
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Old October 20, 2019, 01:05 AM   #65
Carl the Floor Walker
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Join Date: June 3, 2017
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Funny I just saw this thread because it is something that I have been thinking about for awhile now.

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Old October 22, 2019, 01:28 PM   #66
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Location: Tennessee
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There are a couple on my "list", but generally speaking I have stopped buying new guns. I am currently interested in a NAA Mini Revolver; either the sidewinder or Trooper II. We'll see. I have purchased two new guns since 2012 with the last being in 2016. That is a change from buying 5 to 10 a year prior to that. Most were collector guns prior to 2010. After 2010, it has mostly been 22 rifles since I shoot them the most.

But to address the reasons.... you get to a point where the new stuff isn't as appealing and the old stuff is better. Plus you know inside that you really don't need any more and you taper off the buying as opposed to going cold turkey with a hobby that you have been very active in for years.

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Old October 29, 2019, 10:24 PM   #67
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Join Date: July 17, 2004
Location: KCMO
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I bought my first handgun in 1973. I bought my last one about 3 months ago. I know I've said it before, but I really think I'm done this time. I'm at the point where I see a gun, and I say, "I've got one of those." Even old guns. My safe is jam packed and busting at the seams. I physically cannot put another gun into it.

With the gun that I have in my range bag, the guns that lie disassembled on the work bench, waiting to be cleaned and the gun(s) that I keep in the house for SD or bumps in the night...I am always running into a gun somewhere. They're starting to remind me of that Star Trek episode of years ago, where these small, furry creatures kept multiplying and virtually took over the Enterprise. Tribbles, I think they were called... I'm running into Tribbles everywhere.

I also have to balance my age with the realization of how many years do I have left to shoot in good health? I'm 67. Not that many, I'd bet.

So, yeah. I'm done. It's selling time from here on out.
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Old October 30, 2019, 01:03 AM   #68
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Join Date: August 25, 2008
Location: Potatoes and Hops
Posts: 12,057
I don't have enough.

I have stopped buying, though.
I can't keep up with what I have, and have damn near everything covered, without branching out into, "I need every variant and manufacturer of every French, Italian, German, Swiss, Swedish, American, and Canadian* rifle, from 1892 to 1949."

*Viva la Ross!
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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Old October 30, 2019, 06:28 PM   #69
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After my Divorce 7 years ago, I realized how many guns I had been forced to sell out of necessity after inviting the Devil into my life. Once she left, I have been slowly rebuilding my toy collection, buying WHAT I want, WHEN I want. One can never have too many fine firearms.
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Old November 3, 2019, 06:05 PM   #70
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Bought my first revolver at age 14 from an ad in Outdoor Life. Been feeding the addiction ever since!
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Old November 4, 2019, 09:16 AM   #71
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I only had a rifle and a few different caliber handguns until 2013. Now I've got just about everything I want. I still want a 1911. The thing is, I'm running out of space and the wife is running out of patience, LOL.
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Old November 5, 2019, 09:59 AM   #72
Join Date: July 19, 2018
Location: USA
Posts: 43
I definitely just hit my limit! No more guns!

As soon as I pick up that 357 revolver I've been eyeing!
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Old November 6, 2019, 01:19 PM   #73
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Join Date: September 26, 2008
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Yes...I can write a lot more about the subject though...
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