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Old April 16, 2021, 08:24 AM   #76
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When I was a kid I got a Ruger Single-6 nib on a trade. This was my first quality 22. My buddies all had H&Rs, IJs or import knock offs. My S-6 was Target grade compared to them. A little later I got a K22 nib on another deal. I had no interest in DA revolvers. Most because of the H&Rs and IJs. Anyway a buddy of mine pestered me to shot the K22. I didn’t want to make it “used “ but finally gave in.
It was a long time before I shot my S-6 again. We were positively astounded by the accuracy of the K22. You have to cut some slack on this. It was 1964 and a lot of people didn’t have the money to buy a high quality 22 pistol. Also because of the reputation of the cheap 22s at the time they were considered toys. I still have my original K22 and several extras as well as m18s and m34s. When I’m going to do some serious 22 shooting it the old k22 every time. Still have the old S-6 too. I have around 3 dozen 22 handguns and I have been selling them off, the last one to go will be the k22
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Old April 17, 2021, 03:26 PM   #77
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was at a LGS today to look at a NIB Wrangler .. they had 2 guns on display, handled both with the thought of using these for a new category, during this ammo shortage, at our club shooting CAS .. have been shooting CAS for 13 yrs, shoot either my pair of 510 stainless Rugers or my SASS Rugers .. much prefer the 510's .. both these Wranglers had hammer springs that felt over 20#, i doubt a kid could cock the hammer with one hand, while you could turn the cylinders in either direction, you could NOT get even a half cyld spin out of them ... i also have a set of the old 3 screw single sixs and a set of the Vaquero single sixs and none of them have a heavy hammer spring ... is this normal for a Wrangler to have such a heavy hammer spring?? do these Wranglers have the same type hammer spring, ie, coil spring that can be lightened??
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Old April 20, 2021, 12:58 PM   #78
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Well I just picked up, what could become one of my favorite's, if not my favorite .22LR handgun. It is the Smith & Wesson Model 617 Revolver holding 10 rounds. This gun is on the same frame (K Frame) as the Model 686 chambered in 357magnum. This gun is hefty and recoil is almost non-existent due to the diameter of the barrel and the full length underlug. I have been reading about problems within the first few rounds, but I put 40 rounds into a softball sized dirt clod, until I can get to the range, without any problems. This is a 4" barrel model and there is even a 6" model available. Right out of the box, it shot to aim at 15 yards using the Browning BPS 40gr. rated at 1435fps. I don't know how it groups yet, but in 40 rounds I never missed destroying a dirt clod. The single action trigger felt like about 3-4lbs. and the double action pull was smooth as glass and probably around 7-8lbs. This is the first S&W Revolver I have owned in 30 years. It has the frame safety which does not bother me in a .22 caliber gun, so to prevent any possible warranty coverage issues, it will stay unmolested. The grip is a bit small for my big hands, but not so uncomfortable that I want to change it. I will be changing the front sight to one that is fiber optic, to help my old eyes. The black on black just doesn't work for me. Rear sight is a nice adjustable one, but I wish it had a white outline blade. Again for the old eyes. It will be a nice companion to my Ruger 10/22 for cottontail and bushytail hunting.
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Old April 20, 2021, 02:10 PM   #79
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This gun is on the same frame (K Frame) as the Model 686 chambered in 357magnum.
The 686 is an L frame gun, a little bigger and beefier than the K frame. But I agree on the Model 17 recommendation.
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Old May 16, 2021, 02:34 AM   #80
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I think the Ruger Single-Six Convertible is the best bet for you, overall.

There are many online resources describing how to smoothen/slick up the action, but remember that there is a ratio between how strong the hammer spring is and how frequently there are misfires.

Yet, even with the factory main/hammer spring, there is a chance of misfire/hangfire with .22 rimfire- as bulk ammo isn't the most reliable.

You WILL need 2 cylinders to be able to shoot every .22 rimfire handgun cartridge, as others have indicated. Seems like you know that already.

IF you want your kid to have fun with the Ruger S6, get a shorter barrel length.

Ruger S6 grip frames are aluminum [unless you buy a stainless gun], so a 6" barrel might be nose heavy for a kid.

I took the time to fit steel grip frames to my S6 and Blackhawk guns with 6" barrels so that I will like the balance better.

My 4.62" barreled S6 and Blackhawk I've left alone, as they seem to balance ok as it is.

I can't think of any other pistols with swappable cylinders that are as reliable and can be tuned to have as smooth of a trigger as the Ruger S6 pistol platform, for SA pistols.

I don't know of a DA pistol with swappable cylinders except the old High Standard Durango revolvers- which were a western six-gun look but a DA/SA action. I think they had some with swappable cylinders.

The High Standard Sentinel revolver was the police/duty looking version, and they cannot be as easily tuned for slick/light action as the Ruger can.

If you are getting 2 revolvers anyway, I'd say to get a Ruger Single Six convertible AND a DA/SA quality revolver- rather than something smaller/cheaper than the S6.
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Old May 16, 2021, 12:40 PM   #81
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You decide whether you gotta have a single action or a double action. Then the Single Six or a S&W 617(better yet an older 17 if you got the funds). Both will probably work.
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Old May 16, 2021, 02:36 PM   #82
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NAA Black Widow with .22 mag and .22lr cylinders would be an interesting choice.
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Old May 16, 2021, 07:08 PM   #83
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I have an old flat latch model 34-1 from S&W that shoots like a laser. Probably the very best 22 handgun I own. But I sure like my two Single Six revolvers. And I DO shoot the 22 mag round out of mine. I have several thousand on hand so don't mind the cost. And its a real step up in power over the 22lr round. One of the best 22 caliber revolvers you could ever own.
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Old May 16, 2021, 11:30 PM   #84
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I have a Single Six revolver I bought in 1976. Great gun.. For a fun cheap gun I bought a Heritage Rough Rider with the 16 inch barrel. This gun is for open carry only. My darling bride bought me a holster for Christmas and it looks good hanging from my belt. To get back to the OP's post if you want a single action 22 Ruger is the way to go. If you don't have the money for a single six or the wrangler then give the rough rider a look. It's sells for under $150 and it works.
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