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Old March 9, 2013, 07:22 PM   #51
Tactical Jackalope
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Believe it or not, he's telling you the truth. You been shooting long?

Ok. Yes.
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Old March 9, 2013, 07:28 PM   #52
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Have a pair of 40s I carry, both Kel-Tec P-40s enough said.
chambered and unlocked
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Old March 9, 2013, 10:41 PM   #53
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I love my .40 s&w

The ability to have more round capacity is the reason for the 9mm preference among law enforcement due to the fact that more rounds means better chances in a shootout.

But when police get in a shootout, usually the suspected aggressor knows that gunfire is almost certainly be returned and most citizen encounters rarely end up in a long shootout because the aggressor usually expects to have the only gun, the element of surprise and the upper hand altogether and doesn't want a shootout.

Also in the case of citizen self defense, statistics show that these gun battles usually don't last as long as someone prepared mentally for a shootout because the majority of offenders find self preservation, a basic instinct to flee (if possible) the norm once bullets fly . Therefore the round capacity is not a definitive factor, but usually a just in case factor for concealed carry and home defense scenarios.

That is why the 9mm has the all around sidearm preference among most law enforcement and citizens. The balance of stopping power, magazine capacity and accuracy at distance due to lower muzzle climb than most guns with more powerful rounds. But there are preferences in handguns for a reason, personal preference to the belief of ones needs in a self defense scenario.

I for one love my 40 S&W and prefer it because of the stopping power. The fact is that the 40 has more stopping power because it has more mass with the about same velocity as the 9 and about the same penetration as the 9 leaving a bigger hole and a harder impact due to kinetic energy.

IF you know anything about the effect of kinetic energy it is the x factor when comparing the 9 and the 40.
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Old March 10, 2013, 05:42 PM   #54
Sabula Farmer
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A .40 is a great choice. I am a police officer and I carried one for years. The 40 got a ton of bad press because of the ammo that we were required to carry. Shoot a 40 with 155 or 165gr and see the difference. A Glock 23 is the ultimate piece!!
Don't be discouraged by the bad press, shoot one and determine for yourself. Another good choice is the 9mm....not as powerful as the 40, but with today's ammo it pushes that 9mm to similar 40 results.
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Old March 10, 2013, 06:35 PM   #55
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I like both the 9mm and 40sw. My smaller cc pistols are 9mm with 124gr +P loads do to controling them . Move up in size and the 40sw become a great choice with hotter loads too. mt house gun and larger kahr is a 40 .
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Old March 11, 2013, 07:26 PM   #56
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40 vs 45 power? realy?

Here is some info i posted on another thread i thought is very interesting.....

( Here's a nice chart that has the me ft lbs. the .45 acp in Me (ft lb) column compared to the 40 S&W.

But this chart....dunno how accurate it is though surprises me!

According to the chart, the 40 is neck and neck with the .45 in stopping power!

Now they compared the fmj in the 40 as a flat nose and the .45 was just fmj suggesting round nose. and the 40 had it beat in penetration but the true comparison was the hallow point! neck and neck? Your thoughts welcome there. )
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Old March 11, 2013, 10:01 PM   #57
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Well as a fairly new handgun shooter I'll give you my 2 cents - probably worth at least 1 cent

I went to my local range and rented several guns before I bought one. I tried a Glock 17 & 19 (9mm) and a Glock 23 (.40cal). I found I shot the 23 no worse than the 19, but liked the feel of the larger 17 better. Based on that I ended up buying a G22 gen4 (.40 cal). I quickly found that I made the right choice as you can actually find .40 cal ammo while 9mm is hard to find and what is around is going for more money than the .40 cal. Since this gun is for range use and HD I was not concerned with small size, as a normal person cannot get a carry permit in NJ. Also for HD I liked the greater power of the .40 cal, figured if they are good enough for cops they are good enough for me. I will be getting a Kimber Eclipse Custom II (.45 acp) shortly. I was amazed at how well I shot that, and the perceived recoil (because of the mass of the gun) is much less than the .40 and even the 9mm in my view. But I will still use the G22 for HD as you can't beat the reliability of the Glock. I have 600 rounds through it so far and it has not had a single failure of any sort.

Oh one other thing, I don't see the capacity as an issue as I live in the People's republic of NJ where the max magazine size is 15 and that may be on its way to 10. My G22 .40 cal holds 15 rounds.

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