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"Go ahead and buy a $20.00 motorcycle helmet if you think you have a $20.00 head."
The differences are the '$20 motorcycle helmet', has still been tested and passed the same test that the $200 helmet passed..Saying a more expensive helmet is automatically more safe isn't true..As a matter of fact, a cheaper helmet 'may' be more protective since it's probably heavier..

BUT a $1000 handgun isn't automatically twice as 'good' as a $500 one..

"Tools not Trophies”
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I'd still ruther have a $200 warm and fuzzy feeling and piece of mind than a $20 warm and fuzzy and piece of mind. Might just be a matter of what makes one sleep better at night.
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I'm going to use the words "clip" and "Long Colt" every chance I get. It grinds my gears to see new members attacked when we all know dang good and well what's being refered to.
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Police record and collect evidence.

Any concern expressed over the potential of a firearm being seized following a self defense shooting is rather misplaced in my opinion. Could it happen? Sure. Am I going to carry anything less than what I feel is my best option for personal self defense? Nope.

I would hate to lose or damage my BHP due to it sitting in a police evidence locker for who knows how long but its not going to cause me to stop carrying it. I am good with it, I trust it and find myself rather accustom to its particular nuances. That is the primary consideration, not the potential for loss.
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I shot a deer illegally with a glock (I'd hit it with my truck and it back was broken)
And I've shot a falcon I found in the side of the road that was alive but couldn't move. My guess is it had been hit as well.

Both times I called local dispatch and told them. Both times they acted like I was bothering them and they couldn't have cared less.
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This might sound a little obnoxious but one time I acquired a nice Colt .45 Commander to carry off duty from a misdemeanor defendant. I wrote the guy a ticket for carrying it illegally (loaded and concealed in the glove box of his car) and asked the court to award it to the police department for off duty officer carry. It didn't make the weapon mine but it allowed for me to carry and use it. I gave it back to the department when I retired.

In retrospect it was a rather crappy thing to do to the guy that I now rather regret.

Although I did really like the pistol but for when the firing pin would flatten out and create malfunctions.
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