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WC867 Military 8lb Keg

I have seen this on Wideners reloading & i wonder if it would shoot flat in my 300 RUM .It says on Wideners to use the loaddata for the Accurate 8700 it's new powder not pulled or reclaimed have any of you fella reloaders ever used any WC867 .RETUMBO has thus been the best powder for my 300RUM & if the WC867 would shoot good in my rifle it would last for a good spell . Guys tell everything any of ya know about this WC867 . When i first got my 300RUM i thought it was defective i have used the Ramshot MAGNUM for years but it gave me no accuracy & caused the primers to back out & puddle badly here is the load i started out with the MAGNUM 90.0 grains the start charge is 87.8 & the max load is 97.5 so i know that the loads werent hot at all a fella told me to get that Hodgdon RETUMBO & it's shot as good as a old 22lr eversince .What do ya fellas think about me trying the WC867 i know it's up to me i just want some who has used this powder WC867 in there loads
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Marco Califo
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Been there, Done that . . .

CAUTION: The following post includes loading data beyond or not covered by currently published maximums for this cartridge. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Neither the writer, The Firing Line, nor the staff of TFL assume any liability for any damage or injury resulting from use of this information.
Most people will responsibly recommend that you do not try. You can also use this boards search function and look for "867", etc. However, since you asked:
I have a jug of WC872 I got from Wideners along with WC844 when they had it. 844 is great for 223 and many 308 loads using H335 data, as they are the same powder with lot to lot variances in 844.
See the link below for tried and safe loads and methods for using the WAY SLOW WC867 and 872 powders. In short, you can use them, with heavy bullets (many do this with cast bullets only) and often an "igniter" charge of a faster powder, itself set off with a magnum primer. A typical, but in this case mythical, load may be 3 grains IMR3031 under 47 grains WC867. The object is to get these slow powders to burn completely without leaving a trail of coal down the barrel.

I have tried higher proportions of, for example, WC844 under WC872. It looked promising, but further experimentation is on hold until I get a chronograph. There is a lot of guesswork involved, looking for any signs of excess pressure, and the chronograph is another data source for assessing what is going on inside my gun. YOU assume all risk. However, the general word is these slow powders cannot blow up your gun because they burn too slow to produce that much pressure, when all other factors held the same as conventional load data. In other words, a barrel obstruction can and will blow your gun up with either fast, or slow, or mega-slow powder.

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Mike / Tx
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I know times are tough, but in the couple of 300 RUM's I have had experience with H-1000 was the top dog in all.

I'm not saying yours till do better worse or equal but these all shot tighter groups and had better velocity and case life with the 1000.

As for the surplus type powders, I have several jugs of different ones I picked up to play around with. The 872 I have works great once you get it up to pressure, however it can get a bit spikey with rising temps. The 860 I have has worked so far with some loads for my 7mm RM and my STW, but these are simply used for shooting hogs with. They don't get the best velocity nor the best groups from either but they are sufficient for a weekend of sniping out across our back pasture.

I don't have any of the 867, so can't say one way or the other about it. Most all of this stuff has varied burn rates so if you pick up a jug now and another later on you might as well plan on reworking your loads.

When I had the chance I picked up several other powders which have worked much better and are way cleaner burning than those, like H-1000, RL-22 & 25, Ramshot Magnum and such. I don't shoot the big ones enough that I will run out anytime soon so I'm in good shape for now anyway. If and when things come back around to somewhat normal I will pick up another jug of each to get me on down the road a bit more.
Mike / TX
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