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Old July 1, 2011, 02:12 PM   #76
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Reply to Nicole

Nicole, I could not disagree more on your post. Not to say you do not have the right to your opinion but my feelings on the guns you posted were almost the opposite.
The TCP like the LCP is a bit of a hand full in 380 but that was not much if any different from the Sig. No safety is needed on the Ruger or the TCP its a double action only. You don't have a safety on a revolver do you?

The Walther is an excellent gun and size is a bit bigger than the Sig,TCP and LCP, but thats what makes it easier to shoot. If size bothers you go for a PPK an you can get close to the others. The PPK/s is a PPK slide on a PP frame making it a bit bigger. Second I would not buy a smith version, I would go with the interams from the 80s.

A large problem with the Sig is its single action only. Not many people will want to carry a gun that has to be cocked like the old west to use and even less like carrying in the old Cooper way of cocked and locked. Also this is very difficult for a person who is left handed to use. The Sig is small and being left handed the index finger has to be watched to make sure it does not bump the slide stop that is a fraction of an inch away from the index finger and will hold the slide open after the first shot. Its a good gun but it has limitations for many shooters and is not the best choice for many. I would prefer my TCP, PPK, Firestorm, or Smith 642 over the Sig, this is why I sold mine. I am a lover of the 1911 and have had several over the years and still have an original WW2 43 made a Col. owned and used in the war and my NRM Government SS.

Your statement that the laser is hard to turn on is true and unless you have a grip activated laser like some of the crimson trace type its a waste of money. In a situation that needs quick action and decision making to turn on a laser is a wast of time and energy not to mention if you need a laser to find a target at 10 feet or less you need to put down the gun and walk away.

I am not knocking the Sig, my all SS was well made and felt like it was a good fit in my hand. but it has draw backs, I also like my Colt 1908 32, feels good, looks like the bomb [used in many old film noir movies] but its not a good choice in todays market. Safety is not very good and it has to be carried empty or ready to fire in a cocked condition. Double/single action is the best choice for most shooters. I can be carried in a safe loaded way that can be accessed with a double action trigger pull and then single action there after or a double action only that makes a safety non necessary.
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I have two friends who both own the Sig. Me, I prefer the Walther PPK (German, not S&W). A little heavier, but I can drop it in a pocket and forget it's there (almost).
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Old July 1, 2011, 07:23 PM   #78
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No need to cock the P238 like "the old west"; its built to be cocked all the time. Manual safety is very positive and will not disengage in a pocket, I've tried. No need to disengage the safety to clear the weapon. The trigger on my example is not particularly light but is nicely short. I had a PPK/s I was fond of but sold it in favor of the way superior P238. My is a Nitron born 05/2010 with old spring and old mag. Got one of the new flat springs but haven't installed it yet, no need as mine runs fine, even with the old style magazine.
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Old July 1, 2011, 09:13 PM   #79
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Umm guys, if you check the dates here, someone made some odd post about steel triggers on a pretty old thread. I know a couple of you are trying to help a guy figure out the difference between DA and SA, but I am hoping that he has figured this out within the last 3 months
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Old June 2, 2013, 03:32 PM   #80
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P238 Sport

Picked one up today for $499. Put 50 rounds of Federal FMJ 95 grain practice ammo though it. It operated flawlessly and accurately. Been looking at PPK, LC380, PK380 and the Bersa. This is where I landed... glad I did. Love the grip and the tru-glo front sight. More info to come as I run more brands of ammo through it.
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Old June 5, 2013, 09:57 AM   #81
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Might as well keep this thread going. I picked up my P238 2 days ago. A nitrite slide and blackwood grip, fiber front sight and rear tritiums, ambi with plated controls. What a beautiful little guy! I was disappointed it came with only 1 mag, and new mags were $40! It did come with a useable RH pocket holster (i'm a lefty). I only had the chance to run 50 rounds through it so far, and it was 100%. I'm quite familiar with 1911s, so the single action cock & lock aspect is fine with me, although the trigger could lose a few pounds. All in all, a definite keeper for summer carry.
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Old June 5, 2013, 10:42 AM   #82
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Has anyone mentioned the Sig 232?

Sleek and beautiful, it is prob my favorite .380... And I say that with having a PPK/S, Beretta 70S, Kahr KP380 and a KelTec P3AT...
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Old June 5, 2013, 11:00 AM   #83
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colt 380 and govt 380 mags are cheaper and appear to function correctly.
but honestly I have not tried them yet.
bought 2 of the metalform mags from midway when they were in stock. just haven't gotten any range time with them yet.
but about half the price of the sig labled ones.
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Old June 5, 2013, 05:42 PM   #84
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Has anyone mentioned the Sig 232?
They are sexy.

I wish my P238 worked like my P230's did/do. Im down to one now, and its one of two SIG's I kept when I got out of them.
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Old June 7, 2013, 05:27 AM   #85
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[QUOTEcolt 380 and govt 380 mags are cheaper and appear to function correctly.
but honestly I have not tried them yet.
][/QUOTE] I bought two Colt clips from Brownells with the little pinky rests. The clips work, but not with the pinky rests on them- had to pry them off. They do not allow the mags to ride high enough to click into the mag catch. So apparently there's a bit more difference between the Colt and Sig after all.

I do love the heck out of my lil 238.
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