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Old April 21, 2014, 02:01 PM   #26
Derbel McDillet
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I prefer Fox Labs too.
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Angelo Demuerte
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Do NOT buy the same spray that your local LE uses until you check your local laws regarding pepper spray. Laws vary state to state in regards to chemical sprays. Check your local laws first and then decide what to buy.

That said, I would recommend Aerko Freeze +P OC/CS.

If you can't find that, I would recommend a Sabre OC/CS spray.

If you can't use the OC/CS, I would recommend an OC/dye mix. If you have to use the spray, the dye can help LE identify the person you sprayed. If it is a visible dye, a person subjected to it may not want to stay around too long. I would shy away from the Kimber pepper blaster simply due to it's use of a pistol-type cartridge to propel the chemical - Too close to a firearm in function to risk carrying it around without a permit. Not worth getting in trouble just to have 2 blasts of pepper. A 2 oz can of spray can see more uses than just twice. I prefer a 4 oz can due to the size, easier to manipulate, and the can may be used for a defensive strike if need be.
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Double Naught Spy
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That being said, I am worried about testing one or both cans and having the pressure leak out over time faster than if new. Is that possible over a new can? Just talking like a 1-2 second spray.
Many/most companies suggest testing their product before deployment such that you will know how it works and that it does work. Some companies specifically suggest function testing their product on a periodic basis.

Can it cause leaking? Sure, as much as any aerosol product in a spray container made by humans can have problems. From time to time, maybe you have noticed spray paint cans that have become depressurized despite still containing product. Maybe you have even managed to buy such an item where it came to you unpressurized, brand new.

Products under pressure are more apt to leak when stored improperly, however, such as when being left on the dashboard of a car during the summertime. Even if the canister doesn't burst, or its pressure relief valve pop (if it has one), the excess pressure may over power the seal and allow pressure (and potentially product as well) to escape.
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Angelo Demuerte
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And my 2 cents on the original question...

Always function test your pepper spray at least once!

Function test after purchase to check for any defect in operation.

Function testing also allows for you to gain an idea of just how much range the can has, what the pattern is, etc.

I would also suggest intentionally exposing your self to the chemical... that way you have an idea what to expect if you spray someone while the wind is blowing.
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Old May 15, 2014, 01:41 AM   #30
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Another vote for Fox. It's what the LEOs and corrections officers here use, and it includes UV reactive dye (glows under blacklight) in the mix. My boss has also personally used it to stop a pit bull that attacked his German Shepherd while they were out on a walk. Doesn't hurt that it has excellent reach. The function test on my current can went a good 13 ft before dropping.

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Don't use Bee Spray!

I have read from a post somewhere that a cop stated to use raid bee spray for self defence from someone because of you get the one that shoots 25ft
I use Ortho Hornet spray on a regular basis to knock down wasp nests on the eves of my house. The wasps are immediately knocked down and die very quickly. The spray will go 25 feet no problem. However, sometimes I get some back draft spray on myself. It has ZERO affect as to causing immediate pain or disability like a pepper spray does. All I did was douse myself with poison. I make sure to take a through shower afterwards and to decontaminate my clothing to remove the poison.

Bee spray is self defense only against BEES! Research the pepper sprays available and get a stream type that has a decent distance. Fog types are useless if there is a slight breeze. Also, with a fog type you must be in contact distance. Sabre Red has a range of about 10 feet which is better than a fog type spray.
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