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I drove a city bus for 27 years. One day I came to an intersection that was very busy. I needed to make a right turn. I waited until a reasonable opening (about half a block) presented itself and pulled into the lane. After about a block, I noticed that the car that I had pulled in front of was driving somewhat erratically and then pulled into the lane next to me and started pulling up alongside the bus (divided avenue with two lanes in both directions). I kept an eye on it as something just didn't seem right. When the driver pulled up where I was, he waved a gun at me. I hit the brakes and he took off.

For those of you who say that being followed isn't a big deal because nothing will come of it if you are an adult male, I beg to differ with you, as I experienced what could happen firsthand.

For those of you who notice somebody following you, please phone the police and follow their instructions. If it turns out to be a jerk just being stupid, the police will probably ream him a new orifice and send him on his way. They will NOT hold it against you for calling them. If it turns out like the guy mentioned in my narrative, they will deal with him/her as needed and you have taken a criminal off the street.

Either way, make the call and follow the instructions you are given. There is no penalty for being safe, but there could be a terrible penalty for not making the call.
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I pay my taxes and mind my own business. I would have called the police in this case, or just driven to the local station. I don't have time to help losers come to terms with their anger management issues.
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I think it was handled well. Observant of being followed (good situational awareness). Went to a public place (get witnesses). Let the guy vent (allows you to assess the actual threat) and did not escalate it into a deadly force situation.
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Other alternatives.

I have been involved in numerous road rage cases in different parts of the country and have some alternative ideas.

I don't flip the bird or yell at them, just stare straight ahead, and never stop and get out of my car. I also am licensed to carry a handgun, but keep a good sized combat knife under my seat and now keep pepper spray in my car. Watched some good videos of this stuff in action on You Tube (see the Russian one).

In most cases the road rage clowns just yell, try to use their fists/kick or come up with sticks they have in the back of their pickups, their fighting methods are so childish and crude. I think the pepper spray would be good for that. Never had anyone pull a gun, but if it seemed imminent that they would shoot, then yes, I would use my gun.

I try to avoid talking to them, freaks them out as it shows I am not acknowledging them.

I had a guy back his SUV into my car 2 months ago in my apartment complex and while we were exchanging info, his crazy girl friend came out of the building and went berserk, I avoided using swear words or yelling, told her she was "ignorant" and "stupid." I was on my way to a business meeting and had my Ruger LCP on me concealed, also was wearing my business suit and tie. I believed she was going to say to the police, who I called twice to step it up, that I aimed a gun at her. I stepped back into my car out of her sight, and hid the gun under my seat in case the cops actually frisked me. No gun, no claim to her being legitimate.

There really is a lack of using pepper spray in these situations, it is not a guarantee by a long shot, but it is legally better and cheaper than stabbing or shooting a road rage clown and with their eyes in pain and distracted you can get away or punch them hard in the gut.
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