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Newbie With Question About Ammo

As a newbie I'm learning as I travel this path about my AR15. What it can shot and not. I ran across this type of ammo that I think it's great and I wanted to know what every one thinks about it. It's called Frangible Ammunition. What are your thoughts about it?
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timlab55; every bullet construction has it's place. you probably will not find one bullet that does everything really really well... i.e. "cheep for plinking" "perfect penetration for large game" "rapid expansion for small game" "extreme accuracy for competition" ....

look for bullets that are designed for what you want to do...

if you think that "Frangible" is what will do that, then go for it. we can not rubber stamp an answer to "what is the best" or "should it try this" there are too many variables.
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Jim Watson
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The main use I know of for frangible bullets is close range shooting on hard targets so as to not throw fragments back toward the shooter. The sort of stuff SWAT does to practice raids and house clearing.

I don't know why you think it is great, but it would not be my choice for any of the shooting I have ever done.
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44 AMP
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Frangible is a generic term for bullets designed to break apart on impact, generally into small pieces. The term is usually used for military ammo to distinguish it from standard ball ammo. The US military uses a green and white tip color to identify frangible ammo.

The term isn't normally used when referring to civilian ammo. Varmint bullets are frangible bullets, but not made to military specs for such.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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You use frangible ammo to avoid ricochets and bullets bouncing back from a hard target.
It is designed to break up on impact . It is not for hunting or self defense , except maybe varmint hunting
I have used it at outdoor ranges when we didn't want bullets leaving the bermed target area ... the frangibles hit something solid , dirt berm backstop or bullet trap and go to pieces ... no glancing and traveling beyond the shooting area .
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As others have stated, Frangible is generally a bit more expensive than regular FMJ/training ammo. IT would not be a good choice for defensive ammo. In general frangible ammunition is used for shooting steel plates at closer ranges. Generally with rifles and steel plated you want to be around 100yds away to avoid ricochets or bullet fragments coming back at you. With frangible ammunition this can be reduced to close to 25yds safely.

Might I ask, why do you think the ammo is great? Also what are you wanting to use the ammo for, it might not be a good fit for you need.
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Old April 16, 2024, 10:58 PM   #7
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"What it can shoot"

A VERY short briefing on what your AR can shoot:

-there is considerable discussion on rifle (barrels) stamped cal. 233 vs. those marked 5.56mm. VERY simply stated, a rifle marked 5.56mm can shoot either .223 OR 5.56mm cartridges without issues. A barrel stamped .223 should be fed .223 ammo only, as 5.56mm ctgs may generate pressures hard on the gun over time. Most all barrels these days are marked /chambered 5.56mm, but not all.

-your next consideration is twist rate. AR barrels are made with varying rifling (grooves in the barrel) twist rates. This detail is stamped on the barrel and will appear as 1:9, 1:8,or 1:7. You may see others as well.
A 1:9 twisted barrel would typically be thought of as a slow twist. Correspondingly a 1:7 is a fast twist. BROADLY speaking, twist rate will have some effect on the accuracy your AR delivers with different bullet weights and styles. Twist rates on the fast end usually shoot longer, heavier bullets more accurately than slow twist barrels will. There is considerable discussion about the best twist rate. All twist rates will "shoot" all bullet weights, but matching bullet weight and type (length) should yield best accuracy. There is no solid right and wrong.

-bullets are sorted by WEIGHT and type, AR bullet weights can range from 40-45 grains (light) to up to 90 grains (very heavy for the ctg and rare to encounter). BROADLY speaking, heavier bullets (68 grs and up) will need a faster twist rate for best performance but....there is no standard.

-bullet TYPE, a VERY general overview

FMJ-full metal jacket, is general purpose ammo for target , plinking and
practice. It is used by the military as required by rules of war. The most
common FMJ bullet weights are 55 and 62 grains. Typically the most
affordable as well. It can be used for self defense, but there are better

HP and SP, hollow point and soft point, are expanding bullets designed to
mushroom to create trauma and limit penetration in tissue. HP/SP ammo
is used in hunting and for SD. Expanding ammo is commonly used by law
enforcement as well to limit penetration and increase the chances of
"stopping" a lethal threat quickly and effectively. BONDED bullets have
features that allow the bullet to expand, yet retain integrity to allow for a
blend of expansion and penetration.

OTM, open tip match, or match hollowpoints are firstly accuracy bullets
intended to draw as much accuracy from the rifle as is possble. As noted
they are hollow points, but the hollow point is not intended for expansion,
but consistancy in manufacture. However, OTM/match bullets are often
used by military and police marksman for their intrinsic accuracy potential
and their tendency to expand or fragment or both, in tissue

OK, so a not so brief and VERY broad and general summation of .223/5.56 ammo. Those with experience will note many generalities in my comments, and space for critique, but the above is written for the novice.
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Those are great in a home defense scenario, especially if you live in an apartment or condo. Same for breaching.

For anything else, I'd pick up another projectile. When it comes to hunting, while I'm not sure of frangible component toxicity, it's likely you don't want that powdered metal/bonding material peppered in the harvest.
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