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Pocket size 9mm "1911" in design pistols

Not too long ago I started carrying a new Dan Wesson 1911 .45 acp CCO. Commander frame, with an Officer size grip. With the Summer months coming, and one hundred plus temperatures, in central Texas, I feel the need for a alternate pocket size 9mm. I want to pocket carry with the same type of platform , a 1911 style pistol. The ones I have read about, are Kimber Micro 9, Sig P 938, and the Springfield 911. Can any owners of these three pistols, share your experience with them, and why, or why not would you recommend them? Thanks.
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I have had the Sig Sauer P 238 380 ACP. It is easy to shoot, and handles quite well. It conceals very easily. I have shot the Kimber Micro and Colt Mustang, which both operate similarly. The Kimber seems most refined.

I have a Sig Sauer P938 9 mm. It is quite snappy and the trigger is not that good. I definitely find my accuracy to be lower with it, than the 380 ACP counterpart. I have an easier time shooting a S&W Shield, Glock 43 or Sig Sauer P365.

I have moved away from carrying a gun with an external safety for the past few years. Capacity is nowhere near the capacity of a Springfield Hellcat, Glock 43x or Sig Sauer P365.

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I have a Colt Mustang and never did like carrying it in the pocket. I always ended up carrying IWB. It also had a habit of the safety being disengaged even though it was carried in a pocket holster so be sure what ever you choose make sure the safety has a positive position. I now carry my G43 IWB most times during the summer.
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I have 3000 rounds through my P938.
First 1000 were perfect, but a few niggles, since.
The problems have been fixable, and fixed.
There's a bit of a learning curve, as it's not a miniature 1911, being closer to some Star pistols, and the Colt Mustang.
It's very accurate, easy to shoot, but maybe more of a "carry a lot and shoot a little" gun, than a compact service pistol.
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I pocket carry my p938, in a pocket holster every day. I shoot it better than my p365. I chose the BRG (black rubber grips) version and even without any pinky finger on the grip it stays firm in my hand upon recoil. Very reliable, l highly recomend it to a 1911 fan.
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Originally Posted by Oldjarhead
I feel the need for a alternate pocket size 9mm. I want to pocket carry with the same type of platform , a 1911 style pistol. The ones I have read about, are Kimber Micro 9, Sig P 938, and the Springfield 911. Can any owners of these three pistols, share your experience with them, and why, or why not would you recommend them? Thanks.
All three are slightly expanded (from .380 ACP to 9mm) clones of the Colt Mustang .380, which in turn was a clone of an earlier Spanish (Star?) pistol. Despite the efforts of all three makers to create the impression that these are pocket size 1911s, they are NOT. The locations of the fire controls is similar, but they have a swinging trigger rather than a 1911 sliding trigger, and the internals are quite different.

If you're really after a small 1911, I'd suggest looking at the Springfield EMP.
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Old March 21, 2020, 10:52 PM   #7
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I have Sig 938 Legion that is my most carried handgun, it came with three 7 rnd mags but it is a challenge for the pistol to operate reliably with a 7 rnd mag.
I found the pistol to shoot 5" high at 15 yrds with 124gr bullets, the gun shop swapped out the rear sight with a taller one. The POA and POI are right on with 124gr bullets at 15yds, which I prefer.
I do wish the grip frame on the 938 Legion was a 1/8" longer and so with the mags, but it is what it is
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Old March 22, 2020, 04:11 AM   #8
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None of the single action micro pistols are good for the pocket with their cocked and locked method of carry, a holster is needed for safe carry. I have the Sig and Kimber micros in 9 and 380 all four are great shooting pistols and excellent for concealed carry, I have fired quite a number of rounds in each and found them to be quite reliable. The pistols are similar in construction and feel so it is up to the individual which they prefer, my favorite is the Sig 938 but the Kimber looks more like a 1911.
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Old March 23, 2020, 07:49 AM   #9
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@Joneb, a taller rear sight will make the gun shoot higher, not lower. To lower the POI you would either need a lower rear sight or a taller front sight.
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Old March 23, 2020, 08:51 AM   #10
David R
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I have a Sig P238 and Kimber Micro Carry. Sig any day. It feeds better and is far easier to shoot. No laser grips available for that model.

The Micro Carry (380) is my wife's and has CT laser grips. She likes it and is good with it. She shoots over 500 rounds practice a year.

I have a micro 9 with CT laser grips. Lots of problems when it was new. I straightened them all out and love the gun. I carry it a lot. Ankle holster, Pocket holster, or a slide holster on my belt and long flannel shirt.

The P238 or Kimber micro carry fits in my back pocket with a pocket holster. The Kimber Micro 9 sticks out too much.

Never had a problem with the safety coming off on any of them.

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The only one I’m familiar with is the one I own, the 938. I shoot it quite well and it always felt like a quality piece. The fit and finish is very good. Easy to manipulate for such a small handgun. Also have the 238 which I acquired first. What I can say about the 938 ditto for the 238.
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