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Old May 30, 2020, 04:15 PM   #1
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Charter arms professional vs ruger sp101 327 mag/32h&r mag

I've been looking to dive into the 32 world. I've narrowed my choices down to two the charter arms professional in 32 h&r mag or the ruger sp101 in 327 mag both with a three inch barrels. The ruger shoots 327 mag so it can fire the whole 32 family of cartridges. The professional holds seven rounds, but only fires the 32h&r mag. and not 327 mag. The charter arms runs two hundred dollars cheaper. Does anyone own either one on these revolvers? If so how do you like it?
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Old May 30, 2020, 08:27 PM   #2
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Professional has a better trigger. 327 fed pretty much can’t be fired without hearing protection or you’ll have hearing loss, which for me rules it out as a self defense cartridge. 32 mag is sufficient for self defense or small game hunting. Professional gets my vote.

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Old May 30, 2020, 09:45 PM   #3
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Hummm I like both but I might go Ruger (for me) built like tank and more aftermarket support
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Old May 30, 2020, 10:29 PM   #4
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Never a better time to start hand loading.

.32 H&R seems to cost about $30 for 20 and .327 seems to cost about $30 for 50 rounds. I would not know, I reload for .32 H&R Magnum for a strong Ruger Single Six.

The sort of fellow that would carry a .32 is a contrary that would not join any club that would have him. The sensible snob would carry the .38 Special while the practical man would simply get a little Glock in 9mm and join the herd.

As such, the Charter is a Charter in a rare obscure cartridge best suited to hand loading. I hope I don't see one in a store counter soon as it would cost me.

The Ruger is the more practical choice as the difference in cost is about 250 rounds fired and then the Ruger is cheaper. I suspect the Ruger will have a higher resale value as it's "More Power" and a familiar quality name.

I would make handloads for the Ruger that fall between the weak .32 H&R Magnum pressure set by saami for the weak H&R revolver and the frankly impressive supersonic .327 Federal Magnum. Launch 100 grains of hollowpoint at something at 1050 fps and see what happens. I would make hand loads for the Charter that are above SAMMI pressure by a reasonable tad after considerably research and calculation and discussion.

My friend, do you want to be obscure obscure, or simply obscure?

both seem like cool revolvers to me and you can't go wrong with either.
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Old May 30, 2020, 11:50 PM   #5
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Skip the Charter, shoots way low from the point of aim.
"We always think there's gonna be more time... then it runs out."
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Old May 31, 2020, 07:30 AM   #6
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I own the SP101 in .327FM, 4" barrel. It is not my carry gun, simply a fun gun.

Either one of these guns is really a handloader's special, as ammo on the shelf is difficult to find and is reasonably expensive. If you're going to handload one way or the other, I would (and did) go with the .327. It's not too hard to come up with loads that are basically 32H&R energy in the .327 brass. (.327 brass is only 1/8" longer than .32H&R, but with a considerably higher pressure rating.) For full power loads, the American Eagle ammo is still pretty hard to beat. Federal makes defense loads for .327. I found them to be accurate but seemed to shoot an inch or two below point of aim. And they sell for about a buck a round.
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Old May 31, 2020, 03:37 PM   #7
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Charter are in the process of adding a extra hole in the small frame Undercoverette....

So a person will have a 12oz to 16oz option 6 shot 32 H&R ,,,

Mr Ecker told me himself ...
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Old May 31, 2020, 09:35 PM   #8
P Flados
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I have the 4.2" Ruger SP-101.

If I did not have it and a gun store had both, I would handle them both. I would factor in the extra cost of Wolff replacement springs for the SP-101 as the trigger pull is way too high with the factory springs. I would buy based on feel and whether or I thought the Ruger is really worth the extra. Unless I just did not like the way the Charter felt, it would most likely be my choice.

Although the Ruger name is solid, the price point of the Charter is a lot better and there seem to be more than a few die hard Charter fans.

The SP-101 production in 327 has not been "problem free", but Ruger service is top notch.

Charter quality is probably not quite as good as Ruger's but from what I have heard, their service is also darn good.

As far as ammo, the 32 H&R should be good enough. A large percentage of SP-101 handloaders with SP-101s seem to load closer to 32 H&R than to full power 327s.

My 327 does not really like 32 S&W longs. A 32 H&R will have less bullet jump and is more likely to be happy with 32 S&W longs.

However, if you are going to reload, I would not even bother with S&W longs. There is a good chance you will end up buying Starline brass (I did). If you are leaning that way, just do it up front as the minimum is 500 rounds (a lifetime supply) for either with 32 H&R at $93.50 and 327 at $132 (shipping included).

Note: If the small Charter gets 6, it will be 6 for the small frame and 7 for the bigger frame.
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Old May 31, 2020, 09:43 PM   #9
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got a chance to shoot the professional 3 inch charter.
…. grips suck, must be to prevent tearing your web or pinching fingers. as noted it does shoot low if you bury the green dot down in the bottom of the rear notch. put it on top and it shoots point of aim. recoil and noise very comfortable. I like it a lot.
…. no rugers available in 327 right now that I could find without buying retail koolaid pricing. bob
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Old June 1, 2020, 07:36 AM   #10
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In fairness, I didn't like the OEM grips on the SP-101 either, they felt tiny. I replaced them with a Hogue grip which is much more satisfying. I have been toying with the idea of getting some aftermarket wood grips for it.

I also have an SP-101 in .357, I use a Pachmayr grip on it that I like.

In reference to the SP-101 and Wolf Springs, I tried the Wolf springs and had to replace them with the OEM springs because I was getting consistent light primer strikes. But while the trigger will likely never be S&W quality, it does improve considerably with use. If you are looking at a gun for concealed carry, I have read posts from several folks that the .327 Ruger LCR has a considerably better trigger design. I have never handled an LCR so I can't offer an opinion.
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Old June 1, 2020, 09:50 AM   #11
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With the Charter, you are a "Professional" whereas with the Ruger, you are just another guy with a gun.
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Old June 1, 2020, 01:39 PM   #12
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And with the CA you can try this at home (with a few caveats).
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Old June 1, 2020, 08:47 PM   #13
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I spoke to Mr Ecker about two years ago about possibly coming back out with a 327 , he answered “probably not“ .. they had a 6 shot 327 in the past , The Patriot... it was built on the Bulldog frame ... one with a 2.5 inch barrel the other with a 4 inch .... didn’t sell well .. I remember they were discounted deep ...Now that the have the 32 H&R Professional ... they have the barrels ...I wouldn’t take much to slap a 6 shot 327 cylinder in the Bulldog frame
or a 7 round 327 cylinder in the XL frame ...

If a few people would call , it could happen ..

Myself Im happy with the 6 shot 32 H&R 12oz Aluminum framed Undercoverette,,, hopefully the name will change to Undercover Six

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Old June 1, 2020, 09:18 PM   #14
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No brainer, Ruger SP 101. Top shelf piece with good QC and CS behind them.
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Old June 1, 2020, 09:41 PM   #15
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I personally have had horrible luck with SP101 .. 2 great ..3 not so great .. canted barrel on one , two with horrible crane assembly/frame fit .. Ruger said in spec ...

I do like their LCR’s and no problems with GP100 or Six series... Im leery of the newer production SP series ... My rule with Ruger SP101 ,, inspect first ...
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Old June 1, 2020, 10:02 PM   #16
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For carry ... Charter or Ruger LCR.
For range, plinking, miscellaneous use ... SP101 3" or GP100.
For hunting use ... SP101 4.2" (sights on the 3" suck, and the GP is too heavy).

I own several .327 Federal revolvers: LCR (1.8"), SP101 (4.2"), and Blackhawk (5.5"). I also owned a GP100 (4.2") until this past January.
And I have shot my brother's 3" .327 Federal SP101 a bit.

If I wanted another, just to have one, I'd buy a Charter. "Lesser cartridge"? Sure.
If, for some reason, I didn't feel Charter met the quality level that I wanted, maybe I'd go searching for a S&W 632.
But I primarily shoot .32 H&R in my .327s, anyway. And I have been carrying with only .32 H&R in the cylinder for a couple years. (I value my hearing.)

There are also the original Taurus and Charter offerings for .327 Federal. But they don't come up for sale often and were discontinued because the revolvers couldn't handle the cartridge.
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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Old June 2, 2020, 10:07 AM   #17
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Every thing so far is spot on. I do own a sp101 chambered for .32 H&R, and I own an undercover and bulldog from the Stratford CT era. The charter arms professional will have a better trigger, lighter weight, and one more round. I've always been leery of the thin cylinder bolt on the charter arms revolvers, but it has worked OK on mine for 20 years. I don't like the looks of the "backpacker" grips on the charter arms professional. I would replace the grips with a set of classic bulldog grips, but that's just a personal issue.

The sp101 has a heavy trigger and there's not much you can do about it. Wolff makes a spring kit with a 8 pound trigger return spring (factory is 10) and 9, 10, and 12 pound hammer springs (factory on centerfires is 14). I've replaced the hammer spring with a 12 pound and have had no light strikes, but I suspect you might have a problem with the lighter weight hammer springs. There are some other things you can do to smooth up the ruger trigger and there are several videos covering that on youtube. But still, these will be marginal improvements. The ruger factory grips were too small for me. However there is a grip maker (out of thailand I believe) who makes hardwood sp101 grips in various styles. You can order directly from them on their website, or order the grips through amazon. Just go to amazon and search for the vendor: "handicraftgrips".

I like the .32 H&R. It serves me as a sort of reloadable .22lr. For the trail, a 115 grain cast at 850 ft/sec is dandy and for more serious work, there are published loads which will allow you to drive jacketed bullets to 1,100 ft/sec. There is also factory loaded "boutique" ammo which will achieve the same velocities.

As for which to choose, I would opt for the ruger, simply because I feel that it is more robust and with the .327 federal, possibly more versatile. The best answer, though, is to buy both. Lately I've been avoiding gun shops, fearing that I would find a charter arms .32 H&R nitride professional in the display case, and it would be impossible for me to pass it up.

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Old June 2, 2020, 01:10 PM   #18
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You are correct about the CA Patriot in 327. Why, because I own one and it's my carry revolver. Mine is the 2 1/2" fixed sight one. It's larger than a S&W J-frame, but smaller than the K. Six shot and fun to shoot with my reloads. And so easy to carry. I found an old 80's era Biancchi 5BH basket weave leather holster for a snub S&W K and it's perfect.
I load 32 S&W Longs and 32 H&R. The longs are like a .22 and I push the 32 H&R's to their limit because it is originally chambered for 327's. I also load 32 H&R specs in my 327 brass to their limits. StarLine makes nice hefty brass.
Factory 327's are brutal, so I don't shoot those, or even reload to those specs anymore.
I can see why CA dropped that line. 327's would wear the Patriot out over time. With their Professional, they went with the milder 32 H&R, added an extra round and released it to the public.
The grips that came with mine are perfect. Looks like Pachmyer's, but with the CA logo and bigger than what is offered on the Professional. I'll have to get some pictures up to show you all, but I like mine a lot. I even shot 32 ACP's out of it with no problems. Where else can you get a revolver that will function with five different 32 ammo? (32 ACP, 32 S&W Shorts, 32 S&W Longs, 32 H&R, 327 Fed Mag).
Pics will up up soon.

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Old June 2, 2020, 03:30 PM   #19
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Here are my loads for the 32's I use in my Patriot:
S&W Long brass with 100 grain poly coated hard cast. A joy to shoot and it's my reloadable .22
H&R Mag brass with the same bullet just a tad below max data.
327 Fed Mag brass at 32 H&R max data with a 85 grain FMJ SP.
A box of 50 costs me around $11-$13 a box, calculating initial costs (including the reloading equipment and dies). And just gets lower per box as I load more.
A reloaders dream!
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Old June 2, 2020, 03:58 PM   #20
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My CA Patriot with that old mint Biancchi holster:
Notice the grips that are the perfect size.
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File Type: jpg 20200602_164716 (2).jpg (337.2 KB, 20 views)
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Old June 2, 2020, 07:25 PM   #21
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I have a SP101 3" 327 and an LCR 327.

I put Pachmayr Diamond Pro grips on both.

The LCR has been flawless from the start and handles every thing in 327 except 100 gr AE and 130 gr Buffalo Bore hardcast.

The SP101 initially had a rough trigger and light strikes. Sent it to Ruger and was returned in a couple of days over Memorial Day weekend and shipped back very quickly. They did something with the extractor and replaced the trigger return spring. They did one other thing but I can not remember without pulling out the repair sheet. Ruger Customer Service is Top Noth.

Now the SP101 is a daily pocket carry in Duluth Trading cargo pants lower pocket. Fires very well and the trigger is very smooth.

I am on the look out for a Charter Arms Patriot 2.2" 327 which I should find out in a day or so.

I carry Speer Gold Dot 100 gr. in the LCR and the SP101.

My wife has a LCR and carries 32 H&R magnum.

I have been a 367 Magnum guy for many year and still carry them, but I have become quite enamored with 327.

I have looked into reloading, but my age (72) AND many other passions like fishing thATkeeps me from the time it takes for reloading.

Once you know your way around the ammo suppliers for 327 it is not necessarily hard to find but prices are not cheap.

Have not made up my mind on the Charter Arms but am looking and have to make up a "need" to plop down the money.

OH, I paid about 520 for the SP101 including taxes, shipping and FFL.
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Old June 2, 2020, 09:24 PM   #22
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I have the SP101 in .327 Federal. I really like the cartridge. It represents the cutting edge of revolver technology, if that's a thing. You get six shots on a frame that normally offers five and you get power somewhere between 9mm and .357 magnum. The longer 4" barrel helps with that equation.

In my experience, .327 really shines in the LCR. As a compact, lightweight CCW; you get six shots at least on par with 9mm +p, the reliability of a revolver, and a form factor that can be both easier for pocket carry and easier to shoot well than the tiny semi-autos.

There, I use the 85-grain SD loads because anything heavier in .327 starts to feel like .357 magnum. The lighter 85-grain loads have felt recoil on par with mid-weight .38 +p but are much more impressive on water jugs. Of course, all .327 is loud but any SD caliber fired from a tiny gun is loud. The only time you should ever be in a position to hear it without protection is a situation where your life is on the line.

The heavier SP-101 is comfortable to shoot with most any load. I recommend Hogue's Hardwood grips for the ultimate in shooting comfort. Polished up, this makes for a dandy "BBQ gun" and is definitely fun at the range. Unfortunately, there is one prevalent complaint with the modern SP-101. The trigger is heavy and sloppy. It's not the worst. It's just not good. It'll smooth up over time and a trigger job will help. I've done all that. Now, I just need some shims to eliminate the side play. (It's like 27 things out on my to-do list.) =P
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Old June 3, 2020, 12:12 PM   #23
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The LCR has been flawless from the start and handles every thing in 327 except 100 gr AE and 130 gr Buffalo Bore hardcast.
Why won't the LCR handle the BB loads?
From the sweet grass to the slaughter house; From birth until death; We travel between these two eternities........from 'Broken Trail"
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Old June 3, 2020, 01:41 PM   #24
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I had a 3" SP-101 in .357 Mag several years ago. It was a solidly built gun. But in that caliber, it just fell too far in between a couple of "ideal" categories.

It's small for a hunting / target gun. I had the model with fixed sights (I think this was the only option at that time). It shot pretty close to point of aim at self-defense distances, but could not be adjusted for longer distances.

I used it for a carry gun for a few years, using a cheap nylon IWB holster. OWB with a good leather holster should work well also. However, even though it was a5-shooter, it was way too large and heavy for effective pocket carry. And if I'm going to carry a revolver on the belt, I could go with a more traditional 6-shooter.

In the end, I determined my Glock 23 was roughly the same size, lighter, and carried almost three times as much ammo onboard. And later on I bought a S&W airweight J-frame in .38 Spl. for pocket carry.

Also as noted by others already, the SP-101 has a really heavy trigger, although mine was pretty smooth, which helps. I only ever had the factory springs in the gun.

Now having said all of that, I have a Single Six chambered in .32 H&R. I've been trying to convince myself into getting something similar in .327 Fed. I woudln't be opposed to getting a Single Seven. But my biggest gripe with that platform is the loading gate was designed for a .22LR. The larger .32 cartridged will just barely fit in there, and you have to have the chamber aligned just right. It's not a huge deal, but they can hang up if you're trying to load in a hurry.

As a 6-shooter, I was thinking the SP-101 might be a good choice in .327 Fed. Size isn't bad for the smaller cartridge. I'm still turned off by the heavy trigger. And I would have to debate between the 3" and the 4". The shorter barrel would be better to carry, but the 4" has adjustable sights.

Actually, I kind of like the idea of a full-sized gun. But then a lot of my shooting these days is at targets and plates at longer distances. I have a Blackhawk in .30 Carbine that shoots like a lazer. But it means I'm stocking reloading components that are almost, but not quit interchangeable. If I could find something that shoots as well, I'd love to replace it with something of similar size in .327 Fed. Seems in a pistol-length barrel the two would provide pretty similar ballistics. And being able to stock one diameter of bullets for both the larger Blackhawk and the smaller Single Six would be nice. Ruger made an 8-shot Blackhawk in .327 some time ago, but they're not too common. A GP-100 is also a possibility.

A little off-topic, but kind of what I've been thinking about with this cartridge.
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Old June 5, 2020, 11:33 AM   #25
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I really like 32 caliber guns and own several of them. Mine are all 32acp, 32 long and 32 mag. I have no plans to buy a 327 but if I did it would be the Single Seven with the longest barrel I could get. If I'm going to shoot an ear buster 327 I want all the power I can get from it.

But no matter what gun you choose in which ever caliber you really need to plan on reloading for it. If it wasn't for reloading I couldn't afford to shoot in the quantities I like to shoot when I make it out to shoot.

And all the 32 mag loads I looked at were all high dollar S loads in 20-25 round boxes. I have two Single Six 32 mags and enjoy shooting lead bullet loads at around 900fps. I don't want or need full blown SD loads for a trail gun. But you don't see those loads for sale. The only way to get them is to reload load them yourself. The load selection is just too limited and too darn expensive for the 32 mag and 327 IMHO.
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