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Old January 17, 2013, 01:48 AM   #1
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choosing a 300 win mag

I've been shooting an old 303 WWII era (was grandfathers before mine) for a long time. I think it's time to finally go new. Want to move up to a 300 win mag, for a little more punch and range. Maybe see an elk. definitely don't need to win the Olympics, but I do love seeing holes in my target touch each other. So, a good solid shooter that will last the next 70 years like the ol' 303 has.
I've held the Rem 700 and the Thompson Dimension. Like them both, maybe the Thompson a little more for the husky for-stock (I have large hands).
I'm not one to do a whole lot of customizing, I like out-of-the-box good shooting. I very much like USA made, although I like HK for semi-auto, I like S&W revolvers. I'll go with something not made in USA if it's that much better.
Basically want a good solid shooter.
so, hope that gives you an idea of what I'm looking for. Do y'all recomend the Thompson? Remington? or recomend something else.
Pros and cons and opinions wanted
Way HK kinda' guy.
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Old January 17, 2013, 02:19 AM   #2
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my personal opinion

Go remington number one and tc number two but the tc garantees 1 inch accuracy. Either would not be a bad choice. Might i sugest two things? Consider a savage model 110 and also a 30-06 in any of said calibers
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Old January 17, 2013, 02:52 AM   #3
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What Kilotanker22 said, last fall my son bought a 300 win mag from one of his friends without even shooting it or mine. I have one, rem 700 bdl. I bought a scope for him after I could not talk him out of it. he bought two boxes of large gr. bullets and headed out to sight it in. When he came home with a bruise on his sholder and the gun still not sighted in, I asked him to let me help him.
We bore sighted it and took some lighter rounds and finished sighted it in.
Point of story, I love the 300 win mag. great long range gun for 30 cal but in heavy weight bullets can be punishing and expensive to shoot unless you reload.
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Old January 17, 2013, 05:55 AM   #4
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My default answer is one of the new Winchester 70's unless they are out of your budget. They ain't a budget gun, but are reasonably priced for what you get and are proving to be probably the best current production rifle you can get.

I'd also suggest the 300 WSM over the 300 Win mag. The 300 WSM has been around 12 years now and is a solid seller. At one time ammo was harder to find and more expensive, but no longer.

It won't shoot quite as fast as the 300 win mag, about 2% slower, but no game animal will ever notice that difference. But you will notice the reduced recoil. You have the option of about 10% less recoil in a gun of equal weight, or about the same recoil, but in a gun about 1/2 lb lighter if you choose.

It also works better in shorter barrels, and has proven to be more accurate.
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Old January 17, 2013, 07:29 AM   #5
Bart B.
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I doubt there's any ballistic difference between the .300 Win Mag and Win Short Mag version. Both burn the same amount of powder for a given bullet weight and produce the same muzzle velocities. Differences between individual rifles may exist, but that happens with all cartridges. And a 1 grain difference in charge weight for exact peak pressure levels may be reality, that's meaningless for all practical purposes.

Accuracy with either will be the same from barrels with the same bore, groove and twist numbers. The WSM version is easier to reload for as it doesn't have the belt that's a nuisance to deal with, but can be managed.
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Old January 17, 2013, 10:42 AM   #6
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There are so many "good, solid shooters" out there I would suggest you not limit yourself to just Thompson and Remington. Check out Savage, lots of people swear by them on this forum and my 2 cents is look at the Weatherby Vanguard Series II. For the money they are a really nice rifle.
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Old January 17, 2013, 10:48 AM   #7
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.300 Win Mag is an excellent choice. I've had my Ruger 77 Mk II for over 20 years. It's a tack driver. And I get those cloverleaf or sometimes even one hole groups from it.

I'm impressed by the TC Dimension. Had a 700 SPS and not all that impressed but it did shoot tight groups.

Other good choices are the Tikka T3 Hunter (wood stock) and of course the Savages shoot tight groups.
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Old January 17, 2013, 11:08 AM   #8
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What's your budget, and are you looking for a lightweight rifle?

"Touching holes" is a nice goal- but it takes a quality rifle to do it.

On your .30 cal rifle, that means you're looking for half-minute accuracy.

Going to be difficult- not impossible, but a crapshoot- to get that out of anyone's over-the-counter rifle, with a stock barrel.

I don't think this a realistic expectation for a factory rifle. If you're willing to accept minute of angle, or maybe a bit better- different story. But if you're not going to be happy unless you're shooting cloverleafs, buy once, cry once...a TC isn't likely to do it. JMO...
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Old January 17, 2013, 03:07 PM   #9
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Take a look at Savage and Browning. I have a Savage 111 in .270 (bout to get a 110 in .300 WM though) and will shoot 1/2 in. groups at 150. I also have a Browning X-bolt in .300 WSM and that thing is literally a nail driver, hands down my favorite rifle. The Savage is cheaper and if you're like me then you will end up replacing the trigger, but the Browning hasn't needed any modifications. With that siad, I have also shot my friends Weatherby Vanguard 2 and Remington 700 in a variety of calibers and have always been impressed with both rifles, but still prefer my Browning.
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Old January 17, 2013, 09:09 PM   #10
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Or a Tikka T3 Lite or Hunter.
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Old January 18, 2013, 02:00 AM   #11
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thanks for lots of good thoughts and suggestions.
Like I said, I'm not trying to shoot Olympics, good groups are fine. Out of box but out of a good box, yes? I'm not going to fuss to much over moa .01 difference minutia.
Not interested in the smaller cal. at this time, pretty sold on the 300 win mag although I will consider the WSM, especially with that comment about reloading being easier.
tobnpr I'm not looking for a $4k gun, but definitely not a lower end. For instance, NOT a Remington 770 but a 700. Not on a tight budget, (but may want to buy more than one gun LOL). Definitely new, definitely quality. Something that will be used, carried in the woods, mountains, hold up well and will last through the years.
that said, warbirdlover, which is the better Tikka? I'm guessing not the lite? T3 Hunter?
So, I should check out a
Savage 110? or 111?
Browning X-bolt (I have always had a like-n' to Browning and have an old A5 shottie)
Weatherby Vanguard Series II
Ruger 77 Mk II
Winchester 70 - which one? looks like there's more than a dozen (for instance the ultimate shadow hunter?? yes that is in my budget range, no problem)
Well that's what I have gathered so far from y'alls comments. Am I pickin up what y'r puttin down?
Way HK kinda' guy.
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Old January 18, 2013, 09:37 AM   #12
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Ditto on the WSM for me, I just prefer a short action for lighter weight, and shorter bolt throw.

We own both Savages, and 700's. Like them both...

For me, the edge goes to Savage for out-of-the-box accuracy for the $$ spent.

The unique thing about a Savage is that you can build your own rifle, usually for the same, or less, than a factory offering- and get exactly what you want.

Many of us Savage owners will hit up a pawn shop, and find a deal on a used rifle. Barrel and stock condition is irrelevant- the more beat up the better, as long as the action and bolt are in good shape- because that's all we want. If the barrel and stock have value, sell them... used factory take-offs will sell for $50 or more. If you need a different boltface, you can change them easily on a Savage- unlike the 700 where you'd need a new bolt.

You can usually pick up a Model 10/110 or Stevens 200 (same) for around three bills, or less. Order a Criterion, Shilen, Pac-Nor or whatever (I just got a Shaw varmint contour in 7-08, and a .260 on a group buy for under $200 each) your preference is. Savage factory barrels usually shoot very well, but if you really want the cloverleafs, go aftermarket.

Pick out an aftermarket stock, $200-$300 and you can easily spend more.

So, for about eight bills, or can have a "custom" rifle you built yourself, all you need is a $25 barrel wrench and a "go-gauge"- about the same $$ you'll spend for a factory model.

Just another avenue for you to consider. Good luck with whatever you choose.
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Old January 18, 2013, 11:30 AM   #13
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thank you tobnpr but, I'm not ready to spend the time and brain energy to figure out what custom to do and what to put together. My feeling from a place of ignorance is that you won't get more than 10% bump in improvement, and that pretty good quality is out there out of the box. Not looking to have every hole on the target make a clover leaf, just hold a good group.
Way HK kinda' guy.
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Old January 18, 2013, 12:25 PM   #14
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I was just making a point that if you can't find exactly what you want- it's easy enough to source the main components and put it together.

Take a look at the Savage Hunter 11 FCNS, they offer it a wide range of flavors, including the .300 WSM.

My son got one for Xmas a couple of years ago in .308, and it's a minute of angle rifle he still shoots at 600 yards, factory barrel...
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Old January 18, 2013, 06:50 PM   #15
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I have a Ruger M77R in 300WM. For 40+ years it has given me great service. Actually an unusual rifle. Very nice wood and 26" barrel (been told they only made them in 24, but this one has a 26).

Almost all manufacturers chamber their rifles in 300WM, so you have a lot to choose from. If I had to replace the old 300 today, I would do it with a Weatherby Vanguard II (shame they dont chamber it in the MK V). But that is my personal preference.

I would suggest that you go to your local gun shops and sholder a few in different makes. When you find one that feels right, then get one.
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Old January 18, 2013, 08:31 PM   #16
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300 win mag is a awesome round, I have a Browning BAR in 300 WM that has been sub moa with most any factory ammo since I bought it 24 years ago.
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Old January 19, 2013, 05:47 PM   #17
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GREAT choice with the .300 Win Mag.
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Old January 19, 2013, 11:50 PM   #18
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The Kimber? OOOUUUUUUUU yea, that is beeeautiful
Must admit though, so are some of these others.
I'll be shoppin' the shops the next couple of days.
I seem to be hearing that the Savage has the reputation for most accurate out of the box. would y'all agree?
Way HK kinda' guy.

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Old January 20, 2013, 12:50 AM   #19
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I really like the older BDL'S,Had mine 20yrs did a little custom work just to get just what I wanted it will do coffee cans @ 500yds if i can. Remmy 700 in 300WM is a great hunter & shooter.
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Old January 20, 2013, 09:49 AM   #20
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How about a Sako! A little higher in price at first, but a lifetime of beauty and function. Just another idea for the mix.
I have had good luck with the older Rem 700's also. Good luck and enjoy whatever you decide on.
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Old January 20, 2013, 07:45 PM   #21
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Not to confuse you with more options. My buddy was just gifted a ruger american in 30-06. I have been very impressed with it. They went to a 3 point 1 piece bolt. Smooth and a tack driver at 100. I havent shot it farther yet.
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Old January 20, 2013, 08:38 PM   #22
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Howa/Wby Vanguard
I've had two of the Howa 300WM and both were exceptionally accurate. The current one has a muzzle brake as a consolation to my aging joints.
I'll tell you flat out that it takes a much moretalented shooter to get good groups with a hunting weight 300 mag than with a 308 or 30/06. Recoil becomes a big factor and recoil attenuation even bigger. I used to shoot a 300WM target rifle and have seen what happens when the shooter fails to hold exactly the same for each shot.
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Old January 24, 2013, 02:53 PM   #23
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I have a SS winchester 70 classic with a boss. I got it new when the classics first came out (don't remember the year). It and an older browing A bolt are the only two sporters that I have never changed a thing on since new. It might be just the nature of the 300 win mag because I have never seen one that would not shoot. But mine cuts holes in holes and holds POI like a custom rifle.....I sure hope they are still making this rifle.
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Old January 24, 2013, 07:17 PM   #24
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I seem to be hearing that the Savage has the reputation for most accurate out of the box. would y'all agree?
Short answer, yes- I would.
Team USA won the F-TR World Championship, which included shooters from Team Savage a few years ago shooting bone stock Model 12's..

All the other suggestions are good...the 700, W'by Vanguard/Howa, Tikka (Lite).

Thing is, these days- minute of angle accuracy is pretty much the standard for even entry level rifles. I've yet to read anything other than a very positive review on the Ruger American- and that's a rifle that costs only a bit over $300 and if what I read is true, they all seem to shoot to that standard. To add- I'd stay away from the Savage Axis as they don't seem to be as consistent with out-of-the box accuracy, and the Rem 770 has some haters...

So, while the Ruger isn't available in .300 WM (it is in .06, though...) it would be pretty hard to justify (logically!) spending more for a "typical" hunting application, IFFFF customization isn't a consideration.

So, if you're really sure you would never want to customize your aftermarket trigger, stock, or barrel - then why spend more than necessary? I'd put the extra money towards the optic- which is where most guys tend to "cheap out"- and a higher end optic can always be moved to a more expensive rifle if you ever get the itch to "move up".

But honestly, if I understand you correctly, this is your first rifle outside of the milsurp. While you believe you won't want to customize now, there's always a chance that mindset might change.

If it does, why not have a rifle that'll allow you to do that (aka the Savage or 700), for not much more up front expense.
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Old February 3, 2013, 10:45 AM   #25
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Do not spend your money until you've looked at a Sako Grey Wolf 300mag. Sako's are the best out of the box rifles sold in this country, IMO!
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