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I have liked .410 shotguns for years and hunt and shoot with them quite often. I already have a progressive reloading set-up to load it but I like to collect things that deal with the .410. Lee used to make a loading kit to load .410 that didn't require a press and I have been looking for one for some time now. I finally managed to find and buy one and I am interested in trying it out. It is used, but looks complete, except for the instructions. Some of the stuff I could figure out but there are some things I am not sure about. Anybody ever used one of these? Anybody happen to have directions for one of these kits? Just looking for some info

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If you haven't already, give a quick call or e-mail to Lee Precision directly. They may have an instruction sheet for it or may just send you some answers to specific questions.

Good Luck
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Old October 21, 2000, 01:57 PM   #3
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Intel6, I should have read your original post more carefully!

Parts are as follows:

Lee 069 powder measure (which is about 1.1cc)
Shot measures (3) 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4 oz.
Crimp starters (2) 6 & 8 segment
Decapper & Capper
Wad starter
Spacer for Remington plastic 3" (because they are actually only 2 7/8")

Operation is pretty simple. All you need is a small hammer.

1. Deprime all cases - This is done by placing the shell on the rammer body (small hole up) and tapping out the primer with the decapper and hammer.

2. Prime all cases - You seat the primer by placing it on a flat hard surface then you tap the primer flush using the plastic capper and hammer. Use safety glasses when doing this operation!

3. Add powder - using the red 069 scooper. The instructions say this scooper throws 14.7 gr. of H or IMR-4227 and 15.2 gr. of Hercules 2400.

4. Insert the wad - Using the aluminum wad starter over the shell and seating wad with the rammer. Use 10-20# seating pressure. ;-)

5. Add shot using the appropriate dipper

6. Start crimp - pressing down with the apprpriate 6 or 8 segment starter over shell.

7. Crimp - By placing the shell on a hard surface, pushing the rammer body as far down on the shell as you can get it, then inserting the rammer and crimping using had pressure.

8. Eject finished load - lift rammer body off the hard surface and push finished shell out with the rammer.

Regards! DaMan

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Old October 23, 2000, 06:37 PM   #4
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Thanks for the response, I did e-mail Lee but haven't heard anything yet.

Also thanks for your response. I am obviously going to have to play with it. Most of what you say makes sense but I think you may have had little different set up or mabey one in a different guage? It also may be that you had a later version. I say that because you mention 3 different shot measures and mine only came with one and there are no more places for any more? Mabey they improved it and added more measures later?

Do you still have the reloader? I would really like to find some directions for it. That is assuming that they came with them?
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Old October 23, 2000, 06:47 PM   #5
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If you really want to collect loaders, find the Shot-Shell loader listed in my LYMAN #44 MANUAL. For some reason, it looks one heck of a lot like the LEE PRECISION loader.

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Old October 23, 2000, 07:52 PM   #6
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Intel6, my "original Lee Loader" is definitely in .410! It only gives recommendations for 3" shells. The only indication of it's age, is the copyright date of 1976 on the charge table included with the kit. It may be a few years newer than that, but was made before 1979 (when the original owner passed away).

The shot measures are marked 217 MRC, 181 MRC, and 145 LEE.

Regards! DaMan

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Old October 25, 2000, 07:33 PM   #7
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Thats an interesting shot-cup measure marking ...mine is the same as published above with all equipment etc, except mine has only a 6 segment starter(space for other unfilled), but a die does re-size the head brass and has the 3' spacer. [Useful for other peoples' cases re-cycling!]

Mine is pre1960 and I was given it for reloading purposes by an old shooter, so he could enjoy a mild recoiling .410 PumpAction Mossberg shottie in his old age, while fishing or bunny hunting for the pot/snakes around the house etc, as 'mine' cost him nothing now(cost to me 14c each)but in the local shops here 25 cart of the only brand available (Winchesters) are almost $18AUD!!!

Sad to say- the NSW and federal government here banned ALL punpaction shotguns in 1998 and he sadly had to hand his in for hydraulic crusher/furnace destruction.It almost broke him to see such a nice little gun go in that way

Some compensation was paid eventually from a new special Federal medicare "health" levy from income taxes.

I have a .410 too...but they are not getting that..........

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Never knock another's different shooting interest or discipline...REMEMBER we are all but leaves on the same tree of freedom.
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