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Old February 18, 1999, 03:58 AM   #26
Jim March
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Join Date: February 14, 1999
Location: Pittsburg, CA, USA
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As long as the results are all the same, who cares!

Jim March
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Old February 18, 1999, 06:33 PM   #27
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Join Date: October 14, 1998
Location: Lake City, FL USA
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38 stubby (M85UL) if I go to the "big city" and 32acp Guardian for around my small town. And sometimes a 22mag NAA for quick trips to the store if I'm wearing shorts/swim suit. Guess it's obvious that I don't percieve my surroundings as very threatening!
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Old February 25, 1999, 01:04 PM   #28
Join Date: February 25, 1999
Location: USA
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Why not worry about the smallest gun you can carry effectively instead of the smallest calibre?
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Old March 2, 1999, 04:55 PM   #29
Jim V
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Join Date: January 31, 1999
Location: SE Michigan - USA
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Smallest caliber I carry is the only caliber I carry, .45ACP. Most of the time in a 1911, sorta like an American Express card-I don't leave home without it, but sometimes an AMT DOA Backup in the same caliber. My AMT has never malfunctioned with anything I have fed thru it and the hole in the end of the muzzle looks to be about .65 caliber not .45 when it is up close and personal.

Ne Conjuge Nobiscum

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[This message has been edited by Jim V (edited March 02, 1999).]
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Old May 26, 2000, 08:27 PM   #30
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I am new to the firing line and glad to be here. Being in Finance, I have carried as small as my 2 shot Davis Derringer in .22LR. Outside of work, however, when I can dress casual, I have lately leaned toward my Beretta Cougar 8040 in .40 S&W with an inside the pants concealment holster. That is, of course, just to buy time so I can get my Ruger Mini-14 from the car.
Old May 31, 2000, 11:48 AM   #31
Junior Member
Join Date: May 22, 2000
Location: Tennessee
Posts: 11
A .22mag in the pocket it better than a .45acp at home or in the car.

Anything is better than nothing, not everyone has the means to purchase a selection of handguns to protect themselves with. So I say buy what you are comfortable with, that falls within your price range.

They say 2 months salary for a diamond ring for the old lady.

What do you guys think the rule should be for a self defense side arm?

I carry a Glock 23 in .40sw almost everywhere I go. Sometimes even this compact powerhouse is difficult if not impossible to conceal. This is when I turn to my Glock 29 10mm Sub-Compact, this little monster will fit into a front jeans pocket (inside pocket holster) and not draw unwanted attention. Although in Tennessee the law says I can carry open or concealed, I choose concealment for many reasons.

If all I could conceal was a .22mag that's what I would go with. Something is better than nothing.
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Old May 31, 2000, 05:26 PM   #32
Senior Member
Join Date: April 19, 2000
Location: Utah
Posts: 654
I almost always carry a 45. On rare occasions I will go to SW 342 Ti in 38Sp. I have no faith in anything smaller than 38.

Get your 1911s and AR15s while you still can!
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Old May 31, 2000, 09:18 PM   #33
Senior Member
Join Date: April 11, 1999
Posts: 1,904
They say 2 months salary for a diamond ring for the old lady. What do you guys think the rule should be for a self defense side arm?

As a guy currently pricing out such pretty rocks, I really like the implications of your suggestion! So much so topic incoming!
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Old May 31, 2000, 10:48 PM   #34
Jay Baker
Senior Member
Join Date: March 26, 2000
Location: S.W. Idaho
Posts: 1,294
.38 Spc./9mm. J.B.
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Old May 31, 2000, 11:01 PM   #35
Join Date: November 18, 1999
Location: Louisville KY
Posts: 82
I'll carry the biggest thing I can, if I can keep my 1911 around I do, other wise Glock 22(.40), failing that, Sig 239(9mm),or Walther PPK/S (.380), and if nothing else will work, beretta 21a in .22.
To be honest though, I carry my Glock 22 openly most of the time (People get REALLY anxious with the 1911 in cond. 1, it's rough enough with the glock) Here in KY you don't need a permit and can go places that Concealed carry is illegal. I do get some comments, and alot of stares, but gotta do what we gotta do.
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Old May 31, 2000, 11:01 PM   #36
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Join Date: November 16, 1999
Location: Northern California
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.40 S&W
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Old June 1, 2000, 12:30 AM   #37
Tim Burke
Senior Member
Join Date: February 17, 1999
Posts: 551
Sometimes I don't even carry a gun. If I ever need one during one of those times, the mousegun I left in my safe will look pretty good to me.
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Old June 1, 2000, 02:06 AM   #38
Kent White
Join Date: January 10, 1999
Location: Hawkinsville, GA USA
Posts: 66
Well, my Beretta 21A is gone (stolen-may the thief's hands rot off!), but I liked that gun, and may get another one. Mine was very accurate considering the crappy sights. I like the 21A for when I need to be very discreet, though a Colt Mustang .380 might be better.

Right now, it's the DAO Ruger SP 101 .357 magnum. Just as small as my wife's M60, but more power. Fun to make Edzilla guess where it is, too!

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Old June 1, 2000, 09:03 AM   #39
Senior Member
Join Date: April 30, 2000
Location: Boilermaker Country, Indiana
Posts: 131
Most of the time it is a full size 1911. When that is not possible, I carry a NAA Guardian in 32 ACP with Silvertips. Anything that goes bang is better than fingernails.

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times to spit on his hands,hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats." H.L. Mencken
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Old June 2, 2000, 11:48 AM   #40
Junior Member
Join Date: June 1, 2000
Location: NJ, USA
Posts: 2
My philosophy on handgun combat is...

"Only hits count" I'm best with my Kahr K9 in 9mmP, so that's what I would carry...if I couldn't hit the bull with anything but a .22, we'll, then that's what I would carry...

As for bringing a knife to a gunfight. If you haven't been shot five times and then won in a knife fight, you are not experienced enough to convince me that this is a good idea...
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Old June 4, 2000, 09:26 AM   #41
Johnny Got His Gun.1
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Join Date: October 30, 1999
Location: Patterson, GA
Posts: 264
In the truck, I carry my Glock 17 (I call it the travel gun).

On my person, I carry a "baby gun" as my dear, loving wife calls it--an FMJ .45/.410 SS.

If we were only discussing derringer-class weapons, then derringers fall under an oh-[color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color] category: fast, up close, and personal, something that can only do one shot of intial damage that can allow one to get out of Dodge.

The basic rule of self-defense is to survive the encounter--not necessarily unscathed, but breathing and mobile. Lick your wounds later. I have mulled over my decision to carry a SS derringer and have concluded that it may be all I ever need to get me to higher ground. Until I pay off the NEF .32 H&R magnum on layaway at a local store, the SS will suffice.

Lord forbid we ever need to engage in a moment of self-preservation that requires us to shoot another human, but Lord forbid we be unarmed if that moment arises.

It only takes one time of needing a firearm, but not having it handy, to get more than your feelings hurt.
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Old June 6, 2000, 03:08 PM   #42
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Join Date: October 24, 1999
Location: Sinkholeville Swamp
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Keltec p-32 at a minimum.

Keltec p-11 in 9mm or S&W Airweight 38 spl more likely

40 S&W when my priorities are correct.

Some people have a way with words. Others not have way.
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