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Savage 110 bolt and feeding issues

I traded a 3 point rototiller for Savage 110 in .223, and I have been happy with this gun, I like the adjustable stock length and trigger and it cycles without issue. After a poor season using a muzzleloader in Michigan farm country (shotgun only zone) I decided it was time to get a .350 Legend which is one of the straight wall cartridges now legal in Michigan shotgun zone.

I went with the Savage Apex Storm because of the adjustability and claims of accuracy. The first thing I noticed when I got it was that the bolt backward travel seemed farther than necessary and the bolt was very sloppy when pulled back that far. I compared it to the .223 which is pretty much the exact same overall length as the .350 Legend, and the bolt came back over a half inch less than the .350 Legend.

I did some online research and learned a lot about about long action and short action and bolt baffles. The 110 in .223 and .350 Legend has a short action receiver, and the .223 has a short action baffle on the bolt, but the .350 has a long action baffle on the bolt. This is why it travels so far on the backstroke.

I called Savage and they told me it was as designed and never did give me any reason why, but offered to replace the baffle on the bolt with a short action. I took them up on this and shipped them the bolt. When I got it back I had finally found some ammo for the gun and while sighting it in I had several feed issues.

1. It would slide over and not chamber the second cartridge in the magazine.
2. It would sometimes catch on the backstroke, I think the bolt is catching on the straight wall cartridge.
3. Sometimes it will jam on the forward stroke, pushing the cartridge out of the magazine but pushing it down into the magazine and not into the chamber. Sometimes it disengages two cartridges when it does this.

I called Savage again and they are going to ship me a new magazine once they come available again, which is end of April they hope. If that doesn't fix the issue I will have to ship them the entire rifle.

I guess I am just looking for some feedback on the bolt issue, and if anyone thinks the switch from long action to short action would have anything to do with the feeding issues.

From internet searches it seems magazine issues are a common problem with these guns, but the posts I have seen pertaining to the .350 legend caliber a new magazine did not fix the issue.
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Savage has quality control issues and more so on the bolt/feeding than anything. I think their general production items are just not there anymore.

I have build up 4 target rifles off Savage actions, the newer ones are not the same quality as the one long action from about 2005 era. they work but not good.

What I found was they make great single action rifles (I bench rest shoot these days) so for me its not an issue.

It might be an option to get a single feed setup on it.

You might call Sharp Shooter Supply as he does custom Savage bolt work and maybe feed stuff.
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Do you have a spare magazine?

Using the 350L in a 5.56 AR magazine has similar issues, the way they are stacked--and the fact the 350 L is relatively straight-walled all the way to the bullet ogive, means that it is not going to feed the same as a 5.56; my guess is that sideways pressure out towards the nose is changing the feed and causing the nose-dive (unless your cartridges are too long). You may want to sacrifice one magazine by modifying the feed lips to see if you can get a reliable pitch up of the cartridge when pushed by the bolt.
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Old March 22, 2021, 11:13 AM   #4
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Thanks for the replies. I did try to do some bending on the magazine I have since they will be sending me another. It seemed I was able to eliminate the missed shell, and catching on the case on the way back by closing the front end some, but I am still getting the dive and jam on the last two in the magazine. I may mess with it some more, but if I can get 3 shots for deer hunting that should be all I ever need. I'll let you know if the new magazine helps at all.
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I am wondering if the long action baffle became the design in order to solve this problem. Over-riding rounds sounds like failure of the bolt to go back far enough to ensure getting behind the top edge of the rim of the round at the top of the Mag. I'm sure you have looked at and eliminated that possibility, but that still sounds like the error you describe. See if downward pressure on the bolt handle with the bolt to the rear can lift the bottom edge of its front end high enough to go over top of the rim of the top cartridge in the Mag. If that's not it, you may be looking at failure of the magazine follower to be able to lift the cartridge fully up into position for feeding. I would try wiggling the top round to see if you can get it to come up a little higher, and, if so, then figure out why it isn't doing that on its own.
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