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What are you doing up so late?

All this talk of Grey Hair? Mine has been White for a while.

I remember Sykes and Fairburn's transporting their training methods to the US of A, during WW11, from the Shanghai Police Force.

And the one hand stance, crouching, with the pistol above belt level, in an illustration. A method I have tried on occasion.

Said crouch is where we tend to go under stress, a sudden loud sound will cause that lowering, right quick. Being in any kind of violence in a job, helps in overcoming that freeze to the spot, untrained individuals can go into.
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***Sorry couldn't help these replies. Its Wednesday.

An example: You are filling your vehicle at a gas station. While at the pump, here comes Mr. Scruffy, a weird looking dude coming up to your pump and car. Looks like a possible car jacking maybe. OR, maybe Mr. Scruffy is an employee ( some do look weird) and is just coming up to record the numbers at the pump. Do you draw your pistol just in case?
***Of course you do.

Or you're at an ATM withdrawing money, some guy comes up behind you and waiting and watching...... is he waiting to get your money or is he waiting to use the ATM? Do you draw your piston just in case?
***Of course you do. Put two rounds in the ground to be extra safe.

The problem is, if you draw you pistol and the guy at the pump is an employee, or the guy at the ATM is waiting to use the ATM is waiting his turn, then you are in fact brandishing, or worse committing assault.
***That’s what the two in the ground are for. It’s a polite reminder that snitches get stitches.

You should be ready, yet you cant be waiving your gun around.
***Unless you have a gold bracelet. Then its epic cool.

The answer is ability to draw from concealment instantly, less then 0.5 seconds. If you can't then you need to re-evaluate your training or method of carry or both.
***I never thought of that. It would cut down on all the police cars trying t pull me over all the time, just because a man is driving along with his slice the pie tacticool AR47 hanging out the window.

This is a report of a family being waken up in the middle of the night with loud banging on his door in the middle of the night. Occurring in a town that normally pulls in its sidewalks at 9 PM.
***Get loud dogs, that way no one goes to sleep at 9PM from all the barking. The neighbors will be happy they don’t have to go to sleep early.

The guy peeps out the door sees no one.
*** Put two rounds in the ground to be extra safe.

Wife goes to the children while the man steps out on the porch with his pistol to investigate.
***See if you put two rounds in the ground you wouldn’t have to step outside. Its scary outside.
Why is someone banging on his door in the middle of the night?
***Candygram or is it…land shark!

When he steps out on the porch he is immediately "ambushed" by the police who sees a guy with a gun who may be a danger to the officers.
***That’s why I don’t leave the house, because the police are just waiting to take me away…er ambush me.

It could have turned out a lot worse, the guy could have shot the officers whom he assumed were trying to get in his home or the officers could have shot the home owner thinking they were in danger.
***Thank goodness he was holding that can of beer and wearing just a stale T shirt.

But the Grace of God interfered and no one was hunt.

This brings me back to my point, if the home owner stepped out with the pistol concealed yet could been put to use instantly, he could have been ready if it was a home invader, OR, he could have instantly produced empty hands when he saw they were officers.
**Put two rounds in the ground to be extra safe.

Its about how you carry, what you carry and the training and practice producing your handgun.
***I carry a lb of bacon everywhere, in case the bears attack I can throw the bacon. But you’re idea of drawing real fast might work too. Maybe.

Moral of the story, you're not really prepared unless you're carrying bacon.
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As to the man who walked out onto his porch in the middle of the night after being awakened by knocking on his door and seeing no one through the peephole -- wasn't his first mistake leaving the safety of his home knowing someone unseen is out there?
Exactly. Its Zincwarrior policy never to answer the door.

Instead, I make the wife do it.

(seriously yes thats an exceedingly bad idea).
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And ... I think this thread has run its course.

Thanks to all who stayed on the high road for a good discussion.


Remember: be gentle. There's a person on the other side of that screen.
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