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Old February 2, 2011, 11:10 PM   #1
Robin Rasendill
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reloading .32 Long Smith Wesson cartridges

Gentlemen, I have a fine but small Lee reloading equipment, I have to reload,32 Long Smith wesson cartridges for a friend of mine, I don´t have the dies, but I do have 7, 65, Argentine mauser dies, can I use those for reloading the .32 Long? the cartridges will be fired in a weelgun in good shape, I also have the marvelous bullseye and herco gun powders.Can you give me any help? Thanks. Robin R.
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No, you cannot use the 7.65x53mm Argentine Mauser dies, and the reason will be plenty obvious when you see them- the 7.65x53 is a bottleneck rifle case that's almost twice the length of the little .32 Long!

None of my books have a Bullseye load for .32 Long. The 2nd edition of "Modern Reloading" by Richard Lee calls for 2.7gr of Herco under a 98gr lead bullet, but that's the only load it gives. (Like some other obscure pistol loads in the Lee book, the minimum and maximum loads are the same.)

I've never personally reloaded .32 Long, but if you're using lead bullets in a low-powered revolver cartridge like this, I'd recommend Trail Boss powder. It's formulated to minimize smoke, leading, and recoil with low-pressure "cowboy" loads using lead bullets, and .32 Long is pretty much a cowboy load by default. The new Hodgdon book calls for 1.5gr to 2.7gr under a 90gr LSWC.
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A number of the guys on my pistol team, and I, shoot Walther GSPs in .32 S&W Long in the centerfire stage of bullseye competition. We load 98-gr DEWCs with 1.8 gr of W231 and get outstanding accuracy - in my case, better inherent accuracy than my GSP chambered for .22 LR. I like the Magnus Bullets #204, but there are others.
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Old February 3, 2011, 08:29 AM   #4
Magnum Wheel Man
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agree with CARGUY... you can buy a set of Lee dies for $25-$30.00 & that will get you going... ( you can use the same dies, usually, for 32 S&W short & long, & 32 H&R Magnum... if the dies are long enough, probably even the new 327 magnum

I personally load ALOT of 32 S&W ( short ) & 38 S&W cartridges for my antique revolvers... I don't have my loading manuals close, so I don't know if there are any published loads for the 2 powders you have... but as CARGUY said Trailboss is a wonderful powder for these old cartridges... I use it pretty exclusively on older ( originally ) blackpowder cartridges
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The Alliant Powder web site shows a load of 1.8 gr of Bullseye with a 98-gr HBWC giving 777 fps.

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Old February 4, 2011, 08:50 AM   #6
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Loads for what type of gun and what bullet / bullet weight? The Lyman manual has loads including Bullseye powder but they caveat in their text that the loads are for solid frame modern revolvers only. No tip up barrels or old (read that pre 1900's) revolvers need apply. If you are loading for a S&W Model 16, K-32, or the like you can put more powder in and stay within published laods. Lyman has loads that are stiffer that those published in the Hornady manual because Hornady assumes the loads will find their way into even the weakest actions.

Just a recommndation...spend the $20 and but yourself a copy of Lyman's 49th edition manual.
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Old February 4, 2011, 11:38 AM   #7
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I had a hard time finding decent cast lead bullet information on the 32S&W Long.

I looked through my reloading manuals and did not find much information on the 98 grain bullet and the 32 S&W Long. If there was data, it was with Bullseye.

The bullets I used were commercial cast, and were two grain heavier than 98 grains, the difference is inconsequential for me. The bullet is a round nose with a flattened tip.

I chronographed factory ammunition as a guide.

I found factory equivalent ammunition (2.25 grs Bullseye) to be so mild that after shooting 1000 rounds of it, I shot 1000 rounds of 2.5 grains Bullseye. Nothing evil happened to my pistol, that is still a very mild load, and my next 1000 rounds that I loaded are 2.7 grains Bullseye. I have not chronographed that load, I expect it will come out around 800 fps.

Three grains of Bullseye produced a sharp recoil in my revolver. While cases fell out, I just did not want to deal with the recoil.

Unique had potential, but I found that Bullseye worked good enough.

My pistol is a very old S&W but I understand it has a heat treated cylinder. Older versions were not heat treated from what I have heard.

S&W No. 3 Hand Ejector 3.25" barrel

98 LRN Aguila Factory
19-Mar-06 T = 51 °F

Ave Vel = 665.9
Std Dev = 17.52
ES = 69.38
High = 697
Low = 627.6
N = 32
Horrible leading.

100 gr LBBFP .313" 2.25 grs Bullseye SS Brass WSP
19-Mar-06 T = 51 °F

Ave Vel = 693.3
Std Dev = 20.71
ES = 103.9
High = 721.8
Low = 617.9
N = 32
Elevation good, Windage left, Mild recoil

100 gr LBBFP .313" 2.5 grs Bullseye SS Brass WSP
19-Mar-06 T = 51 °F

Ave Vel = 768.2
Std Dev = 16.97
ES = 62.06
High = 807.3
Low = 745.3
N = 17
Elevation good, Windage good, Mild recoil, prefer this to 2.25 grain load

100gr LBBFP.313" 3.0 grs Bullseye WSP R-P brass
4-Feb-06 T = 44 °F

Ave Vel = 861
Std Dev = 14.83
ES = 57.83
High = 889.6
Low = 832.1
N = 31
no leading, easy extraction, rounded primers, sharp recoil

100 gr LBBFP .313" 2.9 grs Unique SS Brass WSP
19-Mar-06 T = 51 °F

Ave Vel = 717.4
Std Dev = 42.33
ES = 144
High = 789.3
Low = 645.3
N = 18
Elevation good, Windage good, Mild recoil accurate

If I'm not shooting, I'm reloading.
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I've got an old 32 S&W that it's hard to find ammo for any more. Would be fun to reload for it.
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