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Glenn E. Meyer
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AAR - Vehicle Combatives with Spaulding

Just got done with this on the weekend. Description is here. It was hosted KRtraining in Texas.

The goal state is to give you an introduction and practice in fighting from and around vehicles. Starts with basic handgun drills that test and reinforce what you might have to do from or about a vehicle.

Spaulding is an excellent and humorous instructor. He runs a tight ship but is not a DI, get in your face person. The class time was informative but we spent most time in the TX sun.

He is aware of the mixed physical abilities of the class that ranged from the very young and spry to the older folks (whom he amusing called beefalos - crack me up - being one, now in my old age). However, we had to ditch cars, move, get up and do whatever. After basics, we shot from cars, around cars, over cars - with the disadvantages, risk and benefits of each pointed out. We skipped rounds under cars from various guns to show how rounds do not bounce at a sharp angle after a 45 degree hit but a much lesser angle. We engaged opponent targets from under cars with an attempt at cover and/or concealment.

Shooting from inside cars, through windshields, back windows and side windows was informative. We did it and in some runs had to debus the car with alacrity. Our stupid movements were gently pointed out. We also did it as a team with coordination of target acquisition with multiple targets.

Shooting - fun effects:

1. You can shoot effectively through windshields with technique. The first round may go off into the blue but the next go where aimed, if you used the resultant hole. The windshield doesn't shatter.

2. Side windows being tempered, should explode in your face and disappear into tiny bit. Yes, indeedy - except if they had those window tint plastics. We were surprised that they held together and sometimes took multiple rounds till they peeled off. Similarly you should shoot through glass if you could place your hits and hit targets in the seat quite well. I shot a 2nd Gen G19 - my carry with 9mm Winchester WWB or a few Hornady Critical Duty +P+. Either zipped right through the glass.

We had a good group of students - all trained by Karl - so no klutzes who didn't have good basic shooting skills.

I did mention in the home shotgun thread that doors were penetrated by various boomers but with interesting variable results if internal door mechanism and seat junk diverted rounds. One slug didn't didn't get through a door but dived down.

To conclude, well worth for a FOG. Group was fun, Dave was a great instructor for info, style, mentoring and personality. Thanks to Karl for hosting it.

TX is hot and this wasn't even our inferno days. If you don't hydrate - you are toast in more ways than one. The first day I had a bleak period at 2:30, the next day I poured electrolytes down me like reverse oil gusher and survived.

One bad note - I brought a pair of comfy LL Bean hiking boots and start to walk and the damn soles fell right off. Haha, the crowd says. Luckily I had a BUB pair of Danners in the car. I shall complain to Maine on that one.

Seems to be common lately with shoes, sneakers and boots.
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Old September 24, 2014, 02:54 PM   #2
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Sounds like a ton of fun. Thanks for sharing.

What does a class like that cost?
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Good review.

How many rounds did you guys go through in the weekend?

Re hydration and your bleak period, it's been my observation that during a mentally & physically challenging class day on the range, something about mid-late afternoon makes everyone tired and stupid (most catch a second wind as the day winds down, though). That bleak period seems to happen more intensely whenever people are even a little bit dehydrated. Something for instructors to watch! Always glad to hear someone else's experience rivals my own.

Kathy Jackson
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Old September 24, 2014, 03:53 PM   #4
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How many rounds did you guys put into the cars (LOL)?

But it does sound cool.

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Old September 24, 2014, 07:18 PM   #5
Glenn E. Meyer
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Join Date: November 17, 2000
Posts: 20,066
Class required 500 rounds - and I'm sure that I shot that many.

I fired at least 10 rounds into cars and probably about the same through various windows.
NRA, TSRA, IDPA, NTI, Polite Soc. - Aux Armes, Citoyens
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Effects of Dehydration and Lunch

From my old Marching Band days and as a Marching Band coach I learned two very important lessons regarding dehydration and eating habits at lunchtime:

Dehydration Effects -
- Loss of concentration
- Loss of fine motor skills
High Fat Content Lunch Effects -
- Causes sleepiness for a couple of hours after eating. Think how you feel after eating a Thanksgiving Feast or any large celebratory meal.
- Lack of Concentration and Sluggishness due to blood being used for digestion and not being fully available to the brain.
Thus, make sure you stay hydrated by drinking some water every 20 minutes. If you are doing heavy physical work drinking something with electrolytes is recommended but watch out for the high sugar content of some sports drinks as this can cause a sugar crash! If you drink sports drinks also make sure to drink plenty of plain old water. Absolutely no SODA or Caffeinated drinks!

As for eating, a low carbohydrate, low fat, and high protein Breakfast and Lunch will help keep your attention span and focus up. It will also reduce the sleepiness after lunch dramatically. A mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack of high protein is also recommended (nuts are great for this if you don't have allergies). Avoid snacks high in sugar as the sugar crash 30 minutes after the snack can cause the same effects as dehydration.

At the end of the day go ahead and eat the carbohydrates and fat. Being sleepy after supper is fine so you can get a good nights sleep! Just don't over indulge in the food or it may still be digesting at breakfast time.
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sounds like a great time!
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