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James K
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"I've found that you can get Dockers with nice deep and floppy sized pockets that easily concealed a J or G42."

Some of those cargo pants can conceal a G.43 (the WWII German rifle, not a Glock pistol), but in either case getting the gun into action is not that easy. I know a couple of women who carry guns in their purses - they would have to call "time out" and hunt through a maze of junk (coins, chewing gum, Tums, glasses, pens, notebook, etc., etc.,) to find the pistol. I just hope they are attacked by a very patient crook.

Jim K
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Since I live in cargo shorts for 360 out of 365 days a year (it dips below 40 a few days a year), I pocket carry in my front pocket in a Nemesis. Side pocket get the lighter wallet so if it shifts a little, that isn't an issue. When I lose some more weight than IWB or OWB can become more of a reality. I found IZOD to have good pockets as well as nylon cargo shorts from a regional dept. store
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Roger that... and wasn't trying to start anything with my post (clarity doesn't usually work out with posting on the internet). Nothing is wrong about opposing views... as long as it doesn't turn emotional. Helps people look into something different, especially if they have no knowledge of that situation.

I do want to know, what holster did you try with those guns in the cargo pocket? Just wondering if they were normal pocket holsters or ones designed for cargo pockets. I do like to see what people tried out, especially if it did not work... saves some money.

I went through a metric ton of holsters a few years ago, while trying to figure out what to do with the LCP and the J-frame. Then, eventually, the LCR, after the J-frame went away.
What didn't work got handed down to other shooters or sold at a loss on eBay, and I honestly don't remember 70% of what went through here.

That being said, there was a heavy bias toward Remora while I was considering pocket carry. I know I tried three Remora variations for the J-frame (and later the LCR), and at least two for the LCP.
The standard pocket holsters were included, as well as a Mini Carbon Carry, I believe. But I don't recall how they were all spec'd.

There were also four or five DeSantis holsters for the LCP and LCR. (Just gave all but one of those away.)
I also built my own for the LCP out of Kydex and some cowhide. Didn't work well. Need more practice. It got recycled into vise soft jaws (leather) and a splash guard for a horn relay on my Nova (the Kydex was almost the perfect shape), with the Chicago screws salvaged for later use.

And, of course, the Ruger holster for the LCP. (Which was also given away just a couple weeks ago. Who throws away a holster without even trying it, and then starts asking other LCP owners if they can have one?... [My father, that's who. ])

I don't recall trying a holster in the pocket for any of the full-size autos, except the Ruger P95. (I had a near-expiration coupon code for a free holster from Remora, and couldn't figure out what to get. ...Just went for something I might, eventually, possibly find useful -- a standard IWB w/ full sweat shield.)
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When CC became lawful here, my first prior its was that of concealment. I bought a pocket-sized handgun and a holder for it and say I went.

At the time, I had had absolutely no self defense training, and I had only the foggiest concept of how a use of force incident might unfold.

Then I availed myself of some training.

I now carry using an OWB belt holder, or occasionally, IWB.

I simply could not access a firearm quickly enough from a pocket in a realistic situation.

There are two exceptions that sometimes take me to pocket carry: vest or jacket pocket carry in an automobile, or pants packet carry in the house.

I do wear pants with cargo pockets most of the time.
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