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From our local news station.

October 24, 2000
Children Pricked

Police in James City County are trying to solve the mystery of a woman who reportedly pricks children with sharp objects in grocery stores. It's a mystery. Police have no motive. For police, it's a strangely familiar story told by numerous parents. A woman walks past a parent and child. The child screams. Later, the parent realizes his or her child has been pricked.

The first two incidents were reported at the same time last Thursday afternoon at the Norge Farm Fresh in James City County. Witnesses say the suspect was dressed in medical scrubs. Five other incidents have been reported to police since: one three months ago, one last Wednesday and one in May, 1999 at the same Farm Fresh; Monday at the Food Lion at Ewell Station in Williamsburg; another incident with no details available.

All this pricking has many parents fearful of grocery stores and angry with the reported pricker. "For one, it makes me kind of nervous to know there are people like this running around. You can't feel comfortable going places. You always have to be on the lookout for this," Rebecca Clements said. Clements is especially nervous because she's a mother and a daycare provider. "It's sick -- something's just not right. Whey does someone go around pricking kids?"

Police need your help finding the pricking suspect. She's described as a white female, 115-130 pounds, in her early to mid 40s, with brown shoulder-length, grey-streaked hair.

James City County Police will turn this case over to State Police because there's a need for more resources. If you have any information, please call James City County Police at (757) 253-1800.

Would shooting someone pricking your child w/ a hypodermic needle be justified?

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This is VERY disturbing! I hope that the news doesn't hype this or there will be many copycats! Wonder if the kids have been tested for anything. The part that worries me is that she was wearing hospital scrubs...

The auto company I work for has a future trending department...we were discussing Nanotechnology (not sure of spelling). Microscopic robots injected into body to repair, other uses as well. This got me thinking about the metal ball tipped umbrella during the cold war that could prick a person delivering the tiny object to destroy a heart valve. Including AIDS and other biological nasties, I wonder if this will be a real threat in the future. Being pricked in a crowd. The future looks scary.

I would say absolutly SHOOT THE BITCH!!!!
If some were to get near my child with a needle...BLAM! I know many LEOs have been threatened by drug users with needles claiming they have AIDS and will stick them. I wonder if there is any case law were a cop has shot a needle wielding junkie?
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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Allen_Raiford:
From our local news station.

A woman walks past a parent and child. The child screams. Later, the parent realizes his or her child has been pricked.


Would shooting someone pricking your child w/ a hypodermic needle be justified?

HI! Would it really take "later" to realize the child screamed and was pricked as a person dressed in medical scrubs passed by them? I do not, nor will not, have children of my own but really, do they scream often for no reason as someone passes by?

Whould I shoot someone that had stuck my child...Prolly not as that would be after the fact...I would "hold" them until I found out what was involved.

Would I shoot someone that was "going to" stick my child(or any child in my care...Hell any one else for that matter)...well...YES, if thats what it took to stop them.

Shoot early, shoot often...


Don't Vote for ****ing Lawyers!

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Allen,understand that the police have arrested a 51 year old female suspect from the Norge area.Trying to tie this to same type incidents about a year ago.As to shoot-no shoot goes one had better be "walking on water" if and when they come in contact with my 4 month old grand daughter.May find a 9mm
between your eyes or an Endura caressing you.
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Old October 25, 2000, 11:50 AM   #5
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boys and girls i hate to sound paranoid, but [color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color] like this has been done before.
i dont like the idea of a woman in hospital scrubs pricking kids. the idea of someone taking a skin or blood sample of a kid, for DNA puposes scares me. it scares me to think that someone may be using kids as test subject for soemthing. or that some wacko is spreading something to make kids sick.

shoot her? maybe. draw my weapon and tell her to not move or else, yes. smack her, hard, a couple of times for hurting my kid (if i had kids), and then ask her what she was about.
with a gun in her face she should say, and if she were trying to do something evil to the kid, then i might think about handing her an open knife so i would have a good excuse to shoot her.
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Don H
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LongArms: Having taken my children in for vacinations, etc., I can state that if the doctor or nurse is discreet about not waving the hypodermic around, then the needle is in and out for a couple of seconds before the kid lets out a yelp. In the scenario given, the woman would probably have at least 15 seconds to get away before you could sort out what happened to the kid.
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