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It can be quite a hassle to determine boundaries and even locate owners for heavily forested land. There is no reason. Living in New England, there is a big difference between say RI or NH or Maine.

A little common sense goes a log way too. I would not setup on an open field or farm area without talking first. But, deep in the woods, it pretty nuts. Nuts in NH. People should not try to extend the communist rules in free states.
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We are losing access to private lands in Maine. I know--I live and hunt here. It's a little bit at a time. People come on the property without asking--cut trails, steal stands, leave garbage behind etc. all in the name of "you haven't posted, so I can do it." Worse yet, they continue in many cases even after the property is posted; sorta like saying "F you, I'm going to do it anyway." Then the IFW is called in, people get busted and the land is taken off access for everyone.

Get permission, no excuse not knowing where you are. Sorry, but that's the way I see it.
I screw things up--so you don't have to.
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To the OP, I live in NOVA and I believe you can shoot that ammo at the range at Qantico. If you live in this area, check with them. You can get an annual membership for $175.00 I believe, or if you know a member can go as a guest for $10.00/ trip. I've shot and had memberships at all the ranges in the area over the years, and would heartily recommend checking out Elite Shooting Sports in Manassas, great facility and very reasonably priced.
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T. O'Heir
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150 isn't a lot, but it's still trading goods.
Virginia is a relatively big place. No NRA High Power clubs near you? Mind you, that doesn't mean they'll allow M855. Call first.
Spelling and grammar count!
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Originally Posted by stagpanther View Post
I did a search and could not find that anywhere. I live in New England as well in a state that also has a "common law" tradition. It is a tradition, not a law or right. It does not trump or preclude an individual's private property rights.The tipping point has been reached where the tradition is doing more harm than good when hunters or shooters use private property without asking for permission simply because it's not posted or nobody is home at te time they asked. The onus is not on the landowner to contact and approve/disapprove access to their property. Landowner's properties are increasingly getting abused--and then they close off access to everyone--it's a common problem.

I've seen this cat and mouse game play out too many times with the inevitable result of the pissed-off landowner posting their property banning everyone.

Get permission--always--is the respectful solution that will allow continued access to private property.
It's not common law it's simply in the absence of any such law you are permitted to do so.

In MA my understanding is the contrary - treading on private property requires permission.

Absolutely I agree it's a good practice to ask the landowner - if you even know who it is. Often there's just a trail that's been there forever, it leads to a small sand pit that people shoot in. You might be crossing through property owned by 4 different people.

I live on 8 acres - no idea what goes on toward the back end of it, people come through with ATV's sometimes, snowmobiles in the winter, have seen tracks from cross country skiers, occasional hunter I believe comes through (girlfriend dislikes such but I obviously do not mention it). Isn't an issue for me, don't care to have them knock on the door and make my dogs flip out just to ask permission - many of us are not concerned with such things.
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it's simply in the absence of any such law you are permitted to do so.
Not exactly...what will likely happen is that LE officer will give the "benefit of the doubt" the first or second time to the trespasser if the property was not posted or the owner did not verbally proclaim that his property was not to be trespassed upon. That is not the same thing as "permitted in the absence of denial." I get this argument frequently--to which I say "OK, make sure you knock on your door when you get home to your house--I may be watching your TV drinking your beer, hope you don't mind cause you weren't home for me to ask."

The key point is that it only takes one transgression from one jerk to shut down access to a large productive tract for many other otherwise respectful shooter/hunters. Ask permission. Always. If you have enough time to pattern the hunting area--tracking down the owner (almost always accessible through town hall records) is a piece of cake.
I screw things up--so you don't have to.
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This is real simple. You may not know who owns a property, but you do know if you own it or not. I was raised to respect other's property rights. According to my Dad, " If it ain't yours you don't mess with it". I wouldn't even walk across someone's yard without permission when I was a kid. I still believe that is the way it should be.
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