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FORUM RULES - All must read before posting in this forum

Any failure to follow all rules as stated here will result in loss of Gun Show privileges. There will be no formal warnings by PM or email - your deleted thread should be warning enough that you need to re-read the rules and follow them. See the Notes at the bottom of this section for further clarification of individual rules.

1. You must be an active member of TFL. In order to start a thread in the Gun Show you must have been a member for at least 30 days and have 25 MEANINGFUL posts in the other discussion forums. In other words, "+1", emoticons, fluffed comments, etc. without a meaningful statement involved do not apply. Postings in the Gun Show Forum, with the exception of the Feedback subforum, do not add to post count. In addition, we expect you to continue to contribute to the forum. Using the Gun Show forums as a free storefront, without being active in other forums, will result in loss of privileges.

2. It is the sole responsibility of members to know and follow all state and federal laws regarding the sale of firearms. Neither The Firing Line nor SWAT Magazine assume any responsibility for the actions or omissions of the parties to any transaction initiated or conducted in any manner through The Firing Line or the Gun Show forums.

We recommend posting your location in the thread title, as some transactions cannot be legally carried out across state lines. (Posting a location also makes it easier for members to find items for sale near them, which saves everyone money on transfer fees and shipping.) If you have questions about the legality of a particular transfer, you may wish to consult an attorney. Alternatively, the answers to some questions of federal firearms law may be found on the BATFE website:

3. Good manners are required in The Gun Show, just as they are elsewhere on TFL. Negative comments about the For Sale items, the price posted, the poster's hygiene, or other irrelevant matters should be given via the Private Messaging feature, or via email. Any member who posts such comments will receive a 7 day ban for the first offense. This will happen whether you have read this thread or not, and whether you are joking or not. (Note to Sellers/Traders: If your ad has garnered this type of unwanted attention, contact a staff member rather than responding in the thread, as that rarely works out to anyone's satisfaction.)

4. Only firearms and related items may be bought, sold, or traded on this forum. If a member offers a non-firearm tangible item or a service as barter in trade for a specific firearm, that is acceptable on TFL. However, offering a non-firearm item for cash or for a tell-me-what-you've-got type of sale is not acceptable. NO AUCTIONS ALLOWED.

5. If you have a sale offer that includes handloaded ammuntion (either reloads or new component loads), you must copy and paste the following warning into your post at the top:

CAUTION: The following offer includes hand-loaded ammunition not subjected to commercial factory pressure testing and quality control. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Neither the seller, The Firing Line, nor the staff of TFL assume any liability for any damage or injury resulting from use of this ammunition.

6. Please do not reply to old threads. There is no point in cluttering up the forum by bumping a 6 month old thread. If you see an old ad with something that interests you attempt to contact the member who placed the ad via PM or email FIRST.

7. Thread bumping for the sake of stacking it on the top of "front page" will be limited to once every 7 days by the OP. There are NO exceptions to the rule. If we even smell of shenanigans such as colluding with members to bump threads for you, expect privileges to be revoked in short order.

8. And last, but certainly not least, TFL's general rules apply here as well. You are responsible for knowing both the general rules and the rules of specific forums where you post.


1. After you have sold your item(s), you can lock the thread so that no further posting can take place. This will tell any future lookers that the item is no longer available or being sought. To close your thread: while viewing the thread, open the "Thread Tools" menu and select "Close thread" (it should already be checked off for you), then press the "Perform action" button.

2. Note that you can also re-open your own threads; however, a caution is in order for that function. If you need to re-open a thread you closed because a deal fell through or you need to add a little additional info, that's fine, but if you want to re-open a thread that a moderator has closed for any reason, you MUST PM the moderator for permission to do so. Moderator-locked threads are very rare, but they are not non-existent, so the caution should be heeded.

3. We recommend that Sellers/Traders post "Sold" or other suitable term in your thread when the item is no longer available and close your thread promptly thereafter. This will prevent potential buyers from wasting time and energy PMing the seller/trader in regards to items that are no longer available, and may save the seller/trader some time and energy in responding to same.

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