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1. Reliability
2. Accuracy
3. Quality Manufacturer
4. Bonded Core JHP
5. Higher End Of Velocity for Caliber Chosen

(From 38Spl to 45ACP)

I am not "married" to a brand. I seem to find myself carrying Critical Duty across the spectrum for the last 5 years because it fulfills all the 5 criteria above. I have fallen into the habit of carrying a Glock 34 and a pair spares almost exclusively with a Glock 48 loaded with a 15 round SHIELD magazine as a BUG for the last 2 years since all this BLaMTIFA crap started, and the Critical Duty is more than satisfactory (for me) in both platforms.

We're living in the best time for ammo technology ever in my opinion, so just about any premium quality JHP from a quality manufacturer will do the job.

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meat vs jello

First we determine the task: Civilian? LE? Military? Special needs?

Civilians shoot people differently.
Speer Gold Dot
(380 = R-P 102g Golden Saber)

Never ignore actual results.
"all my ammo is mostly retired factory ammo"
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These days, the choice comes down to what you can find. I feel for the folks that just bought a new gun in a different cartridge than they already had.
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"The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so.".........Ronald Reagan
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Originally Posted by ghbucky View Post
I don't want this to devolve into an argument over which caliber or bullet is 'THE BEST!!!!1111'

What I am interested in is HOW do you make a decision on what SD you buy?

FBI research? What the military or law enforcement uses? Whatever is on sale? Other people's research or recommendations?
For me it was a matter of practicality and compromise. I am old, fat, and not in good health. My belly precludes wearing a belt and anything on it. Being retired and a recluse, my only contact with people is in a Walmart parking lot. Therefore, I have concluded that the most likely scenario for needing to defend myself, would be walking to or from my truck in the process of getting groceries. If I knew that I would going to need to use deadly force, I would carry a short barreled autoloading shotgun loaded with #4 buckshot, slung across my chest. However, I have concluded that is not very practical for reasons that should be apparent. Therefore, I carry a snub .38 in a pocket holster and use hopefully adequate situational awareness. It is all a matter of compromise.
Addendum: Given that I have Walmart bring my computer-ordered groceries out to my car due to some Nimrods still not wearing masks, the most likely threat now is an attempt at car-jacking. However, the power door locks on my latest vehicle are my first line of defense, the Chief's Special in my pocket is the second line of defense.
I got a little off track here. I "chose" Winchester 125 grain hollow points inasmuch as that is what the store had in stock when I bought the gun. Obviousaly I did not consider the choice of ammunition much of a priority.

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Wow! I guess I’ll keep it going. I think by the posts you see how confusing this all is. I am all about logical paths and results confirmation.

So, at first humans all shot ball. Then we got cocaine. Then there was the 1986 Miami shoot out where Then police hollow points were developed. Those were mildly effective.

Around this time, the fbi developed their ammunition test protocol so they could effectively select ammunition. LINK

Evan Marshall tried to determine the effectiveness in 1992. It told us what calibers and hollow points were effective based on his incapacitation definition. As much as it gave answers, it created debate. IMO, the biggest debates were 9mm lovers complaining that it looked less effective than 40/45/357. Also, 357 looked like a death ray!

Greg Ellifritz 2011 also has a nice article HERE
Greg has different, but similar results.

So, hollow points that work will work for me. To effectively choose a current production hollow point, I use Luckygunner’s test results. I look for ammunition that all 5 open up to the largest diameter with proper penetration and no fragmentation. So basically is penetration in range, are there no larger fragments, which opened up the largest. I also am willing to give up some performance to get a mainstream brand like Speer, Remington, etc. I also look for the correct bullet weight. For example, a 180gr bullet from a 40 s&w will generally shoot poa, bet a 135gr will be off a bit. Not much at 3 yards, but measurable at 25 yards.

I then compare this to what SG Ammo SGA has in stock and at what price. Today, that is almost nothing!
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Old January 22, 2021, 11:14 AM   #106
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Evan Marshall is right.
"all my ammo is mostly retired factory ammo"
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Lowest cost. Its all close to the same and you can practice.
Science and Facts are True whether you believe it or not
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It used to be with great research into the best I could afford. Now it's what's on the dadgum shelf, if at all.
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YouTube reviews. That's where I learned about G2 RIP.
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