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Old July 12, 2019, 10:59 PM   #26
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Late to the party here but will throw in my 2 cents and add a few comments about statements made in this thread ( I do own and shoot 460)

First the 460 is a far from being similar to 454 Casual- yes they are both .452 caliber but 460 yield considerable more velocity especially when bullet weight goes up.

Now for the 2 cents

I suggest you shoot desired gun before buying one if at all possible.

Big bore ownership/shooting is not for everyone.

That said most find the 460 an exciting/fun shoot.

Before buying understand the cost of feeding your gun.

As already mentioned I would recommend any big bore owner get into handloading if you don't already. It allows you to optimize you shooting experience.

I have included some links to thread that would be relevant to your questions and add additional color. The first thread discusses PC vs. production.

If you search that forum you will find plenty of additional thread relevant to 460.

good luck and be safe
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Old July 13, 2019, 12:16 AM   #27
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.460's are meant for pistol season hunting, they make poor toys. If you really want one, get one, but if you have any problems with it that requires sending it back to the factory, you'll be waiting a while before you get it back.

The .454 is more practical, just a beast to shoot. Really a hot .45 Colt from a 7 inch Blackhawk is plenty enough power, but if it's a "big frame revolver" you're wanting, the BFR is exactly that and they come in chamberings that'll knock your socks off and make people at the range sad from inferiority.
Any good revolver > Any good semi auto

"We always think there's gonna be more time... then it runs out."
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Old July 15, 2019, 09:12 PM   #28
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Get the 8-3/8" XVR, it's the best all around if you are gonna shoot 460.

If you want a really great shooting 454 Casull, try the 460 "V" model. That would carry a bit nicer and would handle the 454 very well. If your gonna go 460 though, the 8-3/8 is hard to beat.

I also own a 6.5" 500 X-frame and the recoil is WAY more with the 500 and I only bought it to have them all. I also have a 480 Ruger SBH and while I like the cartridge, the gun is nowhere near as nice to shoot as my 460 XVR. It might be a little easier to carry but the right holster will make that less of an issue.

Take up hand-loading in any case.
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Old July 16, 2019, 11:04 AM   #29
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I've had the 8.38" XVR for almost a decade. It's been great. I don't take it out as often as I'd like but I've never had a problem with mine. I mostly shoot the less expensive 200-grain loads from Hornady, which are good enough for anything I care about. They detonate water jugs and expired food items like a dream. I have no doubt that they'd be fine for any land animal I've seen in the wild.

I understand that one benefit of the XVR is portability versus a trail rifle. However, I've never actually carried mine. It's enormous and I really don't need more than 10mm or .357 magnum out in the woods. This gun is really just for fun at this point in my life.

One thing they really did right with the XVR is recoil mitigation. I'd rather shoot those 200-grain loads in .460 S&W from the XVR than any .454 Casull from a Redhawk. Between the porting and that remarkably comfortable grip, it just works. BTW, X and L frames actually use the same grip. You can put the XVR grip on a 686 for some very comfortable shooting.
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Old July 18, 2019, 08:09 PM   #30
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I'm looking to purchase my next toy and I have decided I want a big frame revolver. I settled on the S&W 460, but am having trouble deciding which barrel length would be best and if the performance center is worth the extra cost. I plan on mostly target shooting, and would like to be able to carry it. I live in a rural area, so open carry isn't a problem. I'm thinking 7.5" or 8.38". New to the forum so any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
Get a S&W X frame. Ours is a 8 3/8" in 460 that will put 5 shots under 2" @ 100 yards. We also have a Ruger in 45 Colt and the 460 is more comfortable to shoot than the Ruger with Buffalo Bore or similar loads. Now the Ruger is better to carry but the S&W is more accurate--it is not even that close. The other plus is you can shoot 454 or 45 Colt from the 460 if you wish.
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