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Old December 23, 2009, 07:52 AM   #1
Dodge DeBoulet
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Hornady LNL AP - Taper Crimp/Powder thru Expander Dies

I have the standard 3 die "New Dimension Custom Grade" .40 cal set for my LNL AP . . . decapper/resizer, expander and seater/crimper. It seems to work fine; I don't have any feeding problems in my two S&W M&Ps (FS and Compact). I also have a Powder Cop die, so all 5 stations are in use.

I've been told on numerous occasions that I really should have a taper crimp on my loads, though, and to be able to do this while continuing to use the Powder Cop, I will need to obtain the Powder through Expander die and use it with the Powder drop.

Hornady sells the Powder through Expander die in two flavors; one for plated (and jacketed, I'm assuming) and lead. I'm currently loading lead, but it doesn't look like the lead version is available yet. I'm wondering what the difference is between the lead and jacketed/plated versions is. The conventional expander die in my press seems to work fine for lead.

Thanks in advance for your input!
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You might consider buying this instead:

It's a universal PTX for the Hornady LnL. It's a little more expensive than a single one, but you can use it on virtually all handgun brass. I'm using it on 9mm and .45. You only have to buy one and then there you are.

Second, if you haven't bought the Powder Cop yet, I'd suggest you look at the RCBS Lockout die instead.

The Lockout die will prevent the press from fully cycling on the handle's downstroke if you have a no-powder situation or a double-charge (and it will also, on mine, detect variations.)

You don't have to watch it like you do the Powder Cop. To me, the Powder Cop is little different than simply looking into the case before you place the bullet. If you don't look, it does no good.

I still look, of course, but if I occasionally find my attention wandering a bit, the Lockout Die is on the job.

It's more expensive than the Powder Cop, but I like it so much that I bought a second one so I have one set up for 9mm, one set up for .45.

And in the end, the Lockout Die has a vertical stem similar to the Powder Cop so you can use it like the PC anyway.
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Old December 23, 2009, 08:34 AM   #3
Dodge DeBoulet
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Join Date: December 8, 2009
Posts: 181
I guess one of the questions I have is that, since I'm not currently having feeding problems with my reloads, do I even need a taper crimp?
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Old December 23, 2009, 10:43 AM   #4
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Ditto Mongoose33!! The Powderfunnel is awesome! Makes adjusting your case mouth bell a snap! It works from .30 cal to .50 cal. Although not imperative, a Taper Crimp die is easier to use.
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Old December 23, 2009, 11:25 AM   #5
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MAJOR +1 on the PowderFunnel! Never used anything else and also the guy ships very quickly as well. It is truly superb.
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Old December 23, 2009, 12:02 PM   #6
David Wile
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Hey Dodge,

I hesitate to jump in on this since I do not use the same setup you do. For whatever it is worth to you, however, I will mention what I do and let it go at that with the understanding that it is my opinion being written based on my experience. Again, use it for whatever it may be worth to you.

I have had a Hornady LNL AP press since they were first sold in 1997. My press has all its original parts and none of the new stuff they have today. I use Hornady, Lyman, and RCBS dies in my press, and I use an RCBS 3 die set for my 10mm loads. That same die set is also used for loading .40 S&W loads.

I have never used a Powder Cop die nor a Powder Thru Expander die for any calibers. I have never thought I had a need to use either of them. The case activated powder dispenser on my press is very accurate with ball and flake powders. It is not so with extruded powders, so I simply never use extruded powders on my progressive press. As long as I am using ball and flake powders and take my time operating the press, I do not need a Powder Cop to see if powder has dropped, and I do not need a Powder Thru Expander die since I use my regular dies to size, expand, seat, and crimp my cases.

For my semi-auto rounds, I simply adjust my seater/crimp die to remove any bell and put the lightest hint of a taper crimp on the round. I have not had reason yet to use the last station on my press.

So, my suggestion is that one does not need a Powder Cop and Thru Expander die if you take your time and adjust your dies properly. I would also point out that I do not use a case feeder nor a bullet feeder. With every completed stroke of my handle, I have placed an empty case, placed a new bullet, insured I have a new primer in place as well as powder, and I also have a completed round. Not exactly manufacturer speed, but real fast compared to single stage loading.

I also use my LNL press for rifle loadings, and for jacketed as well as cast bullets.

Best wishes,
Dave Wile.
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