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Old October 10, 2017, 06:59 AM   #26
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I'd agree with JohnKSa. Perceived recoil may happen after the bullet leaves the barrel, but actual recoil starts as soon as the bullet starts moving. At any rate, recoil shouldn't affect group size, as recoil itself (and hence muzzle movement during recoil) should be consistent from shot to shot.

You mentioned several times that recoil is significant. As mentioned, relative to other centerfire handguns, a serviced-sized 9mm should have pretty mild recoil. Relative to your M41 .22LR, it'll be stronger, of course, so I suspect you're comparing recoil to your M41. Nonetheless, recoil affects accuracy only via the shooter, i.e. a flinch. If you're flinching, try simply shooting into the berm or a blank target to get accustomed to the blast & recoil of your 9mm. Once your mind gets used to the idea that the blast & recoil won't hurt you, you'll begin to flinch less.
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Old October 10, 2017, 11:46 PM   #27
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Hi Mr. Borland, JohnKSa
Thanks for your comments!
I'm comparing recoil to other 9 mm pistols I have fired rather than to that of the 41.
Just last night I tried S&B 124 gr 9 mm in a Beretta- recoil was definitely lighter. Could be that particular gun as well. Perhaps the 115 gr Fiocchi is too much. I find the recoil annoying to say the least. Shot a very close group of 3 at 10 m with the S&B, 2 flyers... I think most of it lies with me. But that's good! (In the short run)
Thanks for your time and interest
Interesting slow motion site!!
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Old October 11, 2017, 09:34 PM   #28
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A decent group fired one handed unsupported at 25 yards.....well the NRA 25 yard slow fire target B16 (and the timed and rapid fire targets B8) have a bull that is a bit over five inches wide. If you can keep all of your shots in the black, you are doing a good job.
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Old October 11, 2017, 10:09 PM   #29
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5" at 25 m
I have some work to do!! Guns to try .... Ammo to load!!
Enjoying any firearm is like staying happily married- take her out on a regular basis, treat her with respect and pay attention to proper maintenance.
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Old November 12, 2017, 02:54 PM   #30
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just stick with S&B 124gn. Its about the cheapest cheap ammo you can buy in our cold froggycountry and tbh its pretty decent stuff these days.

if you want to learn how to shoot, just keep practising, same as with writing, first slow and precise, then speed up.

I think you mean to compete in the discipline, Militair Pistool? You dont have to worry to much about the time tbh, even the last stage of 6 shots in 9 seconds over 3 targets is plenty of time.
Let the recoil do its thing, dont fight it. If your stance is good, your sights will pretty much drop back on target, while you drop back on target get rid of the slack in the trigger, compensate where needed and execute a controlled squeeze on the trigger

and imagine you have no thumb and pinky, that way you can always find your good one handed grip
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Old November 12, 2017, 04:00 PM   #31
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Thank you Glock 17
Sounds good! Yes I mean to compete in "Militair Pistool" I have an interest in WWI and WWII firearms... they are a challenge to shoot- and they are not built to be target pistols.
I have also just acquired a Canik 55 Stingray... I've already taken it once to the range- results were pretty good! (for me).

I have just switched to S&B 124 gr. - You're right- This seems to be very good ammo and the price is alot better than many other 9 mm alternatives out there.

Thanks for your tips... I will keep them in mind.
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