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CC Legal Defense

I think it's almost a given that if one ever had to use their concealed carry firearm in either their or anothers defense, you would end up in court defending your actions. I've read accounts about people being sued in civil court by the family of some thug that was killed in a home invasion. My question is how many of you have joined some group or another that offers insurance to cover legal defense in such a case? I know the USCCA offers a plan, as does the NRA. Any opinions on these plans - are they necessary, a good idea, etc.?
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I have a plan with CCW SAFE. I haven't heard or read anything bad about them, or good for that matter. Personally, I feel some type of insurance is necessary. It's too bad we have evolved into a country that is so sue happy. Even cut and dry self defense cases, the victim can and does get sued civilly. It burns me when you hear about honest law abiding citizens getting sued by the family of some drug crazed gangbanger that had a record a mile long. I blame money grubbing lawyers. Not that all lawyers are evil, but the ones that are make up for the rest.
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Yeah, I always figured that if you were justified to shoot, you'd be fine. Not sure that's the case anymore. Even if you are in the right, you'll have to defend yourself in court in some fashion. And I doubt that even if you win, you would have much luck sueing for your costs. I thought I read somewhere awhile back that in Great Britian, if you want to sue someone, you had to pony up the cost of the trial and if you loose, bye bye money. Seems that would weed out all the frivilous suits. Maybe if you win in a lame suit and the plaintiff can't pay your costs, their attorney should be liable.
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Tom Servo
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Yeah, I always figured that if you were justified to shoot, you'd be fine. Not sure that's the case anymore
That's never really been the case. If one has to use a firearm in self-defense, the possible charges range from aggravated assault to murder. A great deal depends on how the situation looks to responders, prosecutors, and witnesses, all of whom can be very subjective.

It's best to treat the very idea of a "clean shoot" as a myth and have a plan in place for dealing with any potential legal issues that might arise.
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Frank Ettin
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Originally Posted by Kapusta
...I always figured that if you were justified to shoot, you'd be fine....
It's never been the case. You need to understand that you are not the one who decides if your intentional act of violence against another human was justified. You might think think you were justified, but if the district attorney and/or grand jury disagree, the question of your justification will be decided by the jury at your trial.

Our society has always frowned on intentionally threatening, harming, or killing another human. Intentionally threatening or using force against another person is alway, everywhere prima facie (on its face) a crime of some sort. One escapes criminal liability by establishing that his use of force was justified.
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CC Legal Defense

I would suggest obtaining and reading as many and as much information regarding self defense law and use of force/deadly for e in your state.

Assuming the law will follow what seems to be logical thought to you has landed alot of folks in the pokie.

This book is not 100% everything but is a good start in Texas.
I have had TXLaw shield for almost 4 yrs at 10.95 a mo its better than nothing at all should the need arise.

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I've been a member of Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network for about 3 years. I'm happy to say it's been a complete waste of money so far!

Their educational DVD's are very informative and thorough, although somewhat dry.

Go to their web site and download their free booklet "What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law".
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