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Old March 4, 2011, 08:05 AM   #26
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I have both, you can't go wrong with either.
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Lets see the 686 vs the GP`100 in resale value........before the Smiths shot up in price, in the last years I would say the Smiths would have better resale value but no longer......they have got to expensive and they will cost you more money over time... A new 686 now is around $775 a GP100 $525 thats a big difference, and the GP is every bit as good and better in some ways.... especially if you are going to shoot it a lot...the GP is a stronger gun and I`m not putting down the 686 it`s a very good gun....

I think the 686 has a slight edge in looks....I like their lower lug a little better....Collect ability I think the Smith has a little edge...Smiths always have...A half a dozen Smiths look awfully good in a collection...but it will cost a whole lot more to own those Smiths....

All taken into consideration IMO the GP100 is the better buy hands down...That's why I have 2 of them now and looking for a SP101 to add....I used to own many Smiths...Jim
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IMHO S&W and Ruger are both storied American companies who make great products. Whenever I hold a Ruger or S&W firearm, I am struck by the sheer quality of the product. I have never handled or shot either a Ruger or a S&W that did not reek of quality and good engineering.

I went with the GP100 because to my non-expert eye there was very little difference between the Ruger and comparable S&W, and the Ruger just "hit' me the right way. Both are great, and who knows, someday I may own both.

By the way, I pick the GP100 up tomorrow. A long ten days...
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Old March 4, 2011, 02:11 PM   #29
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Hi again,
I want to further update my first response.

roaddog28 quotes:
[QUOTE]These two revolvers have been compared many times. There is not a clear cut advantage. I will give you some features on both. I own both a 686 and GP100.
First the S&W 686.
1. Smooth double action pull.
2. Very accurate.
3. Good looking as most S&W are.
4. Better resale value than the Ruger.
5. Will shoot a steady diet of factory 357 magnums.

Ruger GP100.
1. Probably the strongest medium frame 357 magnum made now. In my opinion the GP100 has the stronger trigger group and will last long than the 686.
2. A person can field strip the GP100 without any special tools.
3. Like the Smith this revolver is very accurate.
4. The trigger on most is good. Maybe not quite as good out of the box as the S&W. But the good thing is a gunsmith can slick up the trigger to be just as good as a S&W. That is what I did.
5. Too me the best value in a 357 magnum revolver.
I love both of these revolvers. It really comes down to a personnal decision. Best thing to is rent and shoot both revolvers.


I wanted to remember back years ago when I first started into shooting.

If money was no issue. Most folks bought Colts.
If a person did not have quite enough money to buy a Colt a person bought S&W.
Then there are folks like me who did not have enough money to buy either a Colt or S&W. I bought Ruger "the working mans handgun". This was my first handgun. Rugers are well made and one of the best values in firearms. To me with a Ruger a person would get a excellent firearm for the amount of money paid for.
Example of this is the two revolvers your comparing. A new S&W 686 4 inch 6 shot revolver runs in most stores around $750. A new GP 100 4 inch revolver runs in the neighborhood of $575 to $600. Both are fine revolvers. Maybe the best 357 magnums in the medium frame market now. It comes down to whether a person whats to pay a extra $150 for the Smith. For some its worth it and because they like S&W revolvers. For me the average working man I can get nearly the same quality revolver for around $150 less new. Now I am not talking used prices just new. I got lucky and picked up a used S&W 686-2 4 inch for $400. This is a older pre-lock model. If I had not found this revolver I would of been happy with my GP100. Now I have both to enjoy.

Anyway whatever you decide you won't make a bad decision with either revolver.
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Old March 4, 2011, 03:45 PM   #30
357 Terms
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Apples and oranges. Some people like apples some oranges, me I like both. I have never owned a gp100 but I have a 686-4 2.5. Both are excellent platforms for the 357 cartridge. BTW I will never get rid of my stainless 4in Service six.
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Old March 4, 2011, 04:27 PM   #31
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Gotta say they're about as equal as equal can be in terms of quality. Despite my personal allegiance to Ruger, I went with the 686P 2-inch. For me, that 7th round made the difference for CCW...
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Old March 4, 2011, 06:24 PM   #32
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GP100 without question. I'm surprised noone has jumped on the ugly lock thingie on the new smiths. Destroyed the looks. I have had a number of both models. All the 686s went away for other toys, but the KGP160 stayed and stayed. I really like that revolver.
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Old March 4, 2011, 06:31 PM   #33
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I'm surprised noone has jumped on the ugly lock thingie on the new smiths.
Have you read the posts? There's been at least four references to the built-in Smith & Wesson trigger lock in this thread.
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gp100 , revolver , s&w 686

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