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Old March 31, 2022, 06:35 PM   #26
The Verminator
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This one:

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Old March 31, 2022, 09:43 PM   #27
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Browning Challenger, and my Browning 1911-22 are kinda tied.

I’ve got a 6” 617 that’s fun to shoot, but, I prefer the lighter weight pistols if I’m doing .22’s.

In my younger days (3-4 years old), it was Sterling .22 semi-auto, that for some reason, my dad purchased brand new. I couldn’t load the mag, but I could sure empty it quick.
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Old March 31, 2022, 11:47 PM   #28
44 AMP
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It depends on my mood. If I'm in a single action revolver mood, then its my Ruger Super Single Six. General sport/untility? My Ruger Mk I Target or Browning Challenger.

For those times to be a bit different, Stoeger .22 Luger...

Or to really test your skill, T/C Contender 10"

Nothing will show you how well you can shoot offhand like that does,

all iron sights, no scopes..
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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Old April 1, 2022, 02:00 AM   #29
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Beretta 70S

My favorite is a Beretta 70S. I bought it in Sicily, IT in 1984. I carried it twenty-five years in my hunting coat pocket and killed hundreds of sitting grouse, porcupines, and other varmints while upland game hunting. Its small, compact and very accurate.
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Old April 1, 2022, 08:56 AM   #30
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My Ruger Single Six, and my Mk.4
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Old April 1, 2022, 09:25 AM   #31
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Beretta U22 NEOS.
The Buck Rogers ray gun.

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Old April 1, 2022, 09:51 AM   #32
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Originally Posted by AirForceShooter View Post
Beretta U22 NEOS.
The Buck Rogers ray gun.


The U22 NEOS is an awesome gun! It’s so simple, so cheap, and laser accuracy.

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Old April 3, 2022, 08:29 AM   #33
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I have no idea how many .22 handguns have gone through my hands but it's easily a hundred. Right now I only have 4. My daughters Bearcat, A Ruger Single six, a Ruger MKIV and a Browning Buckmark. I'm at a good spot.
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Old April 3, 2022, 10:33 AM   #34
Ole yeller
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This would have to be my HIGH STANDARD MILITARY TROPHY w/ 7 1/2 bbl and target weighs. I added a red dot scope. This will shoot real tight groups with plain old 1500 round bucket of Remington ammo. Got the gun from a coworker who shot on a traveling pistol team and moved to Arizona. Also bought a mahogany shooting box with a B&L spotting scope. $200 for botth in the late 70's.
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Old April 3, 2022, 11:46 AM   #35
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Ruger Single Six Convertible, and Ruger MK1 TARGET auto
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Old April 4, 2022, 05:47 PM   #36
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I have had several .22 handguns over the years, but my 1948 vintage K22 Masterpieces have always been my favorites.

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Old April 5, 2022, 06:10 AM   #37
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Originally Posted by highpower3006 View Post
I have had several .22 handguns over the years, but my 1948 vintage K22 Masterpieces have always been my favorites.

Wow, those are some real beauty’s.
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Old April 5, 2022, 10:06 AM   #38
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I like my Ruger MkII.... but I'll throw in my only other .22... Savage Model 101-22. Looks like a small revolver but in reality is a single shot with a "one piece" barrel and Faux cylinder that tip out from the frame. Used to shoot the occasional Norway rat that shows up under the bird feeder... [no interest in using poison or traps to avoid the chipmunks a squirrels that hang out there].
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Old April 5, 2022, 11:28 AM   #39
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Colt Woodsman

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Old April 7, 2022, 09:37 AM   #40
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Ruger MkII 10". Actually a friend's, but it is OUTRAGEOUSLY accurate! I recall very easily outshooting him and his SKS rifle at a target about 50 yds away with it.

For my practical every day use, I like the MkIV Hunter 6-7/8", only due to easy takedown vs the MKIII.

I need to eventually pick up a Browning Buckmark as well, huge fan of those.
Mauser Werke, Schmidt-Rubin, Colt, Walther, HK, Weatherby, Sig Sauer, Browning, Ruger, Beretta, etc, etc....a few friends of mine
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Old April 7, 2022, 04:57 PM   #41
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Semi: Ruger Mk IV Target……extremely accurate and ultra reliable.

Revolver: Colt Peacemaker with both .22 LR and .22 WMR cylinders. Beautiful family heirloom from the early 70’s and fun to shoot.
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Old April 8, 2022, 01:58 AM   #42
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I have to agree with BallardW-
The one I'm shooting at the time.
Any 22 is more fun than not having a 22.

I personally believe it wise for everyone to have a semi-auto .22lr and a revolver .22lr.

I know some complain about the revolver taking longer to load than a semi-auto, but that is more true about shooting 50 rounds from a SA revolver, like the Single-Six, than a DA/SA revolver, where you can do an ammo/shell dump to speed it up.

You just have to remember to factor in the time it takes to reload each magazine before you insert it in the gun. Don't count only the time to slap a mag home- but the reloading of the mag.

I can only say good things about the Nelson .22lr conversions as well- both in terms of quality and their support of the product.

I probably shoot my Ruger 22/45 the most, but the Nelson in creeping up on it.

I don't know you or your desires.

Each type of goal for the gun would lead to different recommendations.

That said, it is really hard to go wrong with the Buckmark or Ruger MK series handguns.

I will say that I have never met a Ruger MK series that didn't deserve to have it's ignition system and trigger replaced at the beginning. Maybe the MK IV is better. I don't know.

The Buckmark had me swap the trigger and do a spring modification, and now it is scary light/crisp. I won't let inexperienced shooters use it as it is now competition/hairtrigger light.

On the revolver front- if it is all-around fun, I'd go with a Ruger Single-Six Convertible. This lets you swap cylinders and switch between .22s/l/lr and .22mag. the drawback is that the bore is set for the .22mag dimensions, so it isn't as accurate as a S&W K-22 Masterpiece or Colt Officers' Model Target/Special/Match.

However, it is fun.

High Standards have been mentioned. I LIKE them- a lot. However, they are best for Standard Velocity ammo, and can require more 'tinkering' with the magazine feed lips than any other handgun I've experienced. rimfire central dot com has a subforum reserved for them. I own an example from 4 different decades, but can't recommend them to someone who just wants it to work without thought, and who wants to use Minimags all the time. It is from a different era and you have to have more awareness than, say, a Ruger.

And, they both look better and can be more accurate than the Ruger. The following are images from the web to illustrate my point. Sorry- can't resize it well.

High Standard 102 Trophy 'Space Gun':

Ruger MK II Government Target Model:

The High Standard always gets attention when I pull it out. The Ruger gets a glance and they move on.

What you buy to add really depends on your goals, and those are YOUR goals.

I will just say that I have never had a bad time with a .22lr handgun that was in good condition.
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Old April 8, 2022, 10:35 AM   #43
Aguila Blanca
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My favorite .22LR handgun is one that you can only find used. Way back when I was in the Army at the height of the Vietnam unpleasantness, I picked up a German-made, cowboy style six-gun. It was new then, and I paid all of $25. It disappeared years ago during a house move, and I have always missed it. I think the maker was Herbert Schmidt.

It was the same size as a Ruger Single Six. I'm pretty certain the frame was Zamack.

In more recent years I have owned a couple of Ruger Single Sixes, a Ruger 22/45 (which I hated, and sold at a loss to get rid of it), and several .22LR conversions on 1911 frames. They all shot well, but the old Herbert Schmidt remains my favorite, I suppose for purely sentimental reasons.
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Old April 8, 2022, 03:56 PM   #44
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Okay, I understand the question was "what's your favorite one". But that's like asking which child of yours is your favorite. I don't shoot .22s much anymore but not for wishing I could. I'll post a few of mine that I still treasure over 55 years of enjoying them. Most have hunted A LOT and have fired an enormous quantity of ammo. I've selected a few of my "children" and here they are.

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Old April 8, 2022, 07:37 PM   #45
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My S&W 517

My Browning Buck Mark Target
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Old April 8, 2022, 08:35 PM   #46
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S&W Model 18 four inch.
Same for's also the most accurate .22 revolver I own. I have a Smith M-41 (bought it in '77) with both the field and 5" target barrels, that will out shoot the M-18 by maybe 1/2" at 25 yds. I'd have to prove off a sandbagged bench, however, and it'd take $$$ fancy ammunition to do it.

With good ammunition (Federal Auto-Match or CCI Standard Vel in the M-18; or Match grade Eley in the M-41, either gun is capable of 1"+ groups at 25 yds with iron sights and a good sandbagged position.

Here's a cpl pics. The M-41 (with its field bbl.) & the holster I built for it. The 2nd is a pair to draw to...but the Smith M-18 is the far better gun, bullseye accurate with superb DA & SA triggers..... Best Regards Rod


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Old April 9, 2022, 01:10 PM   #47
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My favorite .22 handgun depends on what I'm doing. General plinking, Ruger 22/45 or Ruger Single Six. Serious target work, Benelli MP90.
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Old April 9, 2022, 03:55 PM   #48
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Colt Diamondback. 4” barrel. In satin nickel.
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Old April 12, 2022, 03:00 PM   #49
Unkl Chuck
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It depends, I like all my .22's. Right now, the favorite is my new (to me) Annie Exlempar. Since I'm a benchrest pistol shooter, it suits my wants to a 'T'.
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Old April 12, 2022, 08:55 PM   #50
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Favorite has to be the Bearcat: that said, the most satisfying one with 79-year- old eyes is the Ruger Mk III/ Volquartsen with the Matchdot. Several others I'm not ready to part with yet, though .
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